Bravo I® FS

The new pitch offerings expand the popular Bravo I FS range – providing precision tuned performance for single engine OptiMax and Verado applications.

Photo of Bravo I® FS

The new pitch offerings expand the popular Bravo I FS range – providing precision tuned performance for single engine OptiMax and Verado applications.

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Brian’s FS Experience

Brian Huinker called me recently for prop advice on a boat he and his nephew bought together. Brian is a Technical Application Manager for Mercury Marine. Brian and his nephew Mike Huinker bought an Alumacraft Trophy 195 with a 200 Pro Verado. With his work - Brian travels with an assortment of tools and props to assist dealers and builders in their …

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FS Miller

My good friend Steve Miller recently bought a 2014 Lund Pro-V 2075. Steve is the Senior Category Manager for Mercury Marine. He was heavily involved with the Verado from day one and also on the ground floor of the 150 Fourstroke launch as well as the launch of its 75-115 siblings. He knows the products - inside and out. Its …

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Bravo I FS Performance Update

I just received this fantastic video from professional Musky angler Jim Saric - the Musky Hunter.  My friend Steve Miller followed up with Jim a year after first loaning him a 22" Bravo I FS for his Verado Pro 250 powered Ranger 620VS. We could not have asked for better testimonial. Others have shared similar results with the FS in …

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Bravo for Go Fast Charters

It's been a year since we introduced the Bravo I FS outboard propeller. It was originally developed for single engine four stroke outboard applications. We'll, it didn't take long for the word to spread regarding the prop's performance. Folks running multiple four stroke outboard rigs started asking for right and left-hand rotation sets of the popular prop. Being the conservative person …

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FS Deck Boat

I just got some great news from Mike Griffiths - our resident product integration expert. Mike has been helping me dial-in an assortment of props for various applications. Mike and I tested props with anglers during Mercury's National Walleye Tournament in Fond du Lac earlier this summer. Mike claims he is not an outboard guy, but you would never know …

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Bravo I FS Performance Update

Man - I love this time of year. Things are humming here at Mercury Racing. In fact - I'm so jammed - I really shouldn't be taking the time to write this. I just couldn't wait to share the latest news regarding our Bravo I FS propeller. I recently provided  22-24" pitch FS wheels to Josh Wiesner who owns The Boat …

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Musky Hunter

At Mercury Racing we're really pumped with the performance of our new Bravo I FS props. With some help from my angling friends, the application of the Bravo sterndrive prop on four stroke outboards was an instant success. We first focused on the single engine applications. Long time friend and coworker Steve Miller, Senior Category Manager for Mercury, recently fished with …

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Bravo I FS

I can't wait for the 2012 Miami Boat Show. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and talking props with boaters, boat builders, dealers, consumers and racers. We're geared up to have another big show. Fred Kiekhaefer has another exciting new product to unveil and I have a couple of new things to show as well. In fact, I just …

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  • Versatile

    Fit for use on a variety of 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboards and MerCruiser sterndrive applications.

  • Fine-Tuned

    Mercury Performance Vent System (PVS) enables the operator to dial-in their propeller for peak performance.

  • Hand Crafted

    Highly skilled craftsmen puts their finishing touch on every propeller.

  • Efficient

    Provides enhanced bow lift for boats loaded with gear for maximum efficiency.


  • Pitch20”, 20.5", 21”, 21.5", 22”, 22.5", 23”, 24”, 24.5", 25”, 25.5", 26”, 26.5", 27”, 28”, 28.5", 29”, 30”, 31”, 32" and 33"
  • RotationRH & LH
  • FinishPro Finish
  • Diameter15.25"

The Mercury® patented Performance Vent System® (PVS) enables operators to dial-in their propeller for peak planing performance. The PVS® system works in concert with robust blades that are hand blended and balanced by our propeller lab artisans. The tuned exhaust tube minimizes stern lift for enhanced bow lift, handling and overall boat performance.

A majority of Mercury Verado®, Mercury Pro FourStroke and MerCruiser® sterndrive applications will use the Bravo I FS with all four vent holes plugged with solid PVS fittings. Larger, heavier multiple engine applications may benefit by taking one or two fittings out for improved planing.

The Bravo I FS may be used with multiple OptiMax® outboard applications as well. A majority of those will use the Bravo I FS with all four vent holes opened for improved planing performance.
To maintain similar engine operating rpm in single engine applications, switching from a Tempest® Plus to the Bravo I FS would require a 1” increase in pitch. A switch from the Fury® and Revolution 4® to the Bravo I FS would require a 2” increase in pitch.


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