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m8 motor




The M8 drive features robust internal drive components. This surface-piercing gearcase is compliments a lower engine profile. Lowering engine mounting in a boat results in a lower center of gravity for improved boat handling and overall performance; it also provides more flexibility in boat hatch styling. Like the M6, the M8 is dry-sumped for maximum efficiency and power output.


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Available gear Ratios

1.69:1, 1.53:1, 1.40:1, 1.30:1

Max Power Capacity

1650 hp Input torque rating of 1600 ft. Lbs.

Product Details

Lower Unit Design Dry Sump Drive & Transmission
Rotation RH, LH
Color Options Raven Black, Bling Bling Black, Slate Grey, Super Silver, Joyze Poyple, Mercury Racing Blue, Hulkin Green, Nanna Yellow, Fire Orange, Devil Eye Red, Dandy Candy Red, Soft White
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