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Offshore Racing

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Man and machine battle on the open ocean. Offshore racing may be the toughest test on the water, and this is where Mercury Racing earned its reputation with products proven in the heat of competition, from the instant domination of the rugged Six Drive to the unrelenting power of the QC4 Competition 1750 engine. Champions win with Mercury Racing.


Class 1

Class 1 is the premier class of international offshore powerboat racing and considered to be one of the most spectacular marine motorsports. The modern era of offshore racing began in 1956 with the famous Miami-Nassau race which ultimately lead to a UIM-sanctioned World Championship in 1964. Today teams compete on a closed course in 40-foot long catamarans capable of exceeding 160 mph on the open ocean. The quest for speed has produced boats, engines and transmission systems which are highly sophisticated. The boats are guided by satellite navigation systems, and the use of advanced composites has significantly improved safety for competitors.

MR 1100
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All Class 1 racing powerboats are powered by two strictly regulated 9.0-liter V8 Mercury Racing 1100 Competition twin-turbocharged engines, producing a combined 2200hp. These engines are designed to be extremely powerful and extraordinarily reliable in the most-demanding offshore racing conditions.


Racing a Class 1 offshore boat requires a two-person crew – throttleman and the driver – working together to control the speed and attitude of the boat while navigating a course marked by large buoys. They are secured within a reinforced cockpit covered with clear canopy.

Class 1 Competition Sterndrive


Competition Sterndrive

Competition Sterndrive Lineup


Competition Sterndrive


Competition Sterndrive