Refreshed & Rejuvenated

Is your propulsion system in good shape and ready for another season? Now is the time to check over your equipment. If your engines have reached a maximum of 150 hours, now is the time for a refresh to insure a hassle-free 2011 boating season.

We introduced the Factory Fresh engine refresh program in 2006 as a service for owners of our big block sterndrive engines (850 SCi, 1025 SCi, 1075 SCi and 1200 SCi). We’ve learned how our customers from around the world use the product, how various applications relate to engine wear and the affects maintenance (or lack of) has on engine life. More importantly, we have built valuable relationships with our consumers, OEM boat builders and dealers.

(L-R): 4-Cycle technicians Jon Steiner, Dan Koch and Terry Gerner work their magic on both new and refreshed engines.

Based in Fond du Lac, the same technicians who build our new engines also refresh them. Our Factory Fresh program features a complete inspection and refresh of the engine – from the bare cylinder block through a final power run on one of our dynamometers.

Value Added Service

Our technicians inspect and update, as needed, the following product improvement components at no charge.

  • magnetic block plugs
  • block drains
  • wire harness fuse kit
  • pressure sensors
  • oil pump pulley
  • cam target wheel
  • valley tray stands
  • oil pan
  • carbon fiber Valve covers (1025/1075/1200)
  • coupler – supercharger rotors


Parts included in the standard refresh kit.

Technicians begin the refresh by washing and magnafluxing the cylinder block, crankshaft and all rotating components to ensure metallurgical integrity. They replace these components: camshaft, pistons, rings and connecting rod bolts.

Cylinder head re-work includes the replacement of intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, retainers, valve seals, valve locks, rocker arms and lifters.

Superchargers are inspected and updated with new snout bearings and seals. The refresh process includes the replacement of high-tension leads and a set of spark plugs, oil and fuel filters, all belts, head gaskets, seals, hoses, impeller, and other miscellaneous hardware.

Additional parts that may be unfit for continued use due to corrosion or other factors may include cylinder heads, supercharger rotors, damper, or repair/replacement of the cylinder block. We contact the customer upon completion of the engine inspection regarding these parts and related charges. All refresh replaced parts are returned to the customer, unless specified otherwise.



Replacement parts used in the refresh carry the same warranty as new engines – 180-days for the 850 SCi, 90-days for the 1025 SCi and 1075 SCi and no warranty for the 1200 SCi. Refresh work is backed by a 30-day labor warranty.

We are proud of our Factory Fresh program. It is value added service which compliments the product support of our quality service dealer network and the Total Engine Application Management (T.E.A.M.) initiative.

Don’t spend your summer off the water. Contact your boat builder or dealer to schedule a Factory Fresh service appointment today.