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Technical Contact

If you have a question that’s not answered in our FAQs or you need additional information, please contact us at the phone numbers listed below.

Mercury Racing Technical Services Hours
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Outboard & Sterndrive Consumer Affairs
(920) 924-2088
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Mercury Racing Product Technical Publications
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  1. I am trying to find installation manual to reinstall my Mercury 280s K Planes. I had to remove them to repaint my transom while restoring all my hardware on the transom. I am looking for the right way to apply sealant, which sealant to use, and how tight to torque the through bolts. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Chris:
      I found an installation sheet; part number 90-843570 Rev. E 214.

      Instructions as follows: Apply polyurethane/silicone adhesive sealant such as Boatlife Lifeseal or a quality marinesealer suitable for underwater use. Liberally apply around each fastener, indicator wires, and between transom and upper trim plate.


  2. Hello, Is the class 1 race engine listed turbocharged or naturally aspirated? Are there any Qc4v naturally aspirated available for consumer purchase? Is it possible to order these engines with higher compression ratios? Thanks,


  3. We are designing a new supercar with leading performances especially regarding top speed and acceleration. We have seen on your racing website the QC4V motor in automotive version. We are interested in the possible application of your engine in our car. This is because it would be a perfect fit due to the very high power output offered by your power train. At this time, considering the large dimensions of your engine, we would need the technical drawings (or better a cad model) of the engine assembly because the chassis of the car needs to be designed around the motor.
    Best regards

    Achille Corbellati

    Dr. Diego Corbellati

    1. Hello Archille,
      I will share your request and contact information with our Automotive Business Development Manager Kevin Hellman. Kevin will be in touch with you soon.

      1. Hello Rick,
        I’m still waiting to be contacted by Kevin.
        Can you send me his contact so i can speak with him?

      2. Dear Ahmad,

        I have recently purchased a 2014 Outrage 350 Boston Whaler, currently it has 3×300 Mercury Verado (2014 model) and Im planning to replace them with new engines, my options are the following:-
        1- 350 Verado
        2- 300r V8

        I seek for top speed and high cruising speed but keep in mind summer in Kuwait is very hot, air temperature 122F and water temperature 91F and when its hot engines go down in power.

        I not sue whats the best option, I would appreciate your recommendation.

        1. Mahmoud,

          For a Whaler, I would think the Verado is the way to go. Much quieter, less vibration, and your boat will mostly benefit from the added weight of the Verado package.


  4. Good morning:

    I hope and I wish that you can help me, please.

    I have two engines left and right mercury promax 300x mercury with15 inches midsection and in the Canary Islands (Spain) are not going well, I want to convert my two engines of 15 inches pass to 20 inches and in Europe do not get the required accessories.

    Please will can help me and said the total price of all the parts that I needed to make the change now of midsection 15-inch engines for to have next 20-inch midsection.

    Sorry for not comment the serial number because it is very old engine, you know already, but I have only one original serial number in paper in the boat document OT 819009 HPP193084BCH ME 300 PROMAX LSM but not know the other serial number but it was buying in the same date that the old owner did said to me.

    Thank you so much and I am waiting your news as soon as possible you can. I am sorry for my bad English written.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Fernando:
      Your best bet is to see your local distributor to get a quote on the various parts you would need to convert the engines back to the 20″ models.

  5. Hi, I am looking at building a new motor here in New Zealand and have been reading about your new LS3 based quad cam cylinder heads. I was wondering if you could contact me with more information like flow curves, port sizes or any other information that you are willing to give? They look to be very impressive and would love to see if they will work with my application. Thanks.

    1. Mitch,
      We are continuing our work on the complete SB4 (Small Block Four Valve) crate engine. It is being prepped for release this Fall. We will post additional information as soon as it is available.

  6. Good afternoon, I am looking to make contact with the person that handles your shipping/transportation. I would like to set up an appointment with that individual for a possible meeting the next time I am in the area. We provide expedited transportation as well as cartage & truckload services.
    Would someone be able to help me with that?
    Kind regards, Duane Clausen

    1. Hi Zack:
      Yes, you can order them through Mercury Publications. P/N 90-840514R01, Call 920-929-5000 and ask for publications.

