On The Road Again

The Mercury Racing truck is back on the road! Dave Vehrs, one of our drive technicians who has extensive over the road trucking experience,  is the driver. Dave left Fond du Lac Sunday. His destination? Lake Havasu City, Arizona for the Lake Havasu Boat Show, April 8-10 and the Desert Storm Poker Run, April 27-30.

Dave Vehrs stands next to the cab of the Mercury Racing mobile marketing truck.
For those that follow us – the message is clear: The Race Never Stops!

Dave plans to arrive in Lake Havasu early Wednesday afternoon.  This will provide plenty of time to get the truck washed and prepped for the boat show on Friday. Kevin Skiba, our National Sales Manager, will help Dave prep the truck. Fred Kiekhaefer commented, “This may be the first time Kevin has been allowed to hold a sponge!” Dave is flying back to get back to building drives. Kevin is staying on to represent Mercury Racing at the show.

Mobile Marketing

Those familiar with the truck will notice some subtle differences. The mission of the truck has changed from “product support” to “mobile marketing.” The graphics have been updated to showcase our latest consumer products; The QC4v based 1350 and 1100 sterndrive engine packages and our Pro Finish CNC 5-blade cleaver props.

The Mercury Racing mobile marketing truck features a larger-than-life image of the 1350 sterndrive engine package.
The tractor features images of the Pro Finish 5-Blade CNC Cleaver propeller.

I helped drive the race support semi when I first started at Racing over twenty years ago. It’s hard to believe its been that long. One of the most common question we would get over the CB radio back then was, “what kind of car you haulin?”  We think the recent graphic updates, with larger-than-life prop and engine images, sends a clear message this Mercury Racing is all about high performance marine propulsion.

So, what’s inside? For this trip, we’ve loaded the truck with the 1100 display engine featuring the NXT6 SSM drive. We also have a 525 EFI on board featuring a Bravo One XR ITS drive package and Stage 1 X-haust noise reduction system. We were also able to include an accessories display featuring the new Zero Effort Digital controls, Digital 280S K-Plane trim tab, a MercMonitor Eco-Screen with simulated screens displayed on a Garmin ChartPlotter and a selection of Mercury Racing outboard and sterndrive propellers.

The truck will stay in Havasu in a secure location until the Desert Storm street party, Thursday, April 28. For those going to the boat show this this weekend, enjoy! For those heading to Desert Storm – we hope you like the sneak peak at what you’ll see from Mercury Racing.

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