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Bass Boats Rage with Mercury Racing 300HP CNC Cleaver Prop

This is how Mercury Racing puts power to the water. Two recent test sessions with high-performance bass boats powered by the Mercury Racing 300R outboard demonstrate the performance potential of the new Mercury Racing 300HP 5-Blade CNC Cleaver propeller.

Working with Fastbass Marine LLC, of Grand Rivers, Kentucky., Mercury Racing engineers tested the two-seat Allison Pro Sport powered by the 300R outboard rigged with a 15 x 32/15-degree 300HP CNC Cleaver prop and posted a top speed of 108 mph at the 6400 RPM. That’s a new speed record for this 21-foot 2-inch, 1,300 boat model, according to Fastbass Marine.

“They were on the rev limiter and testing in 95-degree heat and warm water,” said Mercury Racing propeller specialist Nick Petersen. “With a taller-pitch prop and cooler weather Mercury Racing feels this will be a 110-mph package. This same boat model would run 100 mph with a 300XS, so this is a great demonstration of both the power of the new Mercury Racing 300R outboard and the technology of the 300HP CNC Cleaver prop.”