Racing’s Elves Are Humming!

Crankin' out the Quad Cams before Racing's brief Holiday plant closure.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around Mercury Racing. All our elves are racing to beat the year end clock. There is so much hardware in progress that you can hardly see the little Christmas tree! (Here’s last year’s.) A mix of 1,100 and 1,350 horsepower QC4v packages and other big blocks are scheduled to ship before December 28, 2011 when we close for the New Year Holiday. (Yes, we take a