Bravo I FS Performance Update

The Bravo I FS propeller features Mercury's patented Performance Vent System (PVS).

The Bravo I FS propeller features Mercury’s patented Performance Vent System (PVS).

I just received this fantastic video from professional Musky angler Jim Saric – the Musky Hunter.  My friend Steve Miller followed up with Jim a year after first loaning him a 22″ Bravo I FS for his Verado Pro 250 powered Ranger 620VS. We could not have asked for better testimonial. Others have shared similar results with the FS in a variety of outboard applications, including bass, flats, cat flats, bay boats, offshore center consoles as well as sterndrive deck boats and vee bottoms under medium to heavy load. We’ve recently  added 20″ and 21″ pitch sizes and the patented Mercury Performance Vent System (PVS) across the Bravo I FS prop line.

Video courtesy of Jim Saric – The Musky Hunter Television Show.

Good stuff, Jim. Enjoy the prop!









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4 Responses to “Bravo I FS Performance Update”

  1. CHRIS says:

    Would like to know what prop will work best for a 38 ft fountain with trip 300 verados want speed and better fuel economy enertia ???

    • Scott Reichow says:

      Stay with either the Lab Bravo I 4 blade or the new Bravo I FS. The Eco has its place – but with your style of boat you would have to step down too low in pitch to generate the necessary rpm for your motors.

  2. Hank says:


    I am currently running a Powertech OFX 3 23 on a 2300 Pathfinder W/F300 Yammah (step hull). I’m getting about 5700 RPM at WOT with a medium load. I am not getting much bow lift out of the setup. What prop would you recommend?

    • Scott Reichow says:

      You don’t want to create too much bow lift. You need to be riding on the step(s) to get the maximum performance out of the hull. The Bravo I FS should work nicely on your boat as it provides lift at both the bow and stern. Consider the 24″ pitch Bravo I FS for similar rpm to your 3 blade.

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