P1 SuperStock Repowers with Mercury Racing

The new 300R replaces the legacy 300XS OptiMax as the exclusive power for the series’ domestic and international venues.

We are excited to announce the Powerboat P1 SuperStock outboard racing series is repowering for the 2019 season with the all-new 4.6L V-8 four-stroke 300R outboard. P1 SuperStock, presented by Mercury Racing, is a one-design, single-engine race series.  The new 300R replaces the legacy 300XS OptiMax as the exclusive power for the series’ domestic and international venues.

Designed, developed and manufactured in-house, the naturally aspirated four-stroke 300R shares Mercury Racing’s venerable Quad Cam Four Valve (QC4) sterndrive DNA.

The stout V-8 powerhead provides an astounding 44% in increased displacement compared to the legacy two-stroke 300XS. That, combined with four valves per cylinder and the DOHC valve train, enables the new 300R to generate unprecedented torque and unmatched acceleration from the lower end of the power band up to maximum engine speed. All of this on 87-octane (90 RON) pump fuel while maintaining a comparable weight as its two-stroke predecessor. The weight savings can be attributed to the state-of-the-art powerhead components including composite intake runners.

Rear tie-bar 300R models feature the heavy duty midsection with a factory installed tie-bar mounting plate.

Two midsection and three gearcase options are available for the 300R. P1 SuperStock will feature 300Rs with the Heavy-Duty midsection with a factory installed rear tie-bar mounting plate and side steering bracket assembly. The Heavy-Duty midsection features solid mounts and robust, forged transom brackets with single ram power trim and a remote trim pump designed to endure the harsh offshore environment. The side steering bracket provides a robust, integrated steering installation.

The surface piercing Sport Master gearcase features low-water pick-ups and a crescent leading-edge for maximized efficiency and speed.

The surface piercing Sport Master, designed for boats capable of speeds in excess of 85 mph, features low-water pick-ups and a crescent leading-edge for maximized efficiency and speed. All boats are equipped with hand-crafted Mercury Racing Rev 4 XP propellers for precision matched race competition.

The 300R is backed by a three-year factory warranty with up to three years of Mercury Product Protection for a possible six years of warranty when used in recreational boating applications.

P1 SuperStock CEO Azam Rangoonwala said, “The P1 Panther race boat is at the heart of our SuperStock championship and strategic partnerships are an integral part of our business model, so the relationship with Mercury Racing is hugely valued. Embracing the latest technology by upgrading to the 300R outboard will not only increase racing performance but also maintain parity within the series.”

“We are very excited to continue our presenting sponsorship of the P1 SuperStock Championship. Their professionalism and focus is second to none,” said Stuart Halley, Racing’s General Manager.

Steve Miller, who oversees Racing’s marketing, sales and service said, “It is exciting to have our consumer products used in this highly competitive, one-design racing environment. There is no better way to prove their performance and durability.”

The 2018 P1 SuperStock USA Championship season finale is June 30-July 1 at the 34th Annual Sarasota Grand Prix Festival, in Sarasota, Fla.

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ECO Lamp!

Steven has been my go to person for real-world feedback regarding Mercury Racing Propeller performance.

Mercury Racing has had a working relationship with Captain Steven Lamp, owner of Dream Catcher Charters, for nearly 20 years.  Steven relies on Mercury products to earn a living. His office space is the beautiful waters off Key West.  He has been intimately involved in the development of a number of our key consumer performance outboards including the OptiMax 200XS, 2.5XS, 250XS, 300XS, Verado 350 SCi and Verado 400R.

The Pro Finish ECO XP Propeller.

He has also been my go to person for real world feedback regarding Mercury Racing Propeller performance.  I recently reached out to Steven for performance feedback regarding our ECO XP propellers.

Steven’s 36-foot Yellow Fin offshore center console with triple 350 Verado outboards.

One of Steven’s charter boats is a beautiful 36-foot Yellow Fin offshore center console with triple 350 Verado outboards. He had been running stock 21-inch pitch Mercury Rev 4 props. I sent him a set of our 20.5-inch pitch Racing ECO XPs to try.

The business end of Steven’s 36-foot Yellow Fin offshore center console.

Steven conducted back-to-back tests to compare the Rev 4s with the ECO XPs. The boat load consisted of two guys and 100 gallons of fuel. Water conditions were flat.

He ran the Rev 4’s first to establish a baseline. The Yellow Fin accelerated from 0-20 mph in 4.5 seconds.  Acceleration from 0 to 20 mph was 5.3 seconds with the XPs, 0.8 seconds slower than the Rev 4s. However – all aspects of performance – including overall handling – was noticeably improved with the ECO XPs.

Steven was impressed. “I love the way the boat feels. It feels like it’s on rails. The bow lift over the Rev 4s is HUGE! The Rev 4s are slippery; handling is dicey. There is no slip with the ECO XPs. Handling is tight for both right and left-hand turns.”

I am impressed as well. Thank, Steven, for taking the time to provide us this real-world performance feedback regarding the offshore center console performance of our Racing ECO XP propellers.

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