Patrol Master

The EPA Certified DSI outboard was developed to serve the light duty commercial patrol boat market.
The EPA certified DSI (Diesel Spark Ignition) was developed to serve the light duty commercial patrol boat market.

We have a rich history of engineering innovative product solutions for specialized government and military applications.  New for 2016, commercial and military patrol boat applications will have another power option; the all-new EPA Certified DSI (Diesel Spark Ignition) Outboard.

The new DSI engine joins the U.S. Department of Defense spec diesel outboard we released in May 2015. Both models feature our exclusive spark ignition, direct fuel injected 2-stroke technology which enables them to run on readily available ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

The Diesel Spark Ignition outboard is is designed, developed and produced exclusively by Mercury Racing.

The 3.0 Liter V-6 diesels, which produce 175 propshaft horsepower, share 95 percent of their components with the gasoline 2-stroke Mercury engine from which they were derived. And, with only a handful of unique parts, there are minimal additional training requirements necessary for maintenance.





Industry Exclusive Direct Fuel Injected – Spark Ignition Diesel

Cyl Head Cross Section
Industry exclusive spark ignition diesel engine. Glow plug ensures consistent, reliable cold starting.

A two-stage, direct-injection system uses a small charge of compressed air to finely atomize the diesel fuel as it injects into the combustion chamber. Atomizing the fuel into a fine mist allows for ignition via spark to occur, while delivering enhanced high rpm running quality.

DSI models come with a 25″(635 mm) center section and the 2:1 Fleet Master gearcase in both right-hand and left-hand rotation.

A glow plug works in concert with the spark plug for improved cold weather starting and idle quality. An on-board Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor optimizes fuel and spark timing for improved running quality and performance throughout the engine’s operating range. SmartCraft® Engine Guardian provides real-time, self-protecting engine fault diagnostics and messaging.

Race Derived Powerhead

The advanced 3.0-liter powerhead, customized with a unique cylinder head designed specifically for combusting diesel fuel, is matched with high performance cylinder liners for maximum horsepower and optimal engine running quality.

 Race Inspired Graphics

Bold new graphics promote the 2-stroke Diesel Spark Ignition engine technology.

Bold new DSI graphics, accented by the new Racing word mark, tout the industry exclusive spark ignition diesel technology.

Mercury Racing DSI outboards are available with a 25-inch (635 mm) center section and the 2:1 Fleet Master gearcase in both right-hand and left-hand rotation.

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7 thoughts on “Patrol Master”

  1. How would a pair of these engines fair on a commercial push boat transporting barges approx. 60′ in length with 50 tons of equipment on them? (i.e. How’s the reverse?)

    1. Hi Bill.
      the DSI outboard is designed for light duty military and commercial applications. It is a low-emissions 2-stroke diesel and thus isn’t designed for the application you are referring to.

    1. Hello Thomas:
      Model codes for the Military DSI outboards are as follows:
      19DF48KJH – 25″ Right-Hand Rotation
      19DF48LJH – 25″ Left -Hand Rotation


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