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Mercury Racing customer support includes a comprehensive line of owners manuals andtech service manuals covering a full range of Mercury Racing outboards, sterndrives and accessories.

We’ll need to pull over the PDFs


All high performance engines require frequent maintenance and inspection schedules due to the extreme duty cycles and related stress these products endure. Owners are encouraged to follow the detailed maintenance and service schedule as written and supplied by Mercury Racing. Doing so will keep your high performance engine running at peak performance.





Mercury Racing consumer performance outboards and sterndrives are backed by limited factory warranties for recreational boating. An additional one-year limited Mercury Product Protection Plan warranty is available for the OptiMax 225 Sport XS, 250XS and 300XS outboards.

Consumer performance outboards and sterndrives, with the exception of the 525 EFI NXT, 600 SCi NXT¹® 662 SCi, 700 SCi, 850 SCi, 1075 SCi and 1200 SCi engine packages are backed by Mercury’s 3-year limited corrosion warranty.



21 thoughts on “Owner Resources”

  1. needing repair Manuel for 2000 model 2.5l 280 hp Mercury high performance outboard,having trouble finding one,can you help?

  2. What’s the recommended maintenance and service schedules for the 565 and 600sci? I’m trying to decide on which power package for my new boat and I can’t find any info and my dealer doesn’t know.

  3. I am looking for the 2002 optimax 200xs manual so that i can get some more info on the motor and then rerig it with smartcraft. If anyone has a manaul or owners pdf etc that would be great.

  4. Looking for an installation manual for K-Plane Part # 24 103557. We are restoring an older 31′ Fountain CC and planers are in a box. It looks like we will need parts to re-assemble.


    1. Hi Frank.
      Contact Consumer Affairs at 920-929-5000.They will be able to provide the manual for you.

  5. good evening, my name is manuel and I am a possessor of an mercury 250XS in 2004,
    I have a question to do: which difference there between the stockpot of the mercury 225 optimax
    3.0L and the stockpot of the mercury 250XS 3.0L? thank you in advance for the answer

    1. Hello Manuel. The difference between the 3.0L OptiMax 225 and the 250XS is the fuel calibration for for the additional power. The 250XS also features solid upper and lower mounts and the Sport Master gearcase.

  6. Hi
    Could you please tell me how much gear lube i should put into my sportmaster gearboxes?.
    I have 2x 200xs 2.5 ltr motors 2005 year lh and rh rotation. Sportmaster 1.87 .
    Thank you
    Nick Smart

  7. What’s the recommended maintenance and service schedules for the 565 and 600sci? I’m trying to decide on which power package for my new boat. I also am curious about longevity of both engines.

  8. I am in need a 700 SCi / NXT Owner’s Manual – the links on this page are completely broken. And what does “We’ll need to pull over the PDfs” mean?

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