  7. Hi, I have a 2016 Triton 216 with a 300 Mercury Pro Verado and a 9.9 mercury kicker. I am looking at buying a Bravo 1 LT but not sure of what pitch to go with. I currently run a 3 blade Tempest with a 22 pitch. I can get 56 mph at 6150 rpms. I can reach 6300 rpms but the prop starts to slip shortly after 6150. I know several other fisherman with the same set up as me that currently run the Bravo 1 FS in 22 and 23 pitch and they are getting 60 to 63 mph. What pitch should I go with on the Bravo 1 LT? I am kind of leaning towards the 23 but not sure. Thanks

    1. Brad,
      To equal the same rpm at WOT as the Tempest – move up 1″ of pitch with the Bravo I LT or FS. I’m not certain the LT is the way to go for the Triton set up. I tested the Triton 206 with a kicker and the Bravo I FS outperformed the Bravo I LT. With the 206, the LT picked up the stern too much – flattening the ride along with scrubbing top speed by 1.5 mph. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same for the 216. Let us know what you end up getting and give us an update on your performance.

      1. Hi I have 2017 pro v 1875 with 200 i4 verado and 9.9 kicker. Prop is tempest plus 19p. Where should my cavitation plate be in regards to boat bottom?

        1. Greg,

          Most guys will run 1 3/4″ above with the Tempest, and 2 1/2″ or 3 1/4″ with the four blade Bravo I.


  8. Hi Scott / Mercury Racing,

    Am I able to get the contact email address of someone who might be able to provide me with some technical data? I am outside of America and in quite a different timezone so calling would be nearly impossible.


  9. Scott,

    If I’m running a 621VS with 300 etec , with a stock stainless 15×21 3 blade and I’m getting 5450RPM, full load, and my boat is at the top hole mount already. The Etec 300 is 5400-6000RPM. How much more RPM do you think going to a 21″ LT would give me ? I’m thinking I want to get up around 5800, your thoughts ?

    1. Bob,
      The 21″ pitch could get the engine to 5600 rpm. The 20″ could add another 150 rpm for 5750 rpm. The 19.5″ could get you to 5825 rpm. But I think the 21″ pitch will give the best top speed by 2 mph.

  10. I’m running a 1992 Ranger Fisherman with a 2012 Mercury Optimax. Full tank of gas, passengers, I’m around 3000 pounds. Now, I don’t always have company, I often fish solo or with one other person a bunch. I tried a 23pitch Trophy Plus but it barely did 5200-5300rpm…. 5200 more consistently. Looking for the right prop for this boat…for both rough and flat water. Appreciate your input, thanks!

  11. Mercury Racing
    i was wondering about the SB4 7.0. Im doing an swap into a Ford Raptor and was looking for something Naturally Aspirated. Is the fuel system big enough to handle E85? that would be my biggest question. What size are the injectors?

    1. Hi Mark. The SB4 is restricted to applications in 1968 or prior model year vehicles due to emissions regulations.

  12. I have a 540 with a bravo 1 XR drive and have kind of a weird situation going on with the engine. I have 17 hours on it and since it was brand new when I go from sitting to getting on plane it has a stumble around 800rpm when at half throttle a misfire. As soon as I back out of it and get back into it it is fine. I have also noticed that it has has popped a couple of time when towing skiers and it sounds like a back fire in the intake. I have talked with the boat manufacturer and they are telling me that it maybe loading up when idling but it always to appears to happen trying to get on plane. I have a friend that has the same engine and drive configuration in a 29ft boat and he is having the same issue. Have you ran across this complaint in the past, and if so is there a computer flash or a fix you can recommend. Appears to me that it way be running rich.


      1. Yes I have. They said they they are having a similar issue with two other 540’s. One is the exact same issue as me and another is getting the same issues around 4000-4500. I believe they are working with someone from Mercury now to try to figure it out. Sounds like it may be a calibration issue.

  13. Hello Scott,

    I just bought a Ranger Angler 1880MS. It has the 200hp Verado (1201V23ED) with a Tempest Plus 19 pitch (48-825860) prop. I feel there is too much bow lift when just putting around the lake. Also with more than two people on the boat, it takes a bit to get on plane. When cruising at WOT, I’m right in the 5900 rpm range, it looks like another 200rpm shouldn’t be a problem.

    I want to reduce the bow lift and increase the hole shot, while not giving up much if any top speed.

    I was thinking about the Bravo 1 FS would be my best choice.

    Which prop would you suggest?

    1. Dennis,
      Consider the 19.5″ pitch Bravo I LT instead of the FS. The LT longer barrel will offer good planing, keeping the boat level while cruising, along with increasing engine rpm.

