When in Doubt – Trim it Out!

Mercury-Racing-Performance-Active-Trim-CLEAR-1500-SLIDERWith Performance Active Trim, new performance boaters are able to enjoy properly trimmed engines with virtually no learning curve, while experienced boaters will no longer need to monitor and adjust trim upon changes in boat speed or turns.

Outerlimits' Dan Kleitz relied on Perfomance Active Trim while providing demo rides in the Dual Calibration 1550 Super Leggera 50 at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show.
Outerlimits’ Dan Kleitz relied on Performance Active Trim while providing Dual Calibration 1550 Super Leggera 50 demo rides at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show.

The integrated boat speed-based engine trim system specifically for performance applications where the gearcases are running partially surfaced. This intuitive, hands-free system automatically adjusts trim angle for changes in operating conditions to maximize performance and boat handling at speeds up to 50 mph.

Application Specific

  • Performance Active Trim is designed specifically for use with Mercury Racing outboards and sterndrives equipped with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) technology and running with gearcases partially surfaced.
  • DTS equipped Racing outboards and sterndrives being run in non-surfacing conditions should use Mercury Marine’s standard Active Trim DTS system.
  • Mercury Racing SmartCraft equipped outboards and sterndrives with mechanical throttle and shift should use the Mercury Active Trim Mechanical system.

Active Trim Matrix

Need for Speed

400R-Skater318 (16 of 72) CROPPED
Performance Active Trim is compatible with Mercury Racing outboards and sterndrives equipped with Digital Throttle & Shift.

The key to Performance Active Trim is its exclusive and patented GPS-based control system which uses boat speed as the primary input to trim the vessel. By contrast, competitive systems use engine rpm exclusively to control trim angle. Using boat speed instead of engine rpm ensures the vessel is always trimmed at the optimal setting.

At speeds in excess of 50 mph, Performance Active Trim provides a seamless hand off from auto to manual operation to give the operator full control at high speeds.

At speeds in excess of 50 mph, Performance Active Trim provides a seamless hand off from auto to manual operation to give the operator full control at high speeds. The system, when left engaged, will resume automatic trim activation once the boat speed returns to 50 mph or below. Should the operator manually override the system when running below 50 mph by activating the trim switch, the on button will flash – notifying the operator the system is disengaged. It may be reengaged by simply depressing the on button once again.


Mercury-Racing-Performance-Active-Trim-CLEARPerformance Active Trim provides five selectable trim profiles which allow the operator to personalize Performance Active Trim to their driving style and/or compensate for changes in boat load, operator preference and weather conditions, while maintaining fully automatic operation.

Mercury Racing’s Performance Active Trim profiles were designed to accommodate the sensitive trim range of surfacing outboard gearcases and sterndrives. Both trim speed and range were designed exclusively for surfacing vee bottom and catamaran applications.


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16 thoughts on “When in Doubt – Trim it Out!”

      1. Thanks Rick, it looks to me like it is active only below 50mph, does that mean it leaves the drives up at that point and we go manual? we are really looking forward to our new DCB M-44! hope to see you at the Lake Powell Challenge this summer….. mike

        1. Hi Mike. Yes. Active trim works up to 50 mph. It will maintain its setting and can be overrode at speeds above 50. Once you reach speeds of 50 mph or below it will resort to the previous settings. Are you going to the Havasu Boat Show or Desert Storm this year?

          1. Thanks Rick for the information and yes we are going to try and be at the show. I will look you up to say hi if you are not too busy. Our new M-44 will not be ready until June. We always want the latest from Mercury Racing when we build so please keep us posted on what is new. Many thanks…. Mike

  1. Hello,
    What Artikel number have the performance active trim ?
    Same as 8M111554 ?

    In my twin setup my trim pumps are now same speed. If I Trim up, down a bit and up again the drives are not the same angle. Does the active trim can sync this problem ?
    Vesselview7 with Digital Trim Senders are installed. Bravo HP Transom.

    Thank you for you answer.

    Mit freundlichem Guss
    Michael F

    1. Hello Michael. Performance Active Trim is recommended for DTS equipped consumer Racing engines, i.e. 400R outboard and 520,540, 565, 860, 1100, 1350 and 1500 sterndrives. The Performance Active Trim module part number is 8M0113442.

      1. Thank you Rick,

        I only have non-DTS 525efi’s.
        Does the DTS engines use a other trim pump ?
        Can the 8M111554 non dts handel the sync of the drives and speeds to 90mph ? Can the module active trim be used with the old vesselview7 ? GPS sync ?

  2. Hi rick,
    I have a question. I have a 400R Racing Verado on a 25 foot pontoon boat and I am getting about 58-60 mph. I was wondering if I should install Mercury’s performance active trim system, or if I should install Mercury’s standard active trim

    1. Richard,

      Sounds like a fun boat! You will want to consider going with the performance version, that part number is 8M0113442.


      1. nick,

        Thank you for letting me know. I will tell my dealer to install it this winter. Is there a big difference between the two systems? Or is it just the Calibration of the units?


        1. Richard,

          It’s all in the calibration. The performance version will not trim as aggressively as the standard.
          Happy boating!


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