Bravo I FS Prop Dials In Multi-Species Boat Performance

Squeezing more speed and better handling from the Mercury Pro XS 300 outboard.

Anglers out to maximize the performance of the new Mercury V8 Pro XS outboards are turning to Mercury Racing for propeller expertise. We have documented prop test results for many bass and multi-species boats running the 2.6-liter L6 Mercury Verado models and the previous V6 Mercury Optimax Pro XS outboards, but are just starting to test these boats with the new 4.6-liter V8 motors. We recently executed a detailed propeller test with Mercury Pro Staff fisherman Matt Kirsammer, who is running a new Lund 208 Tyee GL powered by a V8 Mercury Pro XS 300 outboard. After testing five Mercury and Mercury Racing props, it was the Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS that not only delivered the best top speed, but also improved hole shot and fuel economy over the baseline prop in this application. Here’s how we conducted the test.

This 20-foot-8-inch fiberglass Lund model has a beam of 8 feet. This was a real-world test – the  prop evaluations were conducted with two people aboard, a full 55-gallon fuel tank and Kirsammer’s typical load of tournament gear. Baseline performance was established using a 19-pitch Mercury Tempest® Plus prop Kirsammer has been running on the boat. We then tested a 20-pitch Mercury Revolution 4®, a 21-pitch Mercury Racing Revolution 4® XP, a 22-pitch Mercury Racing Bravo I® LT, and a 22-pitch Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS. Two engine heights were also tested —  the factory position that was the second hole from the top on his engine bracket, or 1 inch above boat bottom, and the fourth hole from the top, or 2.5 inches above boat bottom. Matt preferred the lower engine height for overall boat control.  Check out our data chart to see all of the results.

The best overall performance was delivered by the 22-pitch Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS at the stock engine height; gaining 1.3 mph on top end speed, improved fuel economy, quicker hole shot, and much better handling at speed. One of the great attributes of switching from a three-blade to a four-blade propeller is the improved boat stability on top end and in rough water, which can give the driver much more confidence. The tuned barrel of the Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS also generated the perfect amount of lift for this application. The Bravo I LT, which has a longer, flared barrel, had slightly too much stern lift for this boat-and-motor combination. Both Mercury Racing Bravo prop models, however, performed better than the Revolution 4 models, with quicker hole shot and the ability to hold the boat on plane at lower speeds, an important attribute for a pro angler who is often out in rough conditions.

Want to download the test data? Click here.

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Mercury Racing Releases new 300-HP CNC Cleaver Propeller

An outboard as exciting as the Mercury Racing 300R deserves its own propeller and Mercury Racing has just delivered. The new surface-piercing Mercury Racing 300HP 5-Blade CNC Cleaver propeller is designed expressly to maximize the performance of the Mercury Racing 300R. Its proprietary blade profile delivers stronger acceleration and more top-end speed than the Mercury Racing 400HP CNC Cleaver prop when run on the Mercury Racing 300R outboard. This new prop will also improve the performance of the legacy Mercury Racing 300XS and 300X outboard models.

“While mainly aimed at twin-outboard catamaran applications, this new propeller design will also take single-engine, padded-vee bottom and tunnel boats to a new level of performance,” said Steve Miller, Mercury Racing director of marketing, sales, and service. “There’s no room for error when driving these high-performance boats and that’s the approach we take when building propellers.”

The state-of-the-art CNC machining process offers unparalleled benefits compared to standard cast propellers. Pitch, diameter, and rake are perfectly true on every Mercury Racing CNC propeller to ensure that lift, handling, and speed characteristics are absolutely consistent. Designed to make the most of the Sport Master gearcase and elevated engine heights, the 300HP 5-Blade Cleaver prop dramatically reduces slip percentages in outboard Sport Master applications, averaging 4.5 percent at WOT.

Thousands of pitch, rake and diameter combinations are available to dial in the maximum performance of almost any boat. Each CNC Cleaver propeller is custom made to order. Diameter range is 14.5 to 15.5 inches, pitch range is 26 to 40 inches in one-inch increments, with a choice of 15-degree or 18-degree rake.

To learn more, visit .

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Mercury Racing Awards Skilled Trade Scholarships

Mercury Racing has awarded its second annual scholarship to two local high school students Joshua Bartlett of Randolph, Wisconsin and Grant Burbach of Oakfield, Wisconsin for $2500 each. The goal of the scholarship is to alleviate financial stress of post-secondary education and support the continued growth of skilled tradespeople in our community.

Companies such as Mercury Racing rely on skilled individuals with a strong work ethic and passion to build and service niche products. This scholarship will help grow the local workforce by providing the education and tools needed to succeed.

Scholarship recipient Josh Bartlett

“This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of getting a degree in manufacturing technology,” said Bartlett. He will attend Dordt University in the fall for the Pro-Tech Program with an emphasis in Manufacturing Technology.

Scholarship recipient Grant Burbach

Burbach will attend Moraine Park Technical College and will pursue a degree in Gas Utility.

As for Burbach’s reaction to the award, he said, “It is a great honor to be awarded this scholarship. Having this assistance will lessen my worry about how I will pay for my education and I will be able to focus on my course work.”

“This is the second year we have provided this scholarship, and this year we are proud to award this money to two very deserving individuals who clearly have a passion for pursuing a technical trade,” said Stuart Halley, general manager, “Mercury Racing depends on skilled tradespeople to have a prosperous future. It is our mission to continue to continue to grow this program so that more students, like Josh and Grant, have the financial support they need to be successful.”

Mercury Racing wishes to thank all who applied for this scholarship and express our congratulations on a successful 2020 graduation.

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