  14. I have a 224 Blackjack with a 250 sho. It came from the factory with a Saltwater Series II 21 pitch. I can turn it 5700 and get 59 mph. I was wondering if one of the bravo series props could potentially give me better performance

    1. Nick,
      A 22-inch pitch 4-blade Bravo I FS would be the prop for you boat. It provides exceptional planing and it remains on plane at slower speeds. It also stays hooked up through the turns. You could experience an additional 1.5 mph in top speed. Most Bravo I FS owners say the boat rides better as the prop lifts the entire hull, not just the blow.

  15. I have a Key west 210 BR with a Yamaha F200 and a 17 pitch reliance. Right now I can turn it 6100 and get 50mph. Would I see any performance increase with a Bravo prop, if so which one should I start with.

    1. Chad,
      I think the Bravo I FS might be too much prop for your set-up. The lowest pitch Bravo I LT is a 19” which may reduce engine rpm to 5600 to 5700.

  16. hi scott. i wonder if you can assist with selecting a propeller. mercury south africa seems not to have any answer and its more a thing of try this try that. i have a semi rigid inflatable 6 meter long and boat with accessories,fuel and persons weighs in at about 1100kg.on the said boat i have a late 2016 mercury 150hp 4 stroke. full throttle at high altitude of 6000ft i get rpm of 5300 and speed of approximately 83km/h. i want to if possible top end at 87km/h plus. at the moment im running a 21 pitch stainless tempest plus propeller. mercury suggest i go for a 19 pitch. i dont agree as will increase rpm but lower speed. what about a 23 pitch or perhaps a bravo propeller 21 pitch. i really hope someone can assist.

    1. KM,
      Here’s what you can expect going up in pitch the engine rpm will drop to 5000 rpm which is the bottom of Mercury’s recommended range. You could expect to pick up 2 km; the planing will be slower so maybe not a good idea. Stepping down to the 19” pitch the engine rpm will pick up 300 rpm but the speed will slow to 79 km. In your case, I think you’re already there with the 21” pitch, so don’t change a thing. Have fun.

  17. Scott,
    I have a 37 cabin midnight expres with triple verados 350, i just changed from 300 to 350 , but kept same props Bravo1 (48-831909 22 P), I dont see much improve in speed, What prop should I use? Any recomendations?

    1. Jorge,
      What was the wide-open rpm and speed with the 300 and what is with the 350? What style of gearcases were on the 300? Are the 350 engines mounted in the same height as the 300?

  18. Hello- I have a 2018 Ranger 620 w/ a 250 pro Verado and a 15 EFI kicker. Currently I have a 22 pitch Bravo FS. I am having problems getting out of the hole with the livewell full and 3 people (like a 1/4 mile). I have tried plugs in and plugs out. WOT I am getting about 5900 RPM and roughly 58MPH best case. Looking what I should try for a prop that gets me better hole shot and speed. Any help you could provide would be appreciated!

    1. Paul,
      For a much better hole shot and to get the engine rpm into the power at 6200 it’s the 20-inch Pitch Bravo I FS.

    1. Hi Jeff:

      Both are great engines – based off of Mercury’s all-new 4.6L V-8 four-stroke engine platform. It all depends on your application and what you want to do with it.
      The main differences between the 300R and 300 ProXS include the powerhead, midsection and gearcase options.

      The 300R has an exclusive fuel calibration which enables it to spin up an additional 200 rpm (5800-6400) vs the ProXS. an integral oil cooler keeps things cool at the higher revs. The 300R also has a custom intake cam lobe profile and shorter intake runners for a power boost.

      The 300R is available with both tri-ram and heavy duty midsections and Torque Master, Sport Master and 5.44″ gearcase options.

  19. I have a 400r and it is surging at different throttle settings, 30, 40, 50 mph and wide open. At wide open it’s really bad and if I pull back on throttle a little it will run good but start surging again. The local mercury dealer which has never worked on a 400r says it’s the rev limiter taking over. Its a 2017 and just started this and if it was the rev limiter why would it kick in at different speeds. The 400r use to turn right at 7000rpms wide open and now only about 6700 rpms wide open, with the same prop. Thanks in advance.

    1. Bill;
      It sounds to me that it may be a fuel issue. It wouldn’t be the rev limiter, that kicks in at 7100 rpm. Have your dealer check the fuel system.

  20. Hi, I am currently on a ship. I can’t call the number is there an email address that I can use to ask a question. We have 4 Mercury DSI outboards and they are producing aweful emmissions that it is a health risk. I want to know if we are usig the wrong fuel. Please respond to my email address URGENT. Thanks

  21. Hi I just purchased a Phoenix 920 pro with the mercury 250 pro xs 4 stroke. I have read some pretty good things about the Bravo props what would you recommend for that set up and would it. E better than the 3 blade fury that’s on it?

