The new standard in performance Verado 400R

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Sterndrives Sterndrives

Creating distance. It’s what Mercury Racing sterndrives are known for. Whether it’s widening the gap between us and the competition in the water or the test lab, we think in terms of separation. Power, performance, reliability, efficiency or fun…it doesn’t matter. We won’t rest until we’re comfortably out front. And then, we won’t look back.

Outboards Outboards

How do you improve in a category that’s already fiercely strong? By creating new levels of performance, efficiency and reliability. Our line of outboards springs from a heritage of uncompromising breakthroughs. We continue to set the bar ridiculously high. Because you want it. Because we demand it.

Automotive Automotive

Building on years of experience in the high-performance marine industry, Mercury Racing has developed a family of automotive crate engines for a variety of applications.  While this isn’t our first automotive venture, it is sure to make a statement.

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