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Aussie Assault!

Wayne Mawer cinches the 2013 Mens Open World Championship.

Wayne Mawer cinches the 2013 Men’s Open World Championship. Photo credit: Bill Lacroix Pictures.

When I posted this on our Facebook page the first comment was, where's the skier?

When I posted this on our Facebook page the first comment was, where’s the skier? Photo Credit: Vanessa Eyles – Cyclonic Images.

Give it up for the Australians and their total domination of the 2013 Water Ski Racing World Championships! The event, held in Tenerife, Spain, concluded Sunday after four rounds of racing. Mercury Racing propulsion was the power in front of all six class world champions. As you can see, conditions were more ideal for an offshore race than ski racing.

To me – running a 21 foot boat with a QC4v 1350 stuffed between the stringers would be a handful. Racing it would another thing all together.

Trudi Stout's 1350 powered boat was hullin the mail! Photo credit: Billy LaCroix Pictures.

Trudi Stout’s 1075 SCi powered boat was haulin’ the mail! Photo credit: Billy Lacroix Pictures.

Women's Open World Champ Trudi Stout.  Photo credit: Billy LaCroix Pictures.

Women’s Open World Champ Trudi Stout. Photo credit: Billy Lacroix Pictures.

But to ski behind that? No thanks. I can’t imagine going as fast as they do on calm water. Ski racing in big water where your tow boat is periodically airborne? Forget about it! That takes some serious skill, stamina and pure guts!

Guy Williamson, our Service Director in Australia sent me an e-mail with the outstanding results. Read the rest of this entry »


Bravo on the Bayou

Mercury Marine reps celebrate another BASS Classic victory. (L-R) Scott Reichow, Kevin "KB" Brown, Mike Shedivy, Randy Qualls (Legend Boats), Chris Lane (2012 Classic Winner), Michelle Kilburn, Steve Miller

The Pro Finish Bravo I XS outboard propeller features a tuned exhaust tube with large one-inch vent holes for enhanced 2-stroke outboard performance.

I’m fortunate to annually represent Mercury Racing at the Bass Master Classic in the Mercury booth. This year, a fisherman named Rick asked me if there was a Mercury prop that would work for him. He had recently purchased a 2012 Triton 19XS powered by an OptiMax Pro XS 200. Rick was frustrated with the performance. The sharp turns and switchbacks on the Bayou where he runs were causing his propeller to break loose. This forced him to back off the throttle, causing the boat to lose speed and drop off plane. Rick had contacted his Triton representative regarding the issue. Although they discussed various options, the rep suggested Rick continue using a three blade prop.

The performance facts that I gathered in our conversation pointed me to a Bravo I XS. I told Rick the prop is designed specifically for low-emissions 2-stroke OptiMax outboards. Rick responded, “Isn’t Bravo I a sterndrive prop?” Read the rest of this entry »


Bravo I FS

Big four strokes are back as a viable power option for bass boats.

The new Pro Finish Bravo I FS prop was developed for four stroke outboard applications.

I can’t wait for the 2012 Miami Boat Show. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and talking props with boaters, boat builders, dealers, consumers and racers. We’re geared up to have another big show. Fred Kiekhaefer has another exciting new product to unveil and I have a couple of new things to show as well. In fact, I just couldn’t wait any longer to talk about our new outboard prop.

You may recall my post regarding the Bravo I XS. We took the proven Bravo One sterndrive prop, added big one-inch vent holes in the hub and did some other tweaks to make it a big performer on low-emissions OptiMax outboards. Read the rest of this entry »

Clean Power for Future Champions

The low-emissions Mercury 60 EFI FormulaRace outboard is featured in UIM F-4S racing. Photo credit: Hartmut Knape.

Mercury made history with the 1997 debut of low-emissions engines at the 24 Hours of Rouen endurance race.

We are pleased to have been awarded the 2011 Environmental Award for Economic Feasibility and Sustainability by the Union International Motonautique (UIM). The award nominations were announced January 21 during the UIM press conference at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. We were one of four companies recognized for our proactive efforts in protecting the marine environment. Mercury Racing received a special mention for our development and production of low-emissions engines for the greening of outboard powerboat racing worldwide.

Mercury customers, myself included, want to boat on clean water and in a healthy environment. Mercury Racing showcases our environmentally responsible technologies through powerboat racing and performance boating,” said Mercury Racing President, Fred Kiekhaefer.

Nico Bauduin addresses the media during the UIM press conference in Dusseldorf. Photo credit: Arek Rejs.

The GT30 class boat features a low-emissions Mercury four stroke outboard. Photo credit: Arek Rejs.

