Refreshed to the Core!

A 1100 dressed in optional Mercury Racing Blue Metallic goes for a run on the dynamometer.
Doug Peterson (front) and Mike Critchley work their magic refreshing quad cam, four valve 1100s and 1350s.

Our high performance QC4v (1100/1350) sterndrive engine packages have been a stellar success. Both models are game changers and have lived up to the promise: Faster. Stronger. Farther. Longer. But as stout and trouble free as they’ve been, even these Torque Monsters will need attention eventually.

Racing’s all-new Factory Fresh QC4v program features a complete engine inspection and refresh by the skilled craftsmen who built them originally. Unique to the QC4v refresh program is the option to purchase either a new long block assembly or a certified refreshed core long block. The long-block core exchange program reduces the amount of time an engine is in for service. Engines receive a complete dynamometer run prior to being sealed and released as Certified Factory Fresh. Refreshed QC4v engines enjoy a limited warranty on all refresh parts purchased by a customer – including the long block assembly.  The refresh warranty is the same as Mercury Racing’s one year Parts and Accessories Warranty. Factory Fresh QC4v warranties can be transferred to a new owner if the boat is sold.

Rejuvenated Spirit

Mike preps a 1350 long block for the Factory Fresh QC4v core exchange program.
The sea pump is rebuilt as part of the refresh process.

The refresh process begins with an inspection of the condition of the engine long-block. This  determines the core-exchange value. Once the core value is assessed, the rest of the engine is inspected to determine what is needed.  A refreshed long-block is a solid foundation from which our craftsmen work their magic. Every aspect of the upper engine – from fasteners to critical components (fuel, electrical systems and closed cooling systems) – are inspected and updated as needed. The refresh process includes rebuilding of the sea pump, replacing all belts, exhaust gaskets, seals, hoses, spark plugs, fuel filters, oil & oil filter, and other miscellaneous hardware.

Additional parts may be replaced due to corrosion or other factors. These may include exhaust manifolds and turbocharger assemblies.  If any of these conditions exist, the customer is informed and provided an estimate of related charges.

Program Core

The aluminum QC4v cylinder block designed and developed in house by Mercury Racing.
Replaced components include pistons, rings and connecting rod bolts.

The core long blocks go through a complete inspection prior to refresh. The cylinder block, crankshaft and all rotating components are washed and Magnafluxed to ensure the metallurgy’s integrity. Replaced components include the main and rod bearings, timing chains, pistons, rings and connecting rod bolts. Cylinder head re-work includes cleaning carbon from combustion chambers, checking seats, replacement of intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, retainers and head gaskets. Upon completion, the refreshed long block assembly is painted its original color to bring the engine back to like-new condition. Customers have an option of changing block and dress component colors.

Engines returned with cylinder blocks in “Good” salvageable condition for our core program will receive a $9,000 core value. Engines returned with cylinder blocks damaged beyond repair will receive a $3,000 core value. Values will be determined upon disassembly/inspection. A factory-spec shipping container is included in the price of the refresh to ensure safe transport of an engine to and from the dealer or boat builder. Customers are provided with a toll-free phone number to take advantage of Mercury Marine-negotiated shipping rates.

Value Added Service

Factory Fresh QC4v includes an optional transmission service kit.
Additional parts may need to be replaced due to corrosion or other factors. These may include exhaust manifolds and turbocharger assemblies.

Fuel calibration and various component updates are provided at no charge to the customer.

Optional Update Kit Menu

An optional update kit menu has been added to further enhance the value and quality of the Factory Fresh QC4v service. These kits include a refresh service for both drive-line and close couple transmissions and a variety of options for updating older model year engines with current model components.

  • Fuel Cooler Kit
  • Coil Update Kit
  • Carbon Dress Kit (1100 only)
  • Flange Support – DL Transmission
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Clear Pulley Kit
QC4v carbon fiber dress kit.
Propulsion Control Modules (PCMs) are checked and updated with the latest fuel calibration.

Factory Fresh QC4v is just another point of differentiation for Mercury Racing versus its competitors. No one can match Mercury Racing’s dealer and service network. Owners are encouraged to direct their engine removal/installation refresh service to qualified QC4v 1100/1350 Total Engine Application Management (T.E.A.M.)-accredited boat builders and dealers.

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10 thoughts on “Refreshed to the Core!”

  1. Hello. My name is David Crow. I have a set of your 700/NXT’s in my DCB F32. Do you offer a re-fresh program on those motors & drives? If so, what type of hours are you seeing before the package needs to be looked at under normal pleasure use? Thanks for your time.

    David Crow

    1. Hello David. We offer refresh for our big horsepower engines such as the 850 SCi through the 1200 SCi and the new QC4v 1100 and 1350s. We rely on our T.E.A.M. accredited dealers to service the 502. cu. in. based engines such as the 700 SCi. We do not offer a drive refresh service. The run time prior to a need for an engine refresh really depends upon use. The valve train will need to be refreshed first. An entire engine refresh will be needed about the same number of hours after the valve train work is done.


  2. I have a pair of 525school with 500 hours, they run beautifully and only use a quart of oil between them in 18hours then I change it,using mobile 1 15w40 full synthetic since 1st 100 hours. My question is should anything be done to these engines yet and who can do it as No dealers around will work on blue engines

    1. Hi Dale. Your are to be commnded for your meticulous maintenance on your engines. I recommend you have the valve train checked/serviced. Also do a compression/leak down check on the cylinders. Any merCruiser dealer should be avble to do that as the 525 is a Chevy 8.2 Liter based engine. Good luck.

  3. Mercury 525 refresh. My 525’s are about due for a refresh. However I want to use the same pistons, cranks etc used in the 700 SCI. Is that something Mercury can do? Please advise

    1. DJ:
      We don’t refresh any 8.2L product here. You will need to see your local Mercury MerCruiser dealer.

  4. Rick no disrespect, but you are ducting the questions that have been asked. As owners of older engines we need real numbers, how many hours before top end service, how many hours before bottom end. we don’t want to grenade a motor because we waiting to long. please try to answer the question. of course we realize this will depend on how the motors were run, but assuming they were run in the 4000rpm range during cruise, what are the numbers we could expect. this is really useful for owners with older boats. .

    1. Tom,

      Sorry for the delay in response, Rick is no longer with the company. 300-400 hrs is typical for valve train depending on how hard you run them. After that, we recommend a leak down test every 100 hours and complete rebuild at 1000 hrs. I hope this helps.


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