    1. Scott,

      Congrats on your purchase. Consider the Bravo I FS, it will offer great handling and top speed for your setup. The Bravo XS and FS are the same propeller, the XS just has more vent holes for planing performance in two stroke applications. If you have a jackplate, running a four blade propeller will also help you stay hooked up at higher engine heights. It will be hard to recommend a pitch without test data from your setup, but expect to be around a 26 pitch.


  22. Hi Scott: I have a 2019 Ranger 619FS on order, and it will be powered by a Mercury Pro XS 225 hp 4-stroke outboard, with a 9.9 hp Pro Kicker also on the stern. Considering the all-new Pro XS, which Merc prop do you think would provide the best overall performance (speed, hole shot, ride, fuel economy). Thank you.

    1. Steve,

      The stock prop for these boats is usually a 19 pitch Tempest. Consider the 20 pitch Bravo I FS for increased performance. The major gains occur by being able to raise the engine up one hole from factory spec by switching to a four blade propeller from the three blade Tempest. The FS carries the boat very well and has great planing performance. Have fun with your new rig.


      1. Thanks, Nick. I ran a 20-pitch Bravo 1 LT on my 2018 Ranger 619FS with a 225 hp Verado per Scott’s recommendation, and loved it. The only reason I asked for advice again was the change to the four-stroke Pro XS. I appreciate your time!

  23. Hi,

    i want to build a custom Axopar 37, i want the fastest parts out there, Im guessing double 400R, with 5 blade CNC Cleavers?? What would you suggest? Thanks for the reply

    1. Adam,

      Give Axopar a call, they seem to have their boats dialed in. I believe they run Rev 4s, and have setup multiple boats with 400R power.


  24. I have 2008 formula 353 w twin 525’s. I’m have trouble with 1 of the motors and have gone through exhaustive measures to diagnose the problem. The motor gets to operating temp and then dies. I’ve data logged the computer and did back up mechanical diagnosis with no success. All the mechanics that are familiar with this motor are stumped. I was wondering if there is an engineer at Mercury I could talk to?
    Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Jim. I spoke to our service manager Bob Krupp who said he has spoken to you. As Bob had mentioned – you should take it your dealer and check the engine harness. I hope this helps.


  25. Scott I have recently purchased a 2011 Cig Top Gun staggered 700s with NXTs. The majority where built with 1.5 gears and run 17.25 X 34 and 35s

    This one was built with 1.6 gears and has 17.25 x 37 props. Will this set up be harder on the NXT drive transmission ?

    Do you happen to know what the standard X dimension is for this model should be .Cig won’t return calls and I don’t want it to be higher than norm.

    1. Richard,

      Stepping up in pitch will have a small impact on the drives, but there are other factors that will impact them much more such as how you drive the boat. Aggressive throttle use and jumping waves will put a much larger strain on the drives. I am unsure on the drive heights, you can try calling Teague Custom Marine or Performance Boat Center, they both rig a lot of cigs.


  26. I’m running a 2019 Ranger 620 powered with the new Pro XS 250 4-stroke and stock prop. What are my prop options for increasing top speed without raising the motor and best prop if I decide to raise the motor one hole? Thanks!

    1. Chad,

      What is the stock prop? It could be a Tempest or a Bravo. At the lower engine height, the Tempest will be a very good performing prop. The speed increases come from increased RPM at a higher engine height with a four blade prop that reduces slip, usually the Bravo I FS.


      1. Nick,

        The prop is a Tempest Plus 48-825862 21P. I would still like to get a little more top end though, any other options at stock height?

        Also, what are you recommending for a transom saver on the new Pro XS 250 4-stroke. It seems like there’s are a lot of aftermarket brands out there, most say they fit, but most won’t work unless you have the trim limiter adjusted. The mechanics I spoke recommend against that, any suggestions? Thanks!

        1. Chad,

          The 22 pitch Bravo I FS is the go-to replacement for the 21 Tempest. You really start to see the speed gains when you raise the motor up one hole on the transom while running the four blade.

          Transom savers that bolt directly to the trailer will be best, I’m not partial to any brands, they are all adjustable in length.


  27. Hello,
    I recently acquired a 2007 Simmons Custom Boat 22 foot Top Cat completely un-rigged at about 1500 lbs un-rigged according to Eric Simmons. I have a 99 Triton TR 20 With a 2012 Mercury 200 XS pro Low hrs and Atlas 8 inch offset JP and plan on installing it on the SCB, I will be running the Texas Flats in this rig. My goal is to get this rig up and out the hole quick and maintain as much top end as possible what would be the best prop size and pitch for my application

    1. Shaun,

      Do you have any idea of top end speed? Many Simmons are running the Pro Max or Bravo I XS. It might be worth giving Simmons a call, he is really in tune with what props work on his boats.


