Race to ECO!

The all-new  Mercury Racing ECO XP propeller.
The all-new Mercury Racing ECO XP propeller.

I am very excited to share with you information regarding our latest prop offering. The all new Mercury Racing Enertia ECO XP offers “Extreme Precision” when dialing in engine speed for maximized power output and efficiency on recreational bay boats and center consoles. It has been my experience that adding  pitch sizes in 1/2-inch increments is helpful for those who need an option when the available pitch range is greater than one inch from one to the next. Being able get the engine to run as close as possible to its max rpm operating range will enhance overall boat performance and fuel economy.

Race to ECO with this  quint Verado 400R  powered Midnight Express. Photo courtesy of Speed on the Water.
Race to ECO with this quint Verado 400R powered Midnight Express. Photo courtesy of Speed on the Water.

Based on the award winning Mercury Enertia ECO propeller, The ECO XP is particularly helpful in spooling up Mercury Verado 300 and 350 and Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboards to their full potential on recreational bay boats and offshore center consoles.

The Mercury Racing Enertia ECO XP is perfect for bay boats and center consoles.
The Mercury Racing Enertia ECO XP is perfect for bay boats and center consoles.

Our propeller techs customize blade cups to offer 16.5”, 18.5”, 20.5” and 22.5” pitch sizes to compliment the Mercury Enertia ECO line which ranges from 17” to 23” pitch in two inch increments. The ECO XP features the Mercury patented Performance Vent System® (PVS). PVS® enables the user to fine tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing. The standard length exhaust tube, in addition to reducing the time-to-plane, also provides stern lift for maximum hull performance and an improved ride in a variety of conditions.

16.5”/16.00” 8M0110304 8M0110303
18.5”/16.00” 8M0108350 8M0108351
20.5”/16.00” 8M0108352 8M0108353
22.5”/16.00” 8M0108354 8M0108357

I’m anxious for you to give our new ECO XPs a spin.    

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90 thoughts on “Race to ECO!”

  1. I’ve been using the Stock Enertia ECO 21 and I can spin it fine with great results. Never was able to try a stock 23 pitch version. I wanted to know if the Eco XP in a 22.5 what will it do compared to a 21? What are the RPM differences from stock to modified and what else will I see in performance from a Stock to XP version Enertia ECO?

    1. Phil,
      The ECO XP was developed to maximize engine rpm for improved fuel economy. If the 21” pitch doesn’t allow the engine to operate in its recommended rpm range, switching to the ECO XP might be an option. For example, if your engine was revving to 5950 rpm (hitting 56.3 mph with the standard 21” pitch ECO), switching to the 20.5” pitch ECO XP (made from the 21” pitch ECO with some modification) increases engine rpm 100 to 150 (depending on the set up). Increasing engine speed by 100 rpm will result with a 1 mph gain in top-end speed. Increasing engine speed by 150 rpm results in a gain of 1.5 mph. The same will occur at mid-range for enhanced efficiency and fuel economy.

  2. Hello guys.. Excellent idea to produce half inch eco xp.

    The same applies to 19 compared to 18,5? The gains sou be 100rpm min to 150rpm max?

    All the other prop characteristics are the same?

    Thank you.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply.

        Could we possibly know when should we expect this prop in Europe?

        Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Scott
    Could you comment on how the Eco enertia xp would perform on a Lund 2075 pro v with a verado 300 pro fourstroke vs the bravo 1 FS.?


    1. James,
      Thanks for the question. We’ve tried them both on your rig. Hands down, the Bravo I FS offers the best performance. It offers quick planing with minimal (stress the minimal) bow lift where, like most 3 blade props – the ECO XP offers a great deal of bow lift during planing. Both are comparable at mid-range under slight chop. In big water, the Bravo I FS offered better boat control and a smoother ride. The Bravo I FS keeps the bow lower – enabling the boat to cut through the waves. Often with 3 blades, the bow rides high – causing the boat to bounce or slam into the waves. Top speed was interesting. The 3 blade offered a great deal of bow lift. Speed dropped 3 mph into the wind compared to with the wind. The 4 blade picks the complete boat up resulting in faster and and more consistent top speeds (with and into the wind).
      Thanks again,

  4. Hello,

    We still do not have any news from eco xp in europe. Is this prop available in merc dealers? Is there any future plan for 18″ eco?

