“We Made It!” …for a Good, Long While.

My favorite cover: 42 McManus “Off Duty” graced Powerboat on PB’s 25th annaversary..

UPDATE UPDATE… (January 2012). Bonnier killed PB again. Jason has moved on to join Sportboat Mag and Matt Trulio’s SpeedOnTheWater.com. I’ve had enough of Bonnier. Good people land on their feet. Poor ownership lands on different parts of their anatomy.

UPDATE! Now (June 2011), Bonnier has said they’re relaunching Powerboat. They’ve rehired Jason Johnson. Maybe our collective, misty-eyed recollections brought them to reconsider. Whatever the reason, good call! Bring it back better than ever, OK Jason?

Here’s what I said before their flip-flop:

I will miss Powerboat Magazine. I was reflecting on some of the stories. I recall so many interactions with great people there. Hanging on the wall in my home is a poster of my favorite cover. The July 1993 issue featured my race, with the late Lisa Nordskog navigating, through the Florida Keys against Motor Trend’s Michael Brockman in a 348 Ferrari. (He won the race, but I got 10 pages and a cover in Powerboat plus six in Motor Trend!)

What I didn’t really notice, until after I received “The Notice,” was that the cover boasted, “We Made It!” 25 years on PB’s hour meter. It never occurred to me that this book would end. It’s Powerboat. I expected 50 years on the hour meter.

Yes, this economy has been tough on all of our industry, its current and former employees, and most of our customers. Budgets had to shrink. Activities and people had to be cut. But it looked like PB had made the right, tough decisions in order to survive – including selling itself. Perhaps obvious in hind sight, not all the right ones. It appears the last independent decision was fatal.

It’s as if Off Duty and the 348 had both run out of gas in Marathon.

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One thought on ““We Made It!” …for a Good, Long While.”

  1. I just opened Offshore Only web site for the first time in a while and am somewhat without words. I am not sure just how I will keep up with the goings on in the performance boat circle from now on.

    It was the “bible” for anyone who was serious about performance boating and being up on the lastest race events, product releases and news to the industry!

    The “who’s who” advertised and stories were written within the front & back covers of this industry leading publication. Teague & Tomlinson did some awesome boat testing and it was always inspiring to read the reviews from these industry giants!

    I learned and idoled such legends as Bob Nordskog, Teague Custom Marine, Bernie Little (just to name a few) and the biggest name to raise the visibility of offshore boat manufacturing & racing, none other than Mr. Reggie Fountain!

    Living in Toronto, we had APBA come here just 2 or 3 times. It was here that I befriended the Califonia duo of Bruce Penhall & Dennis Sigalis of team Ocean Spray while they were in Toronto. They had made the front cover of Powerboat (Sept ’98) & I had it signed by these 2 when they were here and have it quickly framed it & it is hanging in front of me here in my study . I also met Reggie (who had just won his 100th career race) and had flown up to Toronto to see how his then World Speed Record Team was doing. Other notable names who were always the magazine were seen here too, such as: Matt Alcone, Forrest Barber, Billy Mauf, the famous Budweiser team of Dave Scott & John Tomlinson. I also met Bob Teague who was kind enough to pose for a picture with me (also framed & mounted on the wall)

    As I close off, I am saddened by what the change in the economy has caused to happen. The changes at Fountain Powerboats, the retiring of Reggie himself. (although deep down I believe that he will surface somewhere – just to show everyone that he still can!) The many other changes to the boating industry (mergers, acquisitions & business closings alike) and all the related industries that used to enjoy business because of the awareness that a magazine like Powerboat had brough to the boating industry.

    Yours at the dock,
    Dale Harrison
    Aurora, Ontario

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