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bravo one xr gearcase


Bravo One XR

Bravo One XR Drive

Intended for single, twin and triple applications with engines up to 600hp in boats capable of up to 85 mph top speed. The Bravo One XR® is designed for high-performance applications, with dual water pickups, heavy-duty U-joints, a heavy-duty stainless steel prop shaft, billet aluminum bearing carrier, upgraded upper thrust bearings and net forged straight cut bevel gears for enhanced strength.

Compatible Engines


At a full 520 horsepower, Mercury Racing’s 520 sterndrive opens the door to a family of expertly designed, hand-built performance engines. Don’t let the fact the 520 is the smallest engine in the Mercury Racing sterndrive offering fool you. The torque from even one of these engines is enough to sit you back in your seat.

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The 565 sterndrive combines the proven performance of big block power with the creature comforts of digital throttle and shift. A stroked, 8.7 liter cylinder block combined with high-performance cylinder heads, multiport fuel injection and twin electronic throttle bodies results in a whopping 565 horsepower that’s sure to blow your hair back.

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600 SCi

A powerful 90 amp (1269 watt) alternator ensures you’ll always have plenty of charging power on board. The 600 SCi model meets emissions requirements as set forth in the EU RCD and is CE marked when equipped with the optional X-Haust Noise Reduction system.

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