Pump Gas Rules at LOTO!

First, the shootout format (for those who are unaware): Enter the one mile course at 40 mph. At the drop of a green flag, accelerate as fast as possible to the highest speed you can reach by the radar gun one mile away. Sounds simple.

Hats off to Canadian, William Tomlinson, and his 6,000 hp 50 ft Mystic turbine powered catamaran – with the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout top speed of 208 mph! Whew!!! William wins the patience contest, too, with two very clean runs…that did not trip the radar guns. That had to be frustrating. Chip Romer performed flawlessly in his 388 Skater at 191 mph. Nice driving!

Port 1350 engine in Bob’s pleasure 48 MTI.
Bob Bull’s 48 MTI exits at 175 mph. Top gun – if there were a class for pump gas!

However, the pump gas shootout was between American, Bob Bull, and Norwegian, Tor Staubo. Both ran 48 MTI cats (Bob had two at the event!) with twin 1350 hp Mercury Racing turbocharged engines. And both came fully armed with professionals along side: Bob carried Randy Scism, owner of MTI. Tor enlisted another world champion, Johny Tomlinson, for the sticks.

Tor claims 40 to 172 mph in 33 seconds in this new 48 MTI – just 3 mph below Bull.
Tor’s “Gasse” in for a prop change.

Bob finished the 2-day event with a top speed best of 175 mph through the traps at LOTO with his “#3” race MTI. Tor’s best was not far off at 172 mph (in-boat video) with his brand new race 48 MTI, “#8 Gasse.”  Tor recorded 40 to 172 mph in 33 seconds! According to Johnny, the duo put on over 450 miles on Tor’s newly delivered MTI (interview) in the two days prior to the shootout. “Tor wouldn’t stop until he ran out of gas.” (Video links courtesy of MTI.) Bob’s pleasure 48 MTI ran 166 mph.

No race gas jerry cans for 1350 power. Just pump.

The only 1100 hp Mercury Racing powered participant was Jimmy Jackson in his newly repowered 44 MTI. Jimmy tripped the radar gun at 146 mph on 89 octane gasoline!

Jimmy Jackson posted a 146 mph best in his 44 MTI with 1100 QC4v’s on 89 octane gas!

Those are the numbers. What you had to see in person was the dock-side manners of these great machines. They all idle and shift in true luxury fashion. It is a great two days of competition when the hatches go up only to show off the hardware. The good photos are courtesy of professional photographer, Robert Brown. Kevin Skiba and I hacked up the rest. Enjoy!

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