Racing’s Miami Experience

The 2011 Miami Boat Show was a great success. Almost everyone in the industry was upbeat. Deals were made, boats were sold and Mercury Racing propulsion was featured in numerous boats at the show – including eight 1350 powered boats!

We hit the ground early on Thursday, Feb. 17, opening day. Fred Kiekhaefer got things rolling with a 10:15 a..m. press conference in the Mercury booth where he unveiled the new 1100 sterndrive.

Cigarette Racing unveiled the all-new 42X Ducati boat powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines coupled to NXT #6 SSM sterndrives.
Staggered 1100s neatly insgtalled in the Cigarette 42X Ducati.

Fred assisted Cigarette Racing later Thursday evening with the unveiling of the new 42X Ducati boat featuring Mercury Racing’s new 1100 engines coupled to NXT #6 SSM drives.

As Fred mentioned in his earlier blog (Theres a new predator in Miami), Cigarette, MTI, DCB and Nor-Tech all had boats on static display featuring 1350 power. Bob Bull’s 1350 powered MTI 48 Race/Pleasure was the talk of the in-water show. 

Back in 2010, Miami was a great show for us with the highly successful launch of our game changing 1350. This year was even better:  builders featuring 1350s at the show have experienced – first hand – the incredible power, torque, acceleration and good manners of these quad cam, four valve engines.

Bob Bull’s 1350 powered MTI 48 Race/Pleasure Series was the talk of the in-water show. All who experienced the 1350 performance were impressed – and are still talking about it!
Dave Hemmingson had a great spot in the Miami Beach Convention Center featuring the 1350 powered M35-Wide Body shown here and a 700 SCi powered M31-Wide Body.

I got to go for a ride in the 1350 MTI with some associates Saturday afternoon. I can tell you – the top speed during our ride was a rush – but the acceleration from 90 to 130 mph was most impressive. Powerboat editor Jason Johnson had just told me about his 1350 experience after testing the DCB 31 Wide Body. He, along with Matt Trulio, Bob Teague and Dave Hemmingson couldn’t stop talking about the accleration. It’s one thing to be told that – but until you experience it – you can’t really get a sense for it. I can tell you – its real, and something I’ve never experienced in a boat before. Incredible!

The Mercury pier at the Sea Isle Marina was by far the most active. The 36-foot Sunsation with twin 525 EFIs featuring Stage 1 X-haust systems was quite popular as was the 37-foot Boston Whaler Justice Commerical & Government boat powered by triple Verado 250 outboards.  Other featured boats in water included a Spectre 32 SC catamaran with twin OptiMax 300XS outboards and a 525 EFI powered Formula 353 FASTech.

“Need for Speed,” Nor-Tech’s new 52-foot catamaran powered by twin 1350s.

It was great to see our industry friends again as well as meet proud 1350 owners and soon-to-be owners of  the new 1100. To them, I bet it was like Christmas  in February. They are counting the days until their new 1100 powered boats are ready – just in time for the busy summer boating season. Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from the 2011 Miami Boat Show.

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