  28. Hey guys, running a 28’ BlueWave step hull with twin V8 merc 300’s. Currently running 23P Bravo 1 LT’s at 6000-6050 @ 67.5mph. Boat runs flat and carries a load well and out the hole strong…but just wanted to get a faster top end set of props for when I wanta “run”. Would rev 4 XP’s fit the bill and at what pitch? Any other suggestions?

  29. Hello, I have a Yar craft 209 tfx. It has a 300 verado pro and a 9.9 pro kicker. The verado is on a 4″ atlas hydraulic jack plate. I have a tempest 21 on the boat now and it is not the right prop. Slow hole shot and rough water performance. I tried a rev 4 21 this weekend and it was great on this boat. I was seeing 6250 for wot rpms and 64 mph. The handling was also great. I was looking at ordering the rev 4 XP but was curious if the pitch should stay the same?? Is there any difference in rpms between a stock rev 4 and a pro finished rev 4? Also should I be considering a bravo 1 fs? I have read the bravo is faster but will I see the great handling like the rev 4 has? Thank you for any help.

  30. Hello, I have a Lund 219 Pro V with a 300 Verado Pro and 15 hp kicker. My motor is set as high as it will go. I am running a 19P Enertia which produces 60 mph @ about 6200 rpm. It is the best prop i have run so far. I tried a 22P Enertia, 21P large barrel DAH worked Trophy, and a 19P DAH worked Rev 4. None of those would break more than 5600 rpm and took a while to spool up. I also tried a 19P Bravo LT. It was okay in calm water and rpms would push 6000 but lost hookup and was terrible in 3’-5’ water. I am happy with the 19P Enertia but want a back up. Would a 19P Tempest Or FS be worth a try or should I just stick with the Enertia. Thanks for any help.

    1. Peter,

      It sounds like the LT is lifting the stern a bit too much at speed. I can offer to trim the barrel for you, effectively turning the prop into a Bravo I FS. This will settle the stern and allow for more bow lift. If you want to go down that route, send it to N7480 County Road UU, Fond du Lac WI 54937 ATTN Nick. I’ll get it done and shipped back out the same day.


        1. Hi again Nick, I let a buddy try my LT on his 219 with a 350 VRod and it works for him and he wants to buy it. So I guess I’m back to my original question. Should I try a FS, a Tempest or stick with the Enertia. I know the Enertia works well but would like more bow lift if the FS will do that and stay hooked up. Thanks for your thoughts….Peter

          1. Peter,

            The Enertia is hooking up so well for you, I wouldn’t change a thing. Seeing 60 mph with a 300 and a kicker on that boat is great. To see any meaningful gains with the FS, I think you would need a jack plate.


  31. Sounds good Nick, I was thinking the same thing on the Enertia. I have added some Lenco trim tabs which have helped hole shot and smoothed out the ride in big water. Thanks for the input … I feel like I have got it dialed in pretty tight.

  32. Nick, another question….as long as I am buying another prop and know the 19P Enertia is the best for my set up. I’m wondering if the Enertia Eco would hook up even better? I use my 219 mostly on big water so hook up and control in rough stuff and mid range cruise (30-45 mph) are most important. If so should I drop down to a 17P in order to turn that big boy? Thanks again for your advise, Peter

    1. Peter,

      Good question, it is confusing but the Enertia ECO is actually a completely different prop than the standard Enertia. Bigger diameter, bigger barrel, and bigger blades, performance is very different and has different applications. I don’t think it would be a good prop for you.


  33. Hi All,

    In the mid stages of a high performance bay boat design getting into fuel/fresh water tank locations and CG. How do we go about getting solid files of a particular outboard to help with hull design? Any info is appreciated…

    1. Chris,

      Give Mercury Racing a call at 920-921-5330, either Bob or Ryan in service will be able to help you out.


  34. Nick, I have a 2020 Ranger 620 Pro on order, and it will be powered by a Mercury Pro XS 300 hp 4-stroke outboard, with a 15 hp Pro Kicker also on the stern. Which Merc prop do you recommend to provide the best overall performance (speed, hole shot, ride, fuel economy). Thank you for your time.

    1. Steve,

      Congrats on the new boat. Consider a 23 pitch Bravo I FS, part number 8M0064468. All of the characteristics really improve when that hull is mated with the FS. Improved angle of attack helps with ride quality in the rough and handling. The fourth blade improves holes shot, and the shortened barrel gives you adequate bow lift.