    Thank you.

    1. Loannis,
      The ECO XP should be available, we’ll check on our end to making sure Mercury International is aware of the product line. Not sure about the 18″ pitch but with Mercury – you can count on us always looking at opportunities.

      1. Thank you! I am looking forward to hear news because in the local dealer they don’t even see it available in the factory. They only see the part number but not pricelist etc.

  5. So I see Mercury has released the Enertia ECO in 17,19,20,21,22,23 now. How is this going to effect the XP versions?

    1. Phil,
      The ECO XP evolved after the Enertia ECO prop line was released. For example, the 16.5″ pitch XP is made from the 17″ pitch ECO with a goal of gaining 100 to 150 rpm. The XP complements the ECO; providing an opportunity to maximize the engines rpm for improved fuel economy along with top speed.

  6. Hello i have a 28 feet rescue Rib with a single df300 suzuki with a 22 bravo prop (standard bravo)
    at wot 6000 Rpm 52 Mph if i switch too Enertia eco or eco XP
    what Size do i need too aim for for 5900-6100 Rpm
    looking for higher cruise speeds at 4000 rpm and maybe little more top end i also need good reverse thrust because the boat is on a floating dock ,how is the enertia eco reverse thrust compared to a bravo prop

    1. Menno,
      The 20.5” pitch Eco XP will offer the closest match to the stock Bravo I. What is your gear ratio? Also – what speeds are you achieving at 4000 rpm? With that information I can use the slip calculator to see how well the Bravo I is hooking up and see if the ECO props would benefit you.

      1. 2.08:1 is the gear ratio of the df300 at 4000 rpm i go 30 – 32 mph with the Bravo 22 prop
        How is the reverse thrust of the Enertia Eco

        1. Menno,
          It appears you set up is generating 20%+ slip at 30-32 mph. The ECO is designed to reduce slip in the mid-range and the new 20” pitch ECO should generate similar rpm as the 22” Bravo I. We can make an educated guess that your prop slip would drop somewhere close to 14-16%. Calculating the estimated speeds using 20” pitch ECO, 4000 rpm, 14-16% slip, the slip calculator shows 30-32 mph.

    1. Tim,
      The ECO is a fine prop for the right application. However, in this case the Bravo I FS preforms better. The Bravo I FS offers little bow during planing whereas the ECO produces a great deal of bow lift – resulting in a brief loss of sight during planing. At WOT, ECO bow lift continues and into the wind he boat feels like a kite. This attitude affects hull efficiency, scrubbing 2 – 3 mph compared to the Bravo I FS.

  7. Hello again guys,

    One month ago i have asked about the possibility of having an 18″ eco in production. I have recently noticed that mercury produced 18″ eco.

    Now the question is what difference should we wait for between eco 18″ and eco xp 18.5″ in rpm and in riding characteristics?

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Giannis,
      Yes Mercury Propellers has the ECO in 1” pitch increments from 17” to 23” pitch. Mercury Racing has the one half pitches from 16.5” to 22.5”. If you’re running a single application, I would lean toward the 18” pitch. The one-half pitches are geared toward maximizing performance for center consoles.

      1. Thanks Scott,

        I did buy the ECO 18” and performed better than 19” to my boat. Before I could reach with difficulty 6050-6100rpm. Now I can always see 6200rpm and I have even seen 6350 with less loads.

        The motor gained 150-200rpm with the boat in its average loads, 1 knot faster in wot, better fuel consumption in the whole range.

