Introducing the 750 H.P. SB4 7.0 (small block – four valve) automotive aftermarket crate engine.

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  • Design

    Custom Four Valve Heads

    Mercury Racing designed, Edelbrock® cast DOHC , four-valve cylinder heads.

    • Intake and exhaust port flow is significantly improved over conventional 2-valve heads for improved drivability, idle quality, and torque compared to a high lift 2-valve design
    • Efficient, high tumble four valve combustion
    • Low mass, high stiffness design reduces stresses and enables smooth high RPM operation and long life
    • Intake valve heads are 43.25 mm (1.703 in) diameter
    • Exhaust valve heads are 36 mm (1.417 in) diameter
  • Design

    Induction System

    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and GT-PowerTM engine performance simulations were used to develop an optimized intake manifold featuring dual throttle bodies for maximum power and efficiency.

  • Design

    Robust DOHC Valve Train

    • Anti-backlash ground, high spec camshaft timing gears for enhanced engine durability and minimized engine Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
    • Camshaft lobe sprayers with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated cam followers for low friction and high durability
  • Design

    Custom Components

    LS cylinder block fitted with Mercury Racing designed and specified crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons for improved performance and enhanced durability.

  • Design

    Double Row Timing Chain

    Double row, roller chain primary drive, with Mercury Racing designed hydraulic tensioner for enhanced durability

  • Design

    Twin Timing Belt System

    Twin timing belt system with a hydraulically damped tensioner for reduced maintenance requirements.

  • Design

    Custom Camshaft Pulleys

    Pendulum absorber camshaft pulleys for enhanced belt life.

SB4 7.0


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  • Power (HP(kW)750/559 @ 8000 rpm
  • Cylinders/Engine ConfigurationV-8, 32-Valve Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)
  • Valve Actuation Shaft Mounted, End Pivot Finger Follower with Mechanical Lash Adjustment
  • Displacement (CID/L)428/7.0
  • Bore (in/mm) 4.125/104.775
  • Stroke (in/mm)4.0/101.60
  • Compression Ratio11.7:1
  • Induction System Naturally Aspirated with Twin Electronic Throttle Bodies
  • Fuel System Sequential Port Fuel Injected (SPFI)
  • Fuel RequirementsUnleaded 91 Octane (R + M/2)
  • Ignition SystemIndividual Coil on Plug, with Integrated Drivers
  • Charging System 105 Amp (1481 Watt) Alternator
  • ControllerMercury Racing PCM
  • Cooling System Water Cooled with 160-degree (71 C) Thermostat
  • Lubrication System Wet Sump w/Modified Holley 302-1 Pan, GM High Volume Oil Pump
  • Oil RequirementPremium Synthetic 15W-50 for warm weather use
  • Oil Capacity With Filter (qts/L)6.5/6.2 (without filter)
  • TransmissionEngine is Capable of Operating with Customer Supplied Manual or Automatic Transmission
  • Length (in/mm)27.1/688
  • Width (Across Timing Belt Cover) (in/mm)30.27/769
  • Width (Across Rear of Heads) (in/mm)29.1/740
  • Height (in/mm)17.1/435
  • Weight (Lbs./kg)560/254
  • Warranty12-Month Limited
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