  35. Hi Guys,

    I recently ordered a 2020 Premier Sunsation 230 36” PTX with a 300 Pro XS, I love tweaking to get my most out of my setup. Looking for a little prop help, I’m sure they will suggest a prop and pitch but I’m Just curious if you have any suggestions on where to start. I would like the best overall performance, I know it’s thought without data but I figured I would do research and then compare to see where it leads me. Thinking Enertia or Rev 4
    Any thoughts Thanks!

      1. Hi Guys,

        So after some testing here are the results:
        We started with a 21 pitch Tempest vented and got 5300rpm with the speed of 43mph
        Then we went to a 19 pitch Enertia and got 5800rpm
        with the speed of 44 vents plugged
        Same prop vented danced around 5800-5900 with a speed of 45-46 but if trim was maxed we could get around 6000 -6100 but mph would drop to 44

        Both hooked up well with no blow out in the turns. Any suggestions I guess we thought we would see a little better speed. Thanks for the help
        Tedd Phillips

        1. Tedd,

          Are you able to get your hands on a 20 pitch Bravo I FS? If you need to order one, I’d be more than happy to work with your dealer on a return if it does not work.


          1. Thanks Nick! I’m sure I can, I have been working right with my dealer for all my Merc prop testing and they have been great.
            For the heck of it we put an Enertia 15 on it thinking it would be all over the limiter and it was only 44mph at 5900 rpm
            We have since thrown a Tempest 19 on it and we get 48mph with the RPM still around 5800
            Seems this engine just like the 5800-5900 rpm no mater what we do. We even loaded the boat with 8adults and a bunch of kids and saw 38mph at 5400 rpm with the current tempest 19

            Thanks for all the help. We will keep testing


  36. Hi All,
    I have a DONZI 32ZF that used to have two 275HP verado with Revolution4 19″ prop. Top speed was 98km/h.
    I’ve just repowered my boat with two 300HP V8 verado, with Revolution4 21″. Top speed now is 92km/h.
    My goal is simply to get the right props to be just like before or slitghtly better than before, no more.
    I was considering changing props pitch or going with something else (Bravo FS or Max5 ST) what do you think?
    Thank you in advance for your answer,
    Best regards

  37. Nick,
    Sorry there is an error on my last post, my old Rev4 pitch was 17″ not 19″. I was doing 6400RPM WOT and motors trimmed up.
    Now, at WOT with the brand new motors trimmed less than before I am at 6000RPM. With motors trimmed completly down RPM is around 5400.

  38. Hi, Looking for a PCM for my 1075 (engin #OM954885 drive# OM954910 transom# OM954845) I see the 1075 PCM is no longer avalibal. I ordered a 8M0046379 for a 850 motor, it was back ordered 3 times / now no longer avalibal. Can you provide me with a part # that will work and is avalibal. I realize I will need to have it reprogrammed / flashed. My PCM was damaged. Any help or thoughts will be appreciated, my season starts in about 8 weeks.

    1. Ken,

      You can get with your local dealer for a new one. They will need to send in the old/damaged one to Mercury Racing. Once received, you can purchase the new one. If your dealer has questions, they can contact Mercury Racing Service.


      1. Nick, I would like to keep the damaged PCM. I can still run the boat with it, with out it I have nothing. Port motor had intermit alarms, low voltage / fuel / lanyard +. But at 105mph I get a knock alarm (not steady) also sometimes at idle it revs up to 2200rpm’s or wants to stall at 400rpm’s. I replaced fuel pump / filter / battery / alternator / knock sensor. Same outcome on the port motor. So I swapped the PCM’s port & starboard, port motor ran great / Starboard knock alarm at 105 and sometimes the idle was up & down. Sent PCM to Simon Performance, was told it had been apart before. Simon felt it would do more damage than good to open it up again. ( I am the 2nd owner) Do I have any other options than send my PCM back? The 1075 was a vary popular motor till it was replaced in 2011.

  39. Hi, i am fully aware that for riggs that push above 85+ mph, a SM is the better option.
    But in the case where the boat is already rigged with the 5.44 gear case and not the SM and during prop testing we are hitting the rev limiter with 26 pitch 83mph going up to a 28 pitch could possibly yield higher top speed and cruise. How safe or better said how far can we push the none SM gear case without blowing out before having to install a SM.

  40. Hi good evening. I have a 2017 228 Seapro running a 200 Verado with an Enertia 14.5 x17 and an Atlas jackplate. WOT is around 42mph at 5800rpm. Would you recommend a Rev4 for higher performance?