Nico Bauduin, responsible for Mercury outboard sales in Europe and the Middle East, represented us in Dusseldorf. “Mercury has worked hard over the past few years to bring industry leading emissions compliant technology to outboard powerboat racing. We’re proud of our racing heritage. We are equally excited to be working with the UIM in the development of low-emissions entry level classes for the next generation of racing champions.”

Nico was referring to the UIM’s new Youth Development Program.  The powerboat racing training program is designed to encourage youth, starting at the age of 10, to get involved in the sport of powerboat racing. The program features two classes; GT15 and GT30. Both feature a 12-1/2 foot vee-bottom hull powered by a low-emissions Mercury four stroke outboard. The GT30 boats are capable of reaching speeds up to 62 mph.

UIM President - Dr. Raffaele Chiulli (L) discusses the future of powerboat racing with Nico Bauduin. Photo credit: Arek Rejs.

Nico poses for the camera while future GT30 racer Tobias Komm takes the wheel. Photo credit: Arek Rejs.

UIM president Dr. Raffaele Chiulli said, “There are lots of talented young drivers and we want to provide an opportunity for them to participate in the sport by sponsoring these boats. Also, safety took top priority when the boats were being built.”

The UIM plans to take the boats to various races and power boating events around the world for a multicultural exchange with children from every member nation of the UIM. Tobias Komm is one of the drivers to sign up for the program. The 20-year old from Dinslaken, Germany will enter his first GT30 race in April.

We admire the UIM for their commitment in the future of powerboat racing. We’re proud to be the power behind the Youth Development Program and future UIM champions.











Building a Batch of Champions

Mike Hammer (background) rolls a batch of OptiMax 200XS powerheads to the dyno. Powerheads are broke-in and race ready when they leave our facility.

Gary Aman mounts a Sport Master gearcase to a 200XS ROS mid section.

Outboards. Outboards. Outboards everywhere! Mercury Racing’s factory floor is a buzz of activity. We’re busy with a large build of low-emissions 2-stroke OptiMax 200XS SST (Super Stock Tunnel) and ROS (Race Offshore) outboards. A majority of the direct-fuel injected engines are headed to Europe for race venues in Sweden, Italy and France.

Complete engines and conversion kits are being built. The conversion kits, which include a powerhead, tuner, cowlings and gearcase, are a one-time offer for the 2011 season. The SST and ROS kits are available to racers who want to upgrade from older, naturally aspirated, 2.0 liter SST 120 and XR2 Race Offshore engines.

OptiMax 200XS ROS race outboard.

OptiMax 200XS SST race outboard.

Both SST and ROS end models feature a 2.5 Liter V-6 OptiMax powerhead which combines components from the OptiMax 2.5XS and the  Mercury Racing engineered 175 Pro XS outboard.

The 200XS SST features a 12-inch race mid section and a unique IV SSM gearcase which switches the right-hand engine rotation to a left-hand propeller shaft rotation. This is required for the hard, left-hand turns of tunnel boat race courses.

The 200XS ROS features a 15-inch mid section and a 1.75:1 Sport Master gearcase. Models are available in both right-hand and left-hand rotation for multiple engine applications. Read the rest of this entry »


Application Dependant – Part 2

Outboards for larger single and multiple engine boats (continued from Application Dependant – Part 1)

In my previous blog, I focused on smaller, single engine outboard applications where power-to-weight is a very important factor.  Here, I will discuss larger, single and multi-engine fishing and sport boats.

OptiMax 300XS powered Lake & Bay flats boat.

Triple Verado 350 SCi powered Fountain 38 Center Console.

Let’s start with the larger single engine boats. If you are rigging a flats or bay boat and intend to use it to pursue fish – an OptiMax works just fine. If you plan on getting a family sport boat for tubing/wake boarding or water skiing, the OptiMax is also an excellent choice. Those who prefer ultra quiet running qualities, with the creature comforts of digital throttle and shift and power steering, should go with a Verado or Pro FourStroke.

Read the rest of this entry »


Application Dependant – Part 1

 Its boat show season and one of the most common questions we get from consumers is what type of engine is best for their boat. These questions are mainly in regard to outboards versus sterndrives or inboards. Not sure why – although I can take a guess and say it is due to the large variety of outboard options out there. Choices include two stroke or four stroke, various shaft lengths and gearcase styles available from numerous brand manufacturers. Various price promotions, extended warranties and insurance add to the complexity.

OptiMax 300XS outboard powered Hydrostream sport boat.

Mercury Marine offers outboard power options for virtually any applicaton.

It all boils down to application. What is your boating style? Tournament bass fishing, recreational bass, flats, bay boat fishing, go fast sport boating, poker running, tournament offshore angling, cruising, etc. Another question; what size boat are you looking at and who will be along for the ride? Read the rest of this entry »