Halloween Party at Dave’s!

Dyno technician, Dave Dins, awards an A+. The second 1350 for DCB is ready to exit Cell 5.

Just in time for a Halloween party at Dave’s Custom Boats! The first pair of Mercury Racing 1350s for DCB passed their dyno tests and final inspections – and shipped October 27 for California!

These are big muscles for a black tom cat: both pulled strong to just north of 1,370 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm and up to 5,250 rpm – and held it through a grueling heat soak cycle. Sounds harsh, and it is, but this is just a normal day for a production engine expecting to leave Mercury Racing for a new home.

Every recreational and racing engine is run through a test sequence on one of our dynamometers. Each engine, from 525 to 1350, must pass both torque and power standards on a boat load simulation. Dave’s newest engines did so with a smile and style.

The 1350 carbon front cover sports a distinctive DCB logo. The cam chain cover gets a “two star” emissions badge.
My personal note to a DCB owner and a secret signature.

Finished in stunning Bling-Bling Black metallic, Super Silver and menacing carbon fiber, one of the pair sparkled beautifully (albeit briefly) in Wisconsin sunshine. (It was cloudy again by the time the second engine was delivered to our Shipping Department. Our weather has been very windy and mostly wet here this week.) Then Matt Merwin and Brian Sabel, covered the 1350s in informative tags and stickers, wrapped them in protective bagging, loaded the accessories and fluids and boxed ‘em to go! Road trip!

Foam air intakes are fitted to the turbos for rigging and initial boat testing. They’re bagged to keep out dirt and debris. Another poly bag over the engine reduces dust from transport.

Dave Hemmingson tells me these are slated for a 31M DCB Widebody. That will be one mean, stray cat when it’s on the prowl.

Mike Griffiths, one of Mercury Racing’s installation specialists, will join Dave and his artisans at DCB in El Cajon, California. The agenda is T.E.A.M. certification with the 1350s.

Brian and Matt add rigging components and carbon fiber air intakes to the pallet before the final crate tops the skid.

Only boat builders who have agreed to earn Total Engine Application Management certification – by learning the unique requirements for our technical marvel – are able to purchase our quad cam, four valve engines and M8 sterndrives. It should be straight-forward for the folks at DCB. They’re good students and, once they know the specifications, their rigging is as good as it gets.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Party at Dave’s!”

  1. We were just looking at the photos of the 31M and the M35-S, both stunning boats in their own right. These new Mercury Racing motors push innovation and engineering, good to see where the future is going.

    1. Thanks. These two DCB models run exceptionally well with the QC4v engines and M8 drives. They’re even more spectacular in real life. Both boats have been featured in several videos – most recently the M35 at Lake Havasu with John Tomlinson driving and Dave Hemmingson navigating the Desert Storm Poker Run. Next best thing to being in the boat.

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