    1. Robert,

      Yes I think you’re on the right track. The Rev 4 should improve your slip. Consider the 17 pitch Rev 4 XP. This Pro Finish version should increase your RPM up to 6000-6100 and give you at least 3 mph on top end.


  41. Hello. Have a 2019 200 hp pro xs 4.6l. Pulled propeller but can not remove hub from prop. Looks like it was greased plenty good. Boat bought last year so I assume hub is p/n 840389k06 based on internet searches. Are these hubs reusable? I have another hub kit on order, but question is more for future purposes.

    1. Jack,

      I would actually assume you have an SSR hub, which is a press fit. Part number is 8M0101601. It is also reusable. The solid hub you ordered will work as well and will be easier to interchange but will have louder shifting “clunk”. This hub is designed for 65+ mph boats.


  42. Good evening,
    I’m looking to get some better performance out of my boat. Current setup is as follows
    2019 Falcon F205
    2019 250 pro xs w/ 23p fury
    Atlas 6″ hydraulic jack plate
    2 8′ power pole blades
    Hole shot is pretty good. Top end I’m getting about 68mph at around 5700 – 5800 rpm.
    Definitely not terrible but I feel it could be better. I’m leaning towards trying a bravo 1 fs. I’m thinking maybe a 25p. Looking for recommendations on improving my top end speed and the overall performance without being detrimental to handling.

    Thank you

    1. Dustin,

      I don’t think you will be able to beat the Fury for top end speed, your slip is 5% which is awesome. I think a Bravo I FS in a 25 pitch would net you around the same top end speed, maybe 1 mph less, but improve your hole shot and handling. You should be able to raise the FS a little higher on the jack plate and achieve greater RPM at WOT.


  43. Hi,

    I am going to put a 300R on a skater 21 and i need informations.

    How many gauges does the 300R got ? (without a smarcraft, prefering old gauges : RPM, motor temp…)

    thank you for your answer,


    1. Leonard,

      You can hook most gauges you want to the 300R with the analog gauge interface. Trim, fuel level, trim position, block temp, and oil pressure/level. Most guys will opt to go with the Smartcraft gauges or a small Vessel View due to the ease of installation and multitude of data they can display.


  44. Can I calibrate a DTS hotfoot from a Vesselview? I have a 300R with foot and hand throttles and a 502 Vesselview. I have the procedure for doing it with a Smartcraft interface but can’t find anything about doing it from a VesselView.

  45. I have a VesselView 502 connected to a 300R with DTS. Also have a Hotfoot. Can I calibrate the hand theottle and Hotfoot via the VesselView? I have the calibration procedure via Smartcraft but haven’t found anything for VesselView.

  46. Hello,
    Just completed my 26 Shockwave CAT with a mercruiser 600sci with bravo XR running RH 30P 4 blade bravo 1 prop. 1.5:1 gears. Running about 75mph @5200-5300rpm. looking for sizing information on a max 5 prop, and confirmation that the upgrade should improve hole shots and possible top end?

    1. Michael,

      Sounds like a great package, consider a 15.25×28 MAX5. You should pick up 5 mph and have much better hole shot and mid range efficiency.


  47. Hi Guys,

    I really need your help with a prop for my 2020 Ranger 619FS with a 225 Pro XS for high elevation. I am in Utah and all of my boating happens from 5,000 – 7,000 feet above sea level. I have tried 5 props per the dealer and I am getting a bit confused on where to go. The best performing prop has been a 19 P Tempest but I was only able to get 5230 RPM and could not jack it up very far with the jack plate to increase RPM. The second best was a 19.5 P Bravo 1 LT which I can jack up super high and run at a high trim angle to get just over 5600 RPM but I lost 2 mph with the Bravo. What is your suggestion?


    1. Clark,

      Have you tried a 20 pitch Bravo I FS? Or you could take the 19.5 LT and cut 1/2″ off of the barrel. I think this would be a happy medium between the LT and the Tempest. With a shorter barrel, you will not need to trim as much to lift the bow, allowing the prop to stay hooked up for better top end speed. The 20 pitch also has a little more cup than the 19.5.


      1. Nick,

        Thanks for the suggestion. I actually ended up with a 20 pitch Bravo 1 FS but I am still not crazy happy with it. At 5,000 feet above sea level I am maxing out a 5,400 RPM with this prop (without shooting up a huge rooster tail not gaining anything). I really wish Mercury had a high elevation ECU tune on the Pro XS V8 for us here in the mountains.