  8. Currently have a crest 24 ft triton with a suzuki 250ss 4st. Current prop is a suzuki 16×21.5 3 blade. I am looking to get a new prop and have always had good luck with merc props. Would a eco xp be a good prop to try? The lake the boat is on is restricted to 40 mph which the boat has not issue getting to. I am looking for great hole shot and mid range cruising.

    1. Doug,
      The ECO was designed specifically for what you’re looking for; good hole shot and improved fuel economy. I think it would be well worth a try. The 21″ pitch ECO would match up to your prop – offering similar rpm.

  9. We have a 9m passenger “seafari” rib we use on tours in the Bahamas – we are currently running Verado 250, HD Gearboxes, 1.85:1, with 19″ Vensura props. We top out at 6100rpm and 45 knots. Would the Enertia Eco 19″ be a good replacement, or should we drop to 17″ or 18″? Will we see a better cruise (~4000rpm) speed/mpg?

    1. Lee,
      The ECO props run tall in pitch so plan to move down to the 17″ to achieve similar rpm as the 19″ 4 blades. If we had your speed at 4000 rpm we could place your information into the slip calculator to get an idea of what to expect with the ECO.

  10. Got to test the crest triton with a suzuki 250ss. Gear ratio is 2.08. @4500 rpm the boat is going 38 mph on gps. Boat seams to be over proper with the suzuki 16×21.5p prop. Since my lake is restricted to 40 mph and I have no great way to test for the proper prop what would be a good spot to start on pitch with the eco prop? Rpm range is 6300 on the top for this motor. Since the lake is restricted on top speed is there any harm in moving down to a 19p eco? Would I lose any load caring ability? Thanks

    1. Doug,
      The ECO props run tall in pitch; more like a 22″ pitch prop. It will most likley drop engine rpm a little compared to your 21.5″ pitch prop. The lower pitch ECO will offer quick planing and the ability to stay on plane at slower speeds as well as carry a load better than a taller pitch prop.

    1. Doug,
      The three blade props usually perform the best. The Enertia (not to be confused with the ECO Enertia)is an awesome pontoon prop.

  11. I own a Canyon Bay 2475 bay boat. With a fibreglass T-top, 100 gallon fuel tank and 3 live wells, it’s fairly heavy. The boat is equipped with a 2007 Suzuki DF 300 with a 15 X 20, four-bladed Suzuki propeller. Hole shot is okay with the jack plate, top end (run twice upwind and downwind on a lake) averaged 51 MPH at 6100 RPM. I didn’t conduct a midrange check but during a previous trip I was running 40 MPH at 4600 RPM (approximate).

    I’ve been intrigued with the Enertia ECO to improve fuel efficiency and perhaps gain a mile per hour or two on the top end. I ran the numbers on your Prop Selector application on the Mercury website and it recommended 21 inches of pitch for the Enertia ECO, much to my surprise. That seems counter-intuitive from what I’ve read of the larger diameter ECO. The maximum allowable RPM for the Suzuki is 6300. Does this recommended pitch square with your experience?

    1. Joe,
      The ECO runs tall in pitch compared to the Mercury Revolution 4 propellers. Howver, compared to your propeller – I’m not certain how it compares. For example, if your 20” pitch offered similar rpm to the Mercury 20” pitch Rev 4 then look at the 19” pitch ECO to achieve similar rpm.

  12. I have a 22″ rib with a df300 hp Suzuki with a left turn 16×18.5″ prop. It seems after planning the steer cannot turn to right without applying great hand effort. Do you thing that enertia eco 16×19 or a bravo I fs can solve my problem.??

    1. Akis,
      Running a 4-blade prop does reduce steering load. If the boat reacts better with bow lift, run the FS. If you think the boat requires added stern lift, then it’s the LT.

