The Mercury Racing Total Engine Application Management (T.E.A.M.) initiative is a factory-approved integration process for new Mercury Racing marine propulsion systems. The standardized process requires training of the entire OEM boat builder and dealer staff involved with the installation of the new Mercury Racing propulsion system. The program specifies qualified components to be used with the new product along with factory-approved product specifications.

The 1075 SCi sterndrive was the first product to be supported by the Mercury Racing T.E.A.M. initiative. Since then, the 520, 525 EFI, 540, 565600 SCi662 SCi700 SCi850 SCi1025 SCi11001200 SCi1350, and the 1650 have also been accredited by the Mercury Racing T.E.A.M. initiative.

Mercury Racing, along with its parent company Mercury Marine, is the first U.S. marine engine manufacturer to be ISO 9001/2000 certified. The T.E.A.M. initiative is a reflection of Mercury Racing’s high standards and dedication to continuous quality improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction, while sustaining its leadership in the marine industry.

Program Benefits

  • On-Site Mercury Racing Technical Support
  • Trained Staff
  • Standardized Installation
  • Reduction in additional installation times
  • Improved Quality
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Warranty Claims

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  1. I am a Mercury Certified Outboard Tech and would like to expand into the racing division of Mercury Marine. Any type of help or opportunity would be appreciated.

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