Halloween Party at Dave’s!

Dyno technician, Dave Dins, awards an A+. The second 1350 for DCB is ready to exit Cell 5.

Just in time for a Halloween party at Dave’s Custom Boats! The first pair of Mercury Racing 1350s for DCB passed their dyno tests and final inspections – and shipped October 27 for California!

These are big muscles for a black tom cat: both pulled strong to just north of 1,370 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm and up to 5,250 rpm – and held it through a grueling heat soak cycle. Sounds harsh, and it is, but this is just a normal day for a production engine expecting to leave Mercury Racing for a new home.

Every recreational and racing engine is run through a test sequence on one of our dynamometers. Each engine, from 525 to 1350, must pass both torque and power standards on a boat load simulation. Dave’s newest engines did so with a smile and style. Read more

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Pro Finish

New Pro Finish, 5-blade, CNC Cleaver propellers for sterndrives, were officially released Friday, October 1. They have already been making waves on race courses and in boat builder tests. These highly polished props fill the need for a durable propeller with stamina for Big Fat Monster Torque and surface piercing impact of the Mercury Racing’s 1350 and M8 sterndrive.

Team AMSOIL – Photo Courtesy Pete Boden Shoot2Thrill Pix

Bob Teague, throttleman/owner of the Mercury Racing 525 EFI-powered Team AMSOIL Super Cat Lite offshore race boat, recently won two consecutive offshore races with the new props. Read more

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Big Fat Monster Torque!

This is my second in a series on design features of Mercury Racing’s QC4v engine.

QC4v’s corrected torque is a whopping 1370 lb-ft. Oh, yea!

Torque on our new 1350 is Monster! It rises fast, from 700 rpm idle, and is flat at 1,370 lb-ft from 2,500 to 5,250 rpm and generating 1,350 peak horsepower, before tailing off toward a red line of 6,500. On 91 octane pump gas, not race fuel. Whoa!

(Right to left) Air inlet, compressor, water cooled turbo, and pressure modulation valve.

In other words: Big Fat Monster Torque is more than sufficient to lift the nose of a 48 MTI catamaran, carry it all the way through a hard turn and still plant everybody firmly in their seats for an extended period of acceleration. Just ask my friend, Randy Scism, owner of Marine Technology Inc., about his first test session before the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. (Or read, elsewhere on this Blog: MTI Spooled Up!) Read more

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MTI Spooled Up!

Mercury Racing 1350 Install in Bob Bull’s 48 Race/Pleasure

I just got off the phone with Randy Scism at Marine Technology, Inc., (MTI). They first tested Bob Bull’s Mercury Racing 1350 powered MTI 48 Race/Pleasure Thursday, October 21 near the MTI facility. Mercury Racing Product Integration Manager, Mike Griffiths, worked closely with MTI in this, the first install of 1350s in a catamaran and the first 1350 install for the Wentzville, Missouri based company.

First Catamaran Installation of Mercury Racing 1350 Sterndrives

The installation went very smoothly – culminating with the on-water test Thursday. Test time was limited due to water conditions and the need to transport the boat to Florida.  It will be on static display in the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, at Pier 57/MTI in-water slips October 28-Nov 1. Read more

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The Valve Train That Could

Cam chain cover hints that quad cams lurk within.

This is the first in a series about design features of Mercury Racing’s 1350 horsepower, quad cam, four valve (QC4v) engine. Throughout the series, I will strive to present unavoidably technical content in non-engineering language.

Bigger Purpose: The only reason to have a high performance marine engine in the first place is to produce thrust from a prop so as to push a boat to: a) go someplace or b) outrun somebody – and come back. Props, drives, transmissions, engine innards and controls all have to do their part, but I skip now to the weakest link in the current high-performance chain: the valve train. (See “Why Rev Limits are…Limits” on this blog.) Read more

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2011 Mercury Racing Wall Calendars

Race into 2011 with a new Mercury Racing Wall Calendar. The 12-month calendars feature a large 17″ x 22″ format with action-packed photography of Mercury Racing outboard and sterndrive powered consumer and race boats.

Dealers can order the calendars in bulk direct from Bankers Advertising Company. Download the order form here. Custom dealer imprinting is available at no charge for orders of 100 or more. The nominal custom imprint fee will also be waived if dealers opt for the same imprint used on previous calendar purchases. Read more

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Why Rev Limits Are… Limits

I am frequently asked, “Why doesn’t Mercury Racing increase peak rpm on its engines?” The desire is understandable: A higher revving engine would carry higher boat speed and improve getting on plane. But it is not that easy…

Pushrod valve train components at peace.

We electronically limit engine rpm on our pushrod sterndrive engines primarily due to valve train dynamics. A cam spanks a push rod; at its other end, the rocker gets a nudge; the rocker pivots and rolls onto the valve stem, compressing the valve spring and opening a hole to gas flow – either fresh air in, or spent combustion by-products out – and closes again. At our rev limit, each valve sees that input and return 46 times every second! As engine rpm increases, it reaches a speed where the chain of valve train hardware simply cannot keep up – even with good design and very exotic hardware. Read more

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Big Grin for MTI

Mike Critchley fits the starboard turbocharger.

1350 sterndrive production continues with the second pair of engine packages. These are on their way to Marine Technology, Inc., (MTI)  in Wentzville, MO.

A stylish MTI logo adorns the carbon fiber front cover.

I spoke to MTI President/Owner Randy Scism this morning (Oct 6) to let him know the engines have “left the building” and to get some details on MTI’s first install of the new Mercury Racing 1350 engine packages. Read more

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First Production 1350s Shipped!

October 1, 2010 was another milestone in the young life of our all new 1350 sterndrives. The first pair of production 1350 engines are built and about to be shipped to Cigarette Racing. They will replace the pre-production 1350s featured in the Mercedes-Benz AMG inspired 46′ Rider XP.

The spectacular boat, unveiled at the 2010 Miami International Boat Show, has accumulated hundreds of hours of running time as part of Mercury Racing’s extensive engineering validation of the all-new quad cam four valve (QC4v) engines, Zero Effort Digital controls, heavy-duty hydraulic transmissions, surface piercing M8 sterndrives and Pro Finish CNC propellers. Read more

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The Blog Never Stops!

Welcome to the Mercury Racing Blog. Our goal is to provide our dealers, boat builder partners, racing customers, consumers and enthusiasts with a continual flow of information from Mercury Racing.

Check back for future blogs on a variety of exciting topics including late breaking news, product information, service tips, racing & event news and “blasts from the past” highlighting our rich, colorful history of over 70 years of dedication to high performance marine propulsion.

Let us know what you would to to discuss. We look forward to blogging with you!

The Blog Never Stops!

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