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The Blog Never Stops!

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12 thoughts on “The Blog Never Stops!”

  1. Bonjour,
    le verado 350 a-t-il subit desvmodification depuit 2008 ?
    Il y a un passage de garantie 5 ans pour les verado 350 pour l’année 2010/2011 ?
    Le verado 350 de 2011 aura-t-il des modifications ?
    Sincères salutations

    1. Hello. Thank you for visiting our blog. To answer your question, there have been no significant updates or changes to the Verado 350 SCi since it was introduced in 2008. The engine comes with a 2-year limited warranty for recreational boating and 3-year limited corrosion warranty. A two-year limited Mercury Product Protection plan is also available.

  2. Hello Racing Dept.,
    As a huge fan of the XS and Pro XS engines, and being in awe of the Verado technology, one has to ask the following question. When will we get an XS Optimax DTS engine out of Racing Dept? My performance bass boats would be a real treat to drive with a DTS 300 Stroker!
    Please, please, please bring DTS to the Optimax XS line!

    1. Good question. SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift technology could not be adapted to OptiMax XS or ProXS models without sacrificing the power and performance people have come to expect from the low-emissions 2-strokes. Verado is the power of choice for those discerning customers who demand luxury car like comforts such as DTS.

      1. Well I am sure there has to be something more than you didn’t want to sacrifice power and performance. The Verado uses a similar computer, so I can’t believe you ran out of space in the PCM on an Optimax and DTS would not fit inside. I bet the 350 SCi has pretty good idle to WOT time. Also the production Opti is available in DTS, so really what’s the story on DTS?? I know, I know, can’t tell all the secrets……Just know this, from a huge fan of Mercury Racing——————DTS XS engines would rule!!! People that don’t ask for it, haven’t operated a DTS rigged boat.

        1. The restriction isn’t in the computer as much as the availability of hardware which will enable DTS while maintaining the air flow needed to produce the high power output from the 250 h.p. and 300 h.p. XS/Pro XS models. Demand doesn’t justify the investment into developing high output OptiMax XS & Pro XS DTS models when we already offer the technology with Verado. By the way – are you aware of the new Mercury 250 Pro FourStroke? A Pro XS like Verado which would be great for your bass boat applications.

          1. Ah so it’s a problem with the ETC…….I didn’t even think of that. Yeah I never bothered to look up the parts to see that a fair amount of the intake components on the DTS engines are different. Ok you got me on that one!! Good job, I have stumped a couple of Merc folks with that one and you were the first to enlighten me!! Please do tell about a Pro Verado??? Sounds like just what I am looking for. Tell me it’s an SC 4 cyl.

  3. Sounds cool. Is this a Mercury Racing engine? Interesting that it uses 91 octane for optimum performance………Maybe different timing and boost mapping? Care to let us in on the difference between the 250 Pro FourStroke and the 250 Verado? I will hope to see a head to head test of the 250 Pro XS and the 250 Pro FourStroke. Just curious, what is the WOT of the Pro FourStroke?

    1. Thanks for your interest in the new Verado 250 Pro FourStroke. The engine is an addition to the production Verado family of engines. Like all Verado models, the performance differentiation of the 250 Pro FourStroke is achieved through fuel calibration. This is possible because Verado’s supercharged technology allows for precise, programmable control over not just the fueling strategy, but also the mass air flow (air intake). The 250 Pro FourStroke WOT rpm operating range is 5800-6400.

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