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Bravo Three XR

Bravo Three XR Gearcase

The ideal drive option for Mercury Racing 520 engines in heavier cruiser boats. Heavy-duty components plus dual contra-rotating propellers provide added blade area to help lift a heavy boat out of the hole. The Mercury Racing Bravo Three XR® prop sets feature added cup to combat cavitation in higher horsepower applications. A large-diameter four-blade forward propeller followed by a smaller diameter three-blade aft propeller offer incredible handling, improved fuel economy at cruise speed, and improved boat control around the dock.

Compatible Engines


At a full 520 horsepower, Mercury Racing’s 520 sterndrive opens the door to a family of expertly designed, hand-built performance engines. Don’t let the fact the 520 is the smallest engine in the Mercury Racing sterndrive offering fool you. The torque from even one of these engines is enough to sit you back in your seat.

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