Happy Holidays!

Clearly, we put the gifts into the engine, not into (nor under) the tree.
All dressed up for Santa’s night out. Sorry, Rudolph; a few rain deer are no match for 1,350 big horses.

Carol and I just returned from our ski vacation at the winter wonderland of Vail, CO — and look what I discovered: Somebody’s going to have a very torqued-up gift set under the tree!

You know who you are ;~)

Best Holiday wishes to you…

…from all of us at Mercury Racing!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. “Happy Holidays” would have been an EPA announcement to stop the stupidity of disallowing the sale of the 2.5 ROS to US consumers…… we can import all kinds of products from foreign lands on ships that burn 100+ gallons of diesel per mile, but we cannot allow the production of and sale to US consumers of a few hundred copies of the finest racing engine ever built….

  2. Overkill, to be sure. One synchronized traffic light would save more exhaust gas emissions than those of all the ROS engines we’ve ever produced. Regulations are not always rational, but they are real. We must do our part. We do want a clean environment in which to boat. While race engines are exempt, the definition excludes ROS because (unlike F-1 tunnel boat engines) they can be fitted to and used with recreational boats.

    The unfortunate consequence is the end of most traditional outboard products from Mercury Racing, fewer customers. and lost American jobs. Our OptiMax engines have preserved some of the excitement, but the high performance 2-stroke EFI market is shrinking; the 2-stroke carb market is gone.

    1. Dear Mr. Kiekhaefer,

      Thanks very much for your comments! At least there will be A LOT of excitement in my boating life for a while to come, having acquired last year one of the last remaining new 2.5 EFI Sport motors! Sure would have liked to complement it with a new 2.5 EFI SS down the road, though!


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