“Thumbs Up, Miami!” from Fred K

Mercury Racing’s new 1100 drew raves in Miami!
This beautifully laid out Sunsation couldn’t be heard running because its 525 EFI engines were equipped with Racing’s X-haust systems. Ah, sweet silence at speed!

I would like to personally thank all those who came to Miami and visited Mercury Racing – in our Convention Center booth, at our customers’ displays, or on the water at Sea Isle Marina. From what you’ve told me, you like our new 1100 package. Me too.

Thanks to the press folks who attended my introduction of the 1100. I didn’t get enough time with Greg Terzian (screamandfly.com), Jason Johnson (Powerboat Magazine); Bobbye Kenyon or my “Mad” old gizwiz friend, Dick DeBartolo. That’s boat shows for you.  Tank, were you in the audience? I was looking forward to getting a recap of your time in John Woodruff’s MTI. Guess I’ll re-read your blog. In absencia, I did spend some off-hour email time with Matt Trulio (speedonthewater.com, boatermouth.com, boat.com and Powerboat Magazine). Spreading the news would be difficult without you!

DCB’s seriously orange M35 with 1350’s is a work of supreme craftsmanship. If it had a stick, it would be a dreamsicle! Or not. This masterpiece is smoother than that! Yum! (Photo courtesy of  Frank Gonzalez.)

Big thumbs up to those boat builders and their customers who made a special effort to showcase Mercury Racing propulsion: Cigarette, Dave’s Custom Boats, Formula, Fountain, Marine Technology, Nor-Tech, Spectre, and Sunsation. Bob Bull, I sincerely appreciate your allowing MTI and Mercury Racing to demo your magnificent 48 Race/Pleasure cat for customers and press. (144 mph is as fast as I have been in a pleasure boat – and I bet there’s 40 left! Randy was pretty conservative with your equipment.) Thank you all.

Bob Bull’s 48 MTI was on-hand at Mercury Racing’s slips at Sea Isle Marina. 1350 power left most speechless.

Several high performance dealers went out of their way to help, too: Phil Lipschutz, Lip-Ship Performance, Miami FL; Marty Signorelli, Diamond Marine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jonny Tomlinson, TNT Marine, Miami FL; and David Woods, Pier 57, Pickwick TN. Thanks fellas!

Spectre is a favorite for outboard enthusiasts who love the power to weight of Mercury Racing’s 300XS!

While I attended (and Mercury Racing sponsored) the OSO party on Friday, it was difficult to meet many of you. There were no name tags, few logo shirts, and it was very dark. If you were there and I missed you, sorry. I did my best.

A special call out to Stu Jones and the Florida Powerboat Club for another fantastic event. Woodsy tried to hurt me with a liquid fist, but I side-stepped the pesky rascal. Ha, ha! (OK, he got me. But it only hurt for a day!)

And to the unknown SOB who passed me the cold and flu, I would like to take you water skiing in the rooster tail of DCB’s M31. Or maybe “down under” — where the Aussies will soon be ski racing with single, 1350 powered, 21 foot boats. (More on that when I get pictures to share.)

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6 thoughts on ““Thumbs Up, Miami!” from Fred K”

    1. Thanks! We work hard so others can play hard. There’s nothing like boating and the people you meet while on the water (except the people you meet dreaming this stuff up).

  1. Mr. K, would have loved to catch up on the wonderful things you guys are doing over there. Unfortunately I had to miss the Miami show. Glad you enjoyed my blog on John Woodruff’s amazing MTI. In case you hadn’t seen it, there’s a follow up blog on Dave’s amazing new DCB M31 (http://www.powerboatmagazine.com/tank-sears-blog/ ). I absolutely can not wait to experience the new 1100’s. If they are even half as awe inspiring as the 1350’s (which I’m sure they are), you’ll have another winner on your hands.

    Hope to see you soon. Keep up the great work in the meantime!

    Tank Sears

    1. Actually, the 1100s are about 11/13.5ths as awe inspiring and that’s pretty good! Sorry you missed Miami.

  2. The Orange DCB with the twin 1350’s has to be one of the coolest boats I’ve seen in a long time. Its refreshing to see flamboyant colors with an old school racing stripe. The Alcantara interior is the perfect touch! Would love to buy this boat…

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