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In a World of Limits, Choose Freedom

More than a function of throttle position, Wide Open is an expression of our core philosophy. We recognize no boundaries and accept no compromise. Where others perceive a barrier, we see an opportunity.

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Performance Outboard

Apex Series

Competition Outboard


Performance Outboard


Technical Skiff Outboard

Dual Cal 1550/1350

Performance Sterndrive

Max 5


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Faster. Farther.

We create premium marine power to take you faster and farther.

We give you control to shatter expectations.

We Never Settle

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The world too often rewards sensibility and moderation. At Mercury Racing we choose to think bigger and go faster. We are obsessed with the determined pursuit of the next innovation, the discovery of a new solution, with shattering the next record.

Artisan Portrait

We are a select team. We are racers. We think hard and get our hands dirty. Because we respect your passion, we build our products with precision and handcrafted care.

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Because power is useless if it’s not reliable, we test relentlessly.


Flex Some Muscle

300R - Now available with Racing Advanced MidSection

People boating Mercury 450

R-Series Outboards

The Pinnacle of Performance

Mercury Racing Propellers

The Art of Speed

Mercury Racing Propellers offer the ultimate in performance and durability. Our propeller artisans handcraft each prop into precision-tuned works of art.

Sterndrive Engines

Creating Distance

Power, performance, reliability, efficiency or fun … whatever drives you, we guarantee you will feel it with our high-performance sterndrive lineup.

Win. Wide. Open.

Introducing 200 APX

Passion. It's what defines the new Mercury Racing Apex Series, pure competition outboards designed to perform at the pinnacle of closed-course racing – the quickest, fastest, smartest four-stroke outboards to ever boil the water.

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