2013 Mercury Racing Wall Calendars!

Another year is quickly approaching the finish line. It’s hard to believe two years have passed since we launched this blog and our Facebook,Twitter pages and YouTube channel. Thank you for your participation, “friend”ship, tweetness, videos and feedback.

Watermarks: The Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show marks the start of 2013 boat show season in the USA. The Performance Dock will be stocked with a variety of go-fast gems.  Cigarette Racing will again be the epicenter, with Nor-Tech, Formula and Statement Marine among the performance builders featuring their latest wares. Douglas Marine is displaying in Ft. Lauderdale for the first time. They will be showing their beautiful 412 catamaran with twin 1100s. The show will also feature the return of Baja with their debut of the all-new 30 Outlaw GT. Stu Jones and the Florida Powerboat Club (FPC) will ensure all are entertained and catered to Friday eventing in their annual Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Bash.

Speaking of FPC, We are busing preparing for the 20th Annual Key West Poker Run. We are again title sponsor and look forward to being on-site at the Poker Run Village with our mobile marketing truck and crew. Mercury Racing sportswear will be available for folks wanting to get a jump start on their Christmas shopping for both naughty… and nice :).  Mercury Racing engines will again be the power to beat at the Key West Offshore World Championships,  happening at the same time as the poker run. And, before you know it, the Miami International Boat Show will be upon us; seems we always have something exciting there! Read more

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565: How’d We Do That – Part 2?

Mercury Racing’s dynos enable precise calibration by our exceptionally talented engineering techs, like Johnny Bauer. They also validate that every production 565 meets its targets.

Mercury Racing’s 565 – with digital throttle and shift (DTS), better fuel economy and more grunt – prompted questions. Part 1 answered “How’d you do that?” by reviewing the 565’s torque and power. Part 2 continues to answer: We’ll discuss 565 fuel and DTS.

In this early development engine, one can see the two computer modules stacked behind the second throttle body. Also visible is the digitally controlled shift actuator – mounted on the transom for this test mule.

Fuel Economy. Miserly fuel consumption is a hidden benefit of digital instrumentation. Not just in the boat, but in our laboratory. Since we designed the 525EFI and 600SCi, we have substantially upgraded our dynamometers and engineering analysis tools. In large part, this was done for exhaust emissions, both design feasibility studies and product development, so that we could remain compliant with regulations. As a side benefit: we gained a capability to look at each individual cylinder’s behavior in much finer detail than ever before. Plus, our incredible technicians have the talent to do so.

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