Dominance Down Under!

Photos courtesy of Kim Baldwin.

Mercury Racing dominated the2016 Robinvale-Euston 80 ski racing event.
Mercury Racing dominated the2016 Robinvale-Euston 80 ski racing event.

We recently received exciting news from our friends at Mercury Australia. Mercury Racing powered boats dominated the Robinvale Euston 80 water ski racing event, clinching 11 victories in the Expert classes and an additional six wins in the social classes. The event took place March 12-13 on the mighty Murray River which separates New South Wales and Victoria. Check out race Recap Video.

Don Gulley (driver) and observer Kevin Boylan piloted Merc Force, a Mercury Racing QC4v 1650 powered hull with skiers Jake Tegart and Steven Rowe in tow to take top honors in the Super Class division. It would be the team’s first win in seven years. Ironically, their past win before was also at the Robinvale event.  Jessica Pearse, piloting the QC4v 1350 powered 99 Pyscho Clowns with observer Daniel McMahon and skiers Codie Rigg and Steven Berry in tow, finished a respectable second in Super Class.

“It’s been a long time coming. The last time we won was here in Robinvale. I even think we are a little quicker this time around,” Don said.

Record Setting Performance 

The Mercury Racing QC4v 1350 was the power behind Pigs Arsenal record setting performance in Unlimited Inboard competition.

QC4v 1350s were the power behind two record setting performances.  Chris Stevens (driver) and Mark Boyer (observer) piloted Pigs Arsenal, with skiers Sean Stevens and Jack Stevens in tow, to win the Unlimited Inboard Competition. They finished a full two seconds ahead of the previous record for the class.

Merc Force F1 sliced a full 11 seconds off the previous record to capture the Women’s Expert category.

Merc Force F1, with Trent Souwer and Christian Apps driving and observing and skiers Chelsea Blight and Ellen Jones in tow, sliced a full 11 seconds off the previous record to capture the Women’s Expert category.

Clean Sweeps 

Mercury powered boats claimed a clean sweep in the Under 19 Boys Expert event.

Mercury powered boats claimed a clean sweep in the Under 19 Boys Expert event, with Temper 2, Master Force and Superbad finishing one, two and three – with a two minute gap back to the next finisher. SBR and Agent Orange, both sporting Mercury motors, collected Gold and Silver in the Unlimited Outboard competitions.

OptiMax 300XS outboard power swept the F2 class competition with Enforcer, Top Gun F2 and In Strife finishing 1-3.  OptiMax 300XS outboards also scored big in the highly competitive MOC contest with Hardback Racing and Hodge Marine Racing finishing 1-2. An OptiMax 250 SportXS powered Velocity Racing to win the SMOC category.

Mercury Racing also dominated the Under 19 Girls competition with Melt Down and Ballistic Still, both sporting OptiMax 300XS power, finishing 1-2.

Korrupt, sporting Mercury Racing 600 SCi sterndrive engine, clinched the competitive 70 MPH competition while OptiMax 250 SportXS outboards delivered No Cash and Southern Force to claim Gold and Silver respectively in the Sub Junior Girls category.

Congratulations to all of the teams in this very impressive showing of Mercury power. I look forward to sharing more good news from our friends down under as the 2016 water ski racing season progresses.


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Jay Leno Experiences Mercury Racing Power

Jay Leno has the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the most powerful and exotic cars money can buy in his show “Jay Leno’s Garage”, causing feelings of envy and desire among his viewers.  The former “Tonight Show” host has turned his passion for cars into the popular web series, which gives a detailed look at the newest European supercars to great American classics.

One of the classics recently featured was a 1970 Dodge Charger, built by our friends at SpeedKore in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  The “Tantrum” Charger is the first automotive application of Mercury Racing’s QC4 platform and based on its performance, it surely won’t be the last.


Mercury Racing launched the QC4 platform in 2010 as a high-performance offshore marine engine capable of exceeding the demands of the grueling racing environment.  This modern powerplant features dual overhead cam (DOHC) 32-valve heads on top of a 9.0 liter aluminum block.  The massive air flow of the heads is increased even further by two 94-mm turbo chargers, delivering upwards of 1650 horsepower on race fuel.  After years of success as both a marine racing and pleasure engine, the team at Mercury Racing decided it was time to develop something car guys would crave.


At the SEMA Show in 2013, we featured the QC4 shoehorned into an Ultima GTR kit car that was used internally as a development vehicle.  The Ultima allowed us to perform calibration changes required to transition from water to pavement.  These changes included delayed turbo activation to make the car more drivable at lower speeds.


001-jay-lenos-garageWhile showing the automotive world our engineering prowess at SEMA, we also laid the foundation for the Tantrum by meeting Dave Salvaggio, builder of the Charger. After nearly two years of working together, the completed Charger was first displayed at SEMA 2015.  After winning a Grand Turismo design award at SEMA, the Charger headed further west so the comedian could climb behind the wheel.
Leno was rightfully blown away at the beauty and performance of the QC4 engine, and perhaps a bit humbled by its full potential (It’s not often he relinquishes the key for the show’s customary burnout).  The QC4 hits all the right notes for a modern crate engine for high end car builders.  It is unique, modern, reliable, attractive and most importantly it provides an answer to every car guy’s visceral desire for more power.

Watch the Jay Leno’s Garage episode below to learn more about the QC4 powered Tantrum and see the QC4 in action on the California roadways.

For more information on automotive crate engines visit

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