  13. I think I am getting some bad information from the customer service reps at merc. I just rigged a 2009 Verado 300 on my 1989 Radcliffe Marine “Beaver 22″ with a 2′ bracket. Boat fully rigged and loaded weight about 6000#.
    I initially used the Merc prop selector and installed the Enertia Eco in 16 x 17 RH.
    Current performance numbers are WOT 5450 @ 45mph, hole shot is good. Other than the low wot I love the performance of this prop.
    To bring up my WOT I tried a Michigan Wheel Vortex XHS (992003) in 15 x 17. figuring the -1″ in diameter would give me +400 rpm at wot. What I got was way different. WOT 6500 @ 38 mph bouncing on rev limiter, blow out on hole shot.
    So today I called the Merc csr and he told me to forget all numbers from the Michigian wheel and get a 15” Enertia. I told him that I did not think I could an Enertia in a 16 X 15 and he said “diameter does not make a difference in performance ” As a professional aircraft technician for over 30 years and having propped many other boats this did not seem right to me so, I am reaching out to you for your help and recommendations.
    Unfortunately I do not have a Merc dealer near me in the prop demo program.

    1. Russell,
      Using the 17” pitch Eco as the benchmark; the Eco’s run tall in pitch compared to many Mercury propellers. The 17” is lowest pitch in the standard Eco line, Mercury Racing makes a 16.5” pitch Eco XP but even that isn’t low enough in pitch to get your engine into the appropriate rpm range. Mercury’s Consumer department did make a good selection with the 15” Enertia, it should get your engine in the engine’s rpm range of 5800 – 6400. How do we get there? The Eco 17” pitch should offer similar rpm to a 14” x 19” Enertia; moving down to the 15” Enertia should offer 600 to 800 rpm and a 16” Enertia 450 to 600 rpm increase. They only other Mercury prop to look at for your boat is the 15” pitch Mirage, designed to carry heavy boats offering good boat control in rough seas and it won’t be as fast as the Enertia. If you run on inland waters consider the Enertia and for offshore consider the Mirage Plus. There are so many different engine and boat combinations it’s hard to say exactly which prop to run and what rpm you’re going to get; but we can offer these suggestions to help you make an educated decision.

  14. I have a 2007 32 proline express. 9800lbs dry. I purchased it with 2006 twin gen1 verado 250’s with six year standard warranty (on the boat) vs 2007 gen2 twin 250 with 3 year standard warranty (not on boat)April 2007. Props where 4 blade 15.25″ x 16P. Boat fully loaded people,water, gear, and fuel 14,000lbs. Boat would do 44 mph at 5900 to 6000 rpm and closer to 6200 to 6400 rpm with light load 12000lbs and pretty much same mph. With a little over a 1000 hours on them.

    Just put brand new twin 2018 gen5 350 verados On the boat. Looking for best fuel economy mid range. 25 to 40 mph. Wanting to get twin enertia eco or enertia eco xp props. I don’t really want bow lift though and the enertia ecos say they make bow lift where the eco xps create stern lift. So I was thinking the twin 16″ x 17.5 eco xp would be the way to go.

    So with all the info i gave you what props do you think I should go with. And any other information would be much appreciated. Thanks Jason

    1. Jason,
      Thanks for all the numbers with the before performance. This helps to provide a better pitch estimate. There is always a gray area with props. I think the style of prop is right for the mid-range fuel sipping economy. The 350 Verado rpm range is 5800 to 6400 with the sweet spot at 6200 rpm at WOT. The 17” pitch Eco’s should get the engines to 6200 and the 17.5” Eco’s to 6000. Both prop styles offer bow lift. The XP, with its cup modification, may not provide as much bow lift. Both props offer stern lift due to the long barrel length. If you run it heavy most of the time, consider the 17” Eco’s. Have fun with your new engines.

      1. Need help please Scott. This is Out come of twin verados with 17p Enertia Ecos on 32’ proline express. I have a problem with no matter the weight on the boat I can’t get any higher rpm then around 5950 to 6000 RPM. Me and my dealer have messed with engine height. Also at WOT it it making boat not very safe because its smashing the bows deep V downward no matter how much I trim motors or trim tabs. With splashing occurring all around motors and 10’ behind motors. Motors mounted on second hole. Max 5950+ RPM @50mph. I can barely see the cavitation plate @ cruise 30mph. With white water rushing over the top of it.
        I had it raised 2 holes hole 4. It ventilated. Lowered one hole to hole three.
        Tested super light load. Still gained no rpm (wot)5950 @48mph lost 2 mph hard clean water behind the boat no splash. Boat vibrates around 2400 to 2800 rpm. Never did that with 250 verados. boat is porpoiseing really bad also. Really have to use trim tabs to control.

