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Competition Overview

Mercury Racing was forged in the heat of competition. The will to win is embedded in our DNA. We live in a world that is high horsepower, hight compression and high octane, Pick a discipline, and we'll see you at the finish line - offshore, speed runs, endurance, circuit racing. Mercury Racing competition sterndrive and outboard engines set the pace. We are racers.

APEX Series

Competition Sterndrives

Win Wide Open

Mercury is more than a name. The heat of competition warms our soul. Technology of the future excites our imagination. The passion defines the new Mercury Race Apex Series, pure competition outboards designed to perform at the pinnacle of close-course race - the quickest, fastest, smartest four-stroke outboards to ever boil the water. There's only one way to lead to the finish line. Wide Open, of course.

200 apx
1100 Competition
60 EFI
360 APX