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Props Case

The Mercury Racing Props Case features industry leading design and performance, just like the line of Mercury Racing propellers. The Props Case will ship standard with all new Precision Series CNC Cleaver propellers and is also available for purchase as a standalone. The Props Case has two different internal fixtures: one for M6 and M8 Drive Cleavers and one for Outboard Cleavers, including any other Flo Torq hub-equipped propeller line.


Military-grade construction

Ergonomic handles

Injection-molded latches

Multiple padlock locations

Easy stacking

Internal Fixtures

One for M6 and M8 Drive Cleavers

One for Outboard Cleavers including any other Flo Torq hub-equipped propeller line





New Design and Features

The Props Case is designed to be as small as possible while still allowing space for larger 6-blade propellers. Designed with ergonomic handles, it also features latches that are injection molded with military-grade construction and coupled with multiple locations for padlocks, to ensure your investment stays protected. For transporting propellers to the next race or stowing a spare set in a boat, the all-new Mercury Racing Props Case has a smaller form factor and was designed for easier stacking to provide protection and convenience for performance boaters.

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