A Nordic New Year!

Super Silver, more Super Silver and Carbon: what a look!

Dressing up for New Year’s Eve? In the first ever pair in our Super Silver color option, the QC4v block and cam covers look all formal and serious (but no bow ties, just flowing Ms) for the dawn of 2011. These stunning appointments for Nordic will not only look sharp, contrasted with rich carbon fiber, but also pack some wallop!

Dave Dins at the controls for another 1350 dyno dance. What a sweet sound!

Like every Mercury Racing engine, these 1350s for Nordic must first pass the final dyno break-in and power run before they board the truck for Lake Havasu City. And they did. Once again, in excess of 1350 lb-ft of torque!

Sleek in silver, these matching M8 drives await shipping to Arizona. The Zeus pod drives in the background look industrial by comparison. Everything built at Mercury Racing is big and strong!

Also ready to ship are matching M8 sterndrives, likewise in Super Silver. I can’t wait to see the final installation. The color scheme will certainly be classy. I’m sure Randy Davis, the owner of Nordic Boats, is a bit impatient — knowing his 1350s are just being built.

Happy New Year, Randy! Your wait is over. You too can leave ‘em speechless.

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2 thoughts on “A Nordic New Year!”

  1. There is no question these are some awesome engines and drives but what happened to outboards?

    being a life long Merc outboard fan there just doesn’t seem to be much going on. There are no lightweight screamers like what helped make Merc so dominant back in the day.

    1. Thanks to requirements from our friends in Washington and California, Mercury Racing (and our parent, Mercury) changed outboard focus to OptiMax direct injected two-strokes and Verado four-strokes. Exhaust emissions are the new reality; we have no choice. We cannot comply with US law using light, simple EFI two-strokes.

      That said, we’ve produced some amazing, emissions compliant outboards: the 200XS makes a very aggressive tunnel boat engine – it’s not an F-1, but it is much more reliable and cleaner. We made some very high performance 150, 175 and 200 OptiMax engines on 15 inch housings, but sold too few to justify keeping them in the offering. (Lost money on that line-up! Not good for staying in business.) All the highly successful ProXS OptiMax engines were derived from Mercury Racing XS’s. The 350SCi Verado is a powerhouse, but too heavy for anything but offshore center consoles, bay boats and higher-flotation flats boats.

      These are great engines, but they are not the light, screaming two-strokes of our youth. Those are gone. (Talk about timing: my pc screen saver just popped up with a picture of my dog and me, boating in 1957, with a screaming two-stroke! Andrew, I guess we’re left with good memories and future challenges.)

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