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  • 2014 AUG
  • Michigan City Offshore Grand PrixAug 1-3, 2014 |For more information, visit
  • Orange Beach Offshore Grand PrixAug 22, 2014 | Orange Beach, AlabamaFor more information, visit
  • Pensacola Offshore Grand PrixAug 22-24, 2014 | Pensacola, FLNew event for Super Boat International.For more information, visit
  • 2014 SEP
  • New York Offshore Grand PrixSep 28-7, 2014 | New York, NYFor more information, visit
  • Clearwater Super Boat Natonal ChampionshipSep 28, 2014 | Clearwater, FloridaFor more information, visit
  • 2014 NOV
  • Offshore World ChampionshipsNov 2-9, 2014 |For more information, visit


6 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Hows the process of updating the calendar going ? Coming up on a year now since you responding to Steven that you would get it updated. So just to be clear, people are checking I’m looking for events and dealer support as the look I to spending large sums of money buying drives and power, but that’s not worth the effort to actually have someone keep the upcoming calendar updated regularly??
    Do you feel this is equal to the level of customer support and service I can expect from Mercury Racing after I drop $100,000 or more on engines and drives
    interesting business model

    1. Peter,

      Apologies for not updating the calendar. What area of the country do you live in? I can put you in touch with a knowledgeable Racing dealer. Otherwise our next big shows are the LA Boat show next month and the Miami Boat Show in February. After that, we go to the Bassmaster Classic and the Lake Havasu Boat Show.


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