        Boat really doesn’t seem to be struggling at all. It just seems maybe the boat doesn’t like the style of prop or possibly prop diameter. Possibly dragging. My question is why am I having problems no matter changing motor height, boat weight 2000lbs +/- loaded or light or different ocean conditions. I can’t seem to gain any or loose rpms. Why do you think this?

        If I go on your websites prop selector it doesn’t suggest a Enertia Eco for an express model boat. it suggests enertia, miarage plus, and rev4 not sure if that means anything. Not sure if it’s suggesting those because of the smaller diameter. Also my understanding is a rev4 19p would be about the same performance as Enertia Eco 17p but a little less fuel economy. Is this true? Do you think I need to have the props tested or go get them lab finished to see if that helps.
        Thanks Jason

        1. Jason,
          The Enertia ECO seems to be too big of wheel; not only in pitch but diameter. The ECO props run tall in pitch so if you can get your hands on a set of 17” pitch Enertia’s I think they will work better for your set up. The ECO was designed to one-up the Rev 4 and a 17” ECO is like a 18” Rev 4.

  15. I have a Sea Ray 270 SDX with a Verado 300 pro. Boat came with a 19 pitch Enertia prop. Top speed is around 49 at 6000 rpm. Hole shot is fine. Is there any advantage to switch to the Enertia eco or eco sr from the standard Enertia? Boat is a. 27′ long 5400 pound v hull.

    1. Paul,
      Your 270 SDX hitting 49 mph with the 300 Verado Pro is typically what’s expected. A friend of mine has the 270 SDX with the 350 Verado averaging 52 mph with the 4-blade Mercury Revolution 4 prop. I don’t think you’ll see any speed gain running the Eco or Rev 4 but I think you would pick up in mid-range fuel economy. If your interested in the Eco, plan to drop down to the 16.5” Eco XP or 17” Eco. The 16.5” Eco XP should offer a little added rpm; maybe 6100 to 6150. The 17” pitch Eco would be closer to 6000. The Rev 4 comes in 17” or 19” but the rpm will drop using the 19”. RPM will increase with the 17”. Both will average a 1 mph loss. The 18″ pitch Rev 4 XP is another option and this one might get you another mph on the top. Have fun.

      1. Scott
        270 sdx 300 Verado with 1.85 ratio.
        I added bottom paint to the boat and switched to the 17” Enertia Eco. The performance is strong and fuel burn seems reasonable. Cruise is at 3700 rpm, 26 mph and 9 gph. 4000 rpm gets me about 30 mph and 10.2 gph. WOT is 6300-6400 at 47-48 mph. Any suggestions or does that appear dialed in?

        One odd thing, at WOT the bow gets low and no amount of trim can bring it up. The prop will let loose if I over trim but it is still bow low. Is this a characteristic of the prop, or simply hull design?

        1. Paul,
          Given the bottom paint, it appears you’re doing pretty good. Stick with the ECO. It’s long exhaust tube, with a flare – offers a tremendous amount of stern lift.

  16. Scott,

    I have a 2012 Trition 240 LTS, with a 300 Verado Pro XS, The boat is equipped with a tee top, trolling motor, and radar. I still have the original Enteria Propeller installed on the motor. I have never been able to get the performance advertised, with that boat motor setup. My current top end (depending on water conditions) is between 47 to 49 MPH at 4,800 to 4,950 RPM. Also peak efficiency is about 2.6 MPG at around 4,500 RPM. Any recommendation on a new prop, that improve performance?