        Anyway, do you think there is any benefit in going to a 19 pitch Brovo 1 XC and cutting 1/2″ off the barrel to remove the flare? Or have someone turn the flare off the barrel on a lathe?


        1. Clark,

          The 19 pitch LT and the 20 pitch FS will be your best bets. The XC actually runs 2-3 inches tall in pitch because we leave massive amounts of cup in the prop, designed to be a sacrificial anode for guys running in shallow, dirty water in the south. You could certainly have a prop shop such as Bblades work your prop down for more RPM as well. Unfortunately the new naturally aspirated motors do not fare quite as well as the supercharged Verados at high elevation.


  48. Hello,
    Have a 21′ Tri-toon. Installed a 15.5×13 Enertia prop on my 2019 150 Pro XS. One problem is that when using the SSR hub kit and the prop torqued to the required 55 ft lbs. I get a little side to side movement from the prop at the nut. Grabbing the prop and flexing it side to side. ( have this same problem with the Spitfire prop as well). So I install a flo-Torque 2 hub assy on either prop and all is tight as expected.
    With the Enertia prop I get a vibration running through the entire boat in gear at idle and loud in and out of gear chatter from the gear engaging. Very annoying and am afraid of damaging the gearcase. Don’t have nearly the noise or vibration running the aluminum prop. Is all this normal??

    1. John,

      Can you try another hub kit from your dealer? If the problem persists with a new hub kit, then it is probably the props, and your dealer can file a warranty claim.


      1. Nick,
        I reinstalled the SSR hub and gave it a try at the lake. The shifting clunk and vibration were virtually eliminated by installing the SSR hub as opposed to the noise and vibration I was getting with the Flo Torque II hub.

        I can’t locate any install instructions with the SSR 1″ shaft hub kit but I do see that the install instructions for the Flo Torque IV hub (which this SSR hub supersedes) it states that Flo Torque IV propellers are designed to have a small amount of free play when installed. It allows the prop to slide back and forth on the drive sleeve adapter up to 1/8″ and rotate 10 degrees. In your opinion, is the SSR hub designed to allow this movement as well?

        1. John,

          The new SSR hub kit for one inch shafts is not a press fit. It is designed to have at most, a small amount of play, so that it is removable in the field.


  49. I have recently purchased a 2014 Outrage 350 Boston Whaler, currently it has 3×300 Mercury Verado (2014 model) and Im planning to replace them with new engines, my options are the following:-
    1- 350 Verado
    2- 300r V8

    I seek for top speed and high cruising speed but keep in mind summer in Kuwait is very hot, air temperature 122F and water temperature 91F and when its hot engines go down in power.

    I not sue whats the best option, I would appreciate your recommendation.

    1. Mahmoud,

      For a Whaler, I would think the Verado is the way to go. Much quieter, less vibration, and your boat will mostly benefit from the added weight of the Verado package.


  50. Hello,

    My boat is a 22′ Tolman skiff, with a gross operating weight range between 1500 and 2800 pounds, powered by a Yamaha F70. I operate in salt water. The hull planes at between 11 and 13 knots.

    A Black Max 14 x 13 propeller yields 23 knots at 5800 RPM WOT. Boat performs well.

    The Black Max 14 x 11 yields 22.5 knots at 6300 RPM WOT (note: the motor is governed at 6300 RPM). Boat performs acceptably.

    The Spitfire 13.8 x 13 yields 22.7 knots at 5400 RPM WOT. The boat feels sluggish and the motor is working too hard.

    I would like to achieve 6000 to 6200 RPM WOT, and a little more top end speed if possible. What prop might hit this sweet spot?


    (Please don’t direct me to my local dealer; they’re worthless).

    1. Jon,

      Happy to help, for top end speed with a 70hp, it is hard to beat a Vengeance. Consider the 14×12 pitch. It should land your RPM between 6000 and 6100.


  51. Nick, I have a 36 yellowfin with 400’s verados running rev4 XP 22’s. The boat runs excellent and is well balanced. When trimmed out the same, my counter rotating port prop runs about 100-150rpm higher than the other two props at cruise and stays higher all the way up to wot of 73mph. It also burns more a bit more fuel. Is this normal? The motors are on 5.5” str jack plates and the prop barrels have been cut 3/4”. The motors heights have been checked and are the same. The motors are not on a joystick and are connected with tie bars.


    1. Noah,

      From a manufacturing stand point, it’s possible the prop turning less RPM could have too tall of cup heights, we can certainly fix that for you. Any nicks or scratches in the prop will also cause a difference.


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