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K-Plane Trim Tabs

The Gold Standard

Considered the gold standard of trim tab design, Mercury Racing K-PlanesĀ® are designed to endure the punishing rigors of offshore racing and the most-demanding performance-boat applications. K-Planes feature a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum casting with large support ribs for unparalleled durability. Hydraulic trim cylinders maintain position and react immediately to fingertip control from the helm to plane boats faster and keep them level for a smooth, controlled ride in a variety of conditions.


K-Planes are designed to get boats on plane faster and keep them level for a safer, smoother ride in a variety of conditions.

Speed boat
Versatile gear shift

Custom Color

12 custom color options are available to seamlessly integrate with a variety of boat graphics and color optioned Mercury Racing NXT6 & M8 drives and transoms.


Versatile. Durable.

Electronic trim sender enables the boater to view real-time digital images of tab trim positions at a glance via Mercury VesselView monitors and other NMEA compliant systems. Heavy-duty hydraulic trim pumps, designed specifically for K-Planes, withstand the torture of offshore powerboating.

Information SHeet
K-plane versatile
500r motors

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