  17. Hi Scott,

    I’m going to be running an aluminum hull in the PNW waters. 33’x11” with twin 350 verados. 2019 boat custom made by coastal craft. Light is 12,000lbs heavy is 15,000.
    They’ve spec’d the boat with Enertia 14.5x17P
    I have requested to try the ECO 17P to compare.
    My target is 6200RPM but I’m now a little nervous the boat won’t spin those big wheels. Have you got any other suggestions for good fuel economy between 25-40mph?


    1. Paul,
      The ECO runs 2″ taller in pitch compared to the standard Enertia; it would be like running a 21″ pitch Enertia. You have a unique application. let’s look at using the slip calculator to see what we can learn; gear ratio is 1.75, estimated prop slip between 12 to 14% and your proposed speeds of 25-40 mph. I come up with 13″ pitch Enertia at 6200 rpm you could see 38 mph for top speed. Factoring in the 15,000 pounds you could look at 11″ pitch with top speeds of 32 mph. Really a tough call, proof is in the running. Good luck.

      1. Hi Scott,

        We ran the boat across the scales and came up at 17,650lbs full fuel and water! Wow! I will likely add another 1500lbs at the most ever to that weight for a total of 19-19,500.
        We ran the Enertia 17P and had these numbers:
        6150 WOT
        47.5 mph
        Best economical cruise was 32-38mph at 4600-5100rpm, 1.15-1.2mpg
        Then we ran the ECO 17p props:
        6000 WOT
        48.6 mph
        Best cruise was 30-40 mph at 4150-5000rpm, 1.25-1.35mpg

        I’d like to see 6200 rpm, what are your thoughts about moving to the Enertia ECO XP 16.5P??

        I am totally impressed with the performance of the boat. Although we lost a bit on the holeshot with the ECO’s, the economy at cruise was better and the cornering and smoothness of the boat was slightly better as well.

        1. Paul,

          For top speed and cruising, you are dialed in with the 17 pitch ECOs, I wouldn’t change a thing. By switching to the 16.5 ECO XP, you could expect to gain up to 100 RPM, the same top speed, and a small improvement in hole shot.


  18. Hello ,

    I own Boston outrage 320, and I just bought twin 350 Verado with rev4 19p.

    I would like to change these propellers for Enertia Eco, but I don’t want to lose top speed.

    Currently with 19p rev4s

    – around 5800-5900 rpm full trim

    – 53-55 mph at top speed

    Which pitch would you recommend for my future eco?

    1. Anthony,
      You’ll have to drop down to 18″ pitch ECO’s to achieve similar rpm as the 19″ pitch Rev 4 with a drop of 1 to 2 mph.

  19. Hi Scott,

    I have a 2018 25′ Shallow Sport X3 with a 350HP Verado. I’m currently running a PowerTech 14.5×18 4 blade. I can get up to 6200 rpms a little over trimmed, 6000 rpms with a good bite. Top speed is around 48mph. At 5000 rpms the boat runs around 35mph. I would like to gain a couple hundred rpms, and narrow the gap in mph and rpms. The boat could use more bow lift. What Eco prop would you recommend?

    1. Sean,

      On top end, that prop is working very well for you. For more bow lift and slightly increased RPM, consider the 17 pitch Tempest. I’m not sure the ECO would work for you because the huge diameter and long barrel do generate quite a bit of stern lift.


  20. Hello Nick,

    Just ordered both the eco 16×17 enertia eco and the 14×19 enertia. Will test them next week with my Yamaha dealer and his Yamaha props, as I’m a mercury prop fan. Details of the boat are scarce as its completely new. 3700 lbs 25 feet fully loaded with a Yamaha F150DETL . What can I expect and as there is not a lot of experience with this boat (Oudhuijzer 700). Thank you, regards from Holland. Ernst

    1. Ernst,

      I would stick with the standard Enertia, rather than the ECO. 19 pitch also sounds a bit high, I would think you’d be in the 15×15 range. Part number 898990A46.


