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The Pinnacle of Performance is in Reach

You’re relentless when it comes to performance, and so are we. Upgrading your boat with the latest generation of Mercury Racing R-Series outboard motors can take you places faster than you’ve ever imagined. Don’t be left behind. Repower with Mercury Racing and keep running out front.

500R: Step Up to the New Performance King

When you upgrade to the supercharged V8 500R, you’re unleashing the most exciting, most advanced production outboard to ever emerge from the Mercury Racing shop. Not just a more powerful outboard. A whole new luxury sport experience.

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400R: Experience the V10 Difference

Compared to its predecessor, the new V10 400R outboard gives you more low-end torque, more peak horsepower and more miles of excitement on every tank of gas. Plus, you get full performance on 87-octane fuel. Get ready to experience more of what counts. More of life Wide Open.

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