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Mercury Building

About Us

Our World is wide open

Mercury Racing is committed to the pursuit of Wide Open. More than a function of throttle position, Wide Open is an expression of our core philosophy. We recognize no boundaries and accept no compromise. Where others perceive a barrier, we see an opportunity. We create premium marine power to take you faster and farther. We give you control to shatter expectations. The world offers limits. Mercury Racing offers freedom.

What We make

We make premium, high performance luxury marine propulsion systems. Our integrated solutions are what happens when you build the best, take it apart piece by piece, and spend day and night obsessing in pursuit of better.

About mercury racing
mercury engine part

Who we make it for

What we create is a direct expression of the basic human need to live wide open and feel the untamed, unadulterated emotion that lives within all of us, but we’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t for everyone.

Hand crafted Perfection

We’re premium performance refined—handcrafted to be durable, reliable and elegantly designed, but all done with the understanding that our work is never finished, never not capable of being pushed further. So yes, we do make the best marine engines on the market, but to us, the best is just the beginning.


2021 Sustainability Report

In this report you will read about the strides we’ve made under each of Mercury’s four pillars of sustainability: Energry, Environment, Products and People.

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We are Mercury

For more than 80 years Mercury Marine has set and re-set the standard for marine power, delivering reliable, trouble-free performance; superior power and torque; low emissions; and superior fuel consumption. No other brand gives boaters more way to move on the water.

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Creating Distance

Sterndrive Engines

It’s what Mercury Racing sterndrives are known for. Whether it’s widening the gap between us and the competition in the water or the test lab, we think in terms of separation. Power, performance, reliability, efficiency or fun…it doesn’t matter.

Sterndrive Engines
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welding steel

The art of speed


Mercury Racing props are designed to maximize boat performance and handling in any application, from pleasure boating and fishing to poker runs and competition racing. Our artisans handcraft each propeller to precision-tuned works of art, customized for specific boat types and performance goals. Each individual propeller is then zero balanced and measured to ensure consistent performance every single time.


The pinnacle of Performance


This new generation of Mercury Racing FourStroke outboards is deep-breathing, high-winding, rugged and reliable. Each model is loaded with advanced design elements and Mercury Racing technology to go quicker, faster and farther than previously imagined.

400r engines
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