  21. Great thx Nick

    I’ll test the Yamaha with the 19 only because its the smallest pitch they had available as a test prop. Will work from there. Will let you know what the outcome is next week. Regards. Ernst

  22. I just purchased a Parker 2300 Big Bay with tunnel hull. I’m in the process of purchasing a Mercury 400R. the hull weighs in at 2900 lbs. and the motor weighs in at 668. I would like to hear your comments on which propeller that you think I should start off with. Thanks

    1. So I am very new to the Mercury family having just repowered my 2200 Century walk around with a new Mercury 225 pro xs v8 with a 1.75 gear ratio. I am still in the prop trial period with the dealer. And I need to get it right. The best prop so far is the 16 x 17 eco and the holeshot and mid range are incredible. I top out at 47-48 mph at 5850 rpm trimmed to the max under medium load. The rpm range for this motor is 5600 to 6200 rpm. I feel this motor wants a little more top rpm to get to 6k and the 16.5 eco xp sounds like it would be ideal. Do you know what I could expect with an eco xp 16.5 pitch (rpm, speed, holeshot, etc).

      1. Brian,

        That sounds perfect. The 16.5 is virtually the same propeller as it is still a standard finish propeller. The only difference is blueprinted cup heights. RPM should increase 50 to 100, hole shot will be the same, might pick up 1 mph. You do not need to spin that motor out near 6200, if the 16.5 nets you over 5900 you will be good to go!


        1. Just for clarification on which part sounds perfect? Do you think I should just stick with the 17P or move down to the 16.5? Thanks!

          1. Brian,

            The 17 is great and will work fine, the 16.5 will be a small improvement. Up to you, and what the dealer is willing to give you a deal on.


        2. So I got the eco xp 16.5 and I feel I went backwards on rpm, again with a relatively light load. I was at around 5700 rpm trimmed way, way, way out and I got 47mph. Hole and mid are still very good. I have a 22 walkaround that weighs in around 5200 lbs loaded. I’m still (hopefully) working with the dealer on props, but what are your thoughts on these numbers? Before I begin to trim, I get 5200 rpm wot, 5700 trimmed. Motor is 2020 Mercury 225 pro xs v8. I like everything about the prop performance except the upper end struggle. Am i missing something? Should I look at something else? Is this prop fine? Help!


          1. Brian,

            Very surprising you lost RPM, the original 17 pitch you tested must have been low in cup from the factory. What you do next is up to personal preference. I don’t think you will be able to beat the mid range cruise of the 17 or 16.5, and you will need to switch propeller families if you want to gain RPM on top end. That being said, your next option would be the 16 pitch Rev 4 XP. That should net you around 200 RPM.


  23. I have a Black Jack 224 bay boat with a 300 hp Suzuki on it. The gear ratio is 2.08 with an rpm range of 5700 -6300.
    Currently I am running a Bravo FS 1 prop with a 26 inch pitch.
    Top speed is 61 mph at 6200 rpm
    Cruising speed is 45 mph with 3.2 mpg
    Does mercury have a prop that could improve these numbers?
    Would an enertia eco or xp prop be a better prop ie 16 ×23 pitch?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Joe,

      Top end speed is right on the money for the Bravo FS. If you are looking for better cruise efficiency, however, I do think the Enertia ECO would help. 23 pitch is as high as they go in pitch so you may hit the rev limiter on top end.


  24. looking for recommendations , I have a 1999 Donzi 28 ZX with twin 350 merc mag engines , using 23 pitch props. Which eco props could I buy in order to keep performance and be more efficient on gas ?

    1. Claude,

      I’d recommend going with the Bravo I FS for a sterndrive application. Do you have Mirage props currently?


  25. 78 Mako 20 running a 96 225 efi 3.0 outboard. I have the ECO 16.5 and hitting 6500RPM. need to get them down to 5800. Top speed is about 48 at 6000. What pitch should I move up to get the rpms down and the best mpg cruise. Top speed is not important as cruise and takeoff.

    1. Robert,

      The 19.5 pitch should get you down to 6000 RPM. I think that would be the best of both worlds, any taller and you will be significantly slower on hole shot.


