Who Knows What Evil Lurks…?

Skater logo adorns a 1350 front cover: a gift for Pete’s nice purchase.

Skater soon will. This monster 1350 – lurking in the darkened, after-hours hallway of Racing’s dyno lab – is one of the second “official” pair going Pete’s way this week.

Evil 1350 lurking outside a dyno cell at Mercury Racing: Silver and Dandy Candy 1350 with dyno blessing!

Peter Hleden’s technicians have successfully completed Mercury Racing training and are now T.E.A.M. (Total Engine Application Management) accredited to install 1100 and 1350 packages at the Skater factory in Douglas, Michigan. Two prior Skaters have been rigged at a T.E.A.M. accredited dealer for two of Pete’s enthusiastic customers.

Menacing in carbon and Devil Red, this 1350 and its evil twin are in route to Douglas, MI.

A pair of “Devil Red” and carbon fiber 1350 rockets left Racing for Douglas earlier this week. Next and just off the dyno is this interesting first-time color combination of “Super Silver” and “Dandy Candy Red” 1350’s. This somewhat unusual color pairing will complement a spectacular Skater catamaran paint scheme. I can’t wait to see it – and the look on the new owner’s face when he feels the incredible torque!

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2 thoughts on “Who Knows What Evil Lurks…?”

    1. Thanks, Jason. As for testing, that’s up to Peter and his customers. We’ll have a crew at LOTO, but not me 🙁

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