  26. 34ft RIB running two mercury 4.5 250hp V6 sterndrives Bravo 1 gear ratio 1.65.

    Mirage Plus 17”
    40kn @5150 WOT and 31kn @4000.

    Rev 4 17”
    41kn @5000 WOT and 29,5kn @4000 -80lt/hr.

    Enertia ECO 18”
    43kn @4800 WOT and 33kn @4000.

    I want to be able to reach near the maximum rpm (4800-5200) and have the best cruising speed and lowest consumption.

    Should I go with REV 4 XP 17” or Enertia ECO XP 16.5” or something else?

    1. Dimitris,

      I think you are spot on with the 16.5 ECO. You should gain 200 RPM over the 18 pitch, and have the best fuel economy of any of the props.


  27. I have a 22″ centerconsole transom angle 17, weight 3000lbs with gear.
    Motor Yamaha F150 turning reliance SDS 18″ and wot 5600, 40mph on full out trim, slip 16%. Engine is lift 2 Holes up. At wot still bow little bit down.
    So i need a prop with more bow lift and better fuel economy than reliance. What about Enertia eco 17″, would it fit (diameter 16″) my yammi?
    I have tested michigan wheel with pressed hub, and it did not work in yammi. Shifting was very bad, always over shifts from forward to back, not getting neutral ever.
    So the hub should be something like yammi SDS, it should flex in shifting.

    1. Juhani,

      Consider an 18 pitch Rev 4 XP. It offers good bow lift for center consoles and great top end speed. You will want the FLO TORQ IV Yamaha hub kit.


  28. Hi Nick,

    I just bought a 33′ Hydrasports Vecter CC with triple 275 Verados. The boat weighs 8700 lbs dry and ~11,000 lbs with outboard weight and just under 14,000 fully loaded with fuel.

    The boat presently has 19p Mirage Plus and we are seeing about .8-.9 mpg when we have slight chop head seas and 1.0-1.1 after burning off 1,000 lbs of fuel and heading in with calm seas.

    Will the Enertial Eco help with our fuel economy, what pitch do you recommend?

    My center engine is burning about .8 gal/hr less than the port and starboard engines. I think the prop diameter is smaller as it looks like it has been reconditioned compared to my port and starboard props. I swapped the props and have confirmed the fuel burn delta follows the prop.

    I am looking to replace my middle prop or buying new props and curious on what you recommend and where to start. We travel 130 miles to reach the canyons so fuel economy is top of mind.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Norm,

      Yes the Enertia ECOs should be a great fit. What are you seeing for RPM at wide open? That will help with a pitch recommendation.


  29. I am getting 5600 rpm for WOT. Looks like I am presently over pitched. Let me know where I should look at for pitch for the Eco.


  30. I have contender 32st with ss 15×21 on Yamaha 300’s, with little trim rpm is 5500 55-56 mph and I have to trim way up to get close to 6000 and running 60-62 depending on conditions. Cruise is 4000-40mph 1.5-1.6mpg, speed follows rpm close.i was wondering if the eco 19.5 would get me same top rpm without having to trim so high and still be close on cruise efficiency. I want to cruise with the trim not so high so transducer, which is mounted before front step, will Stay in water. The mpg I’m getting now is trimmed to high for transducer to read, any suggestions will be appreciated. Also wondering how the eco performs around dock and in reverse, we anchor via helmaster so that could change how boat holds its position. Thanks

    1. Trevor,

      I think your goals will be fighting each other here. The ECOs will provide improved fuel economy, but they do so by providing a ton of lift. You will not need to trim the engines as much but the hull will still be dry where you would like it to be wet for the transducer.


  31. I repowered a 2000 Boston Whaler Dauntless 220 (with T-Top) with a Mercury four stroke 225 pro XS (XL shaft). The dealer tried the boat with an Enertia 14.7 X 16 and ran 44 mph at 5900 rpm. Would this be a good prop to purchase or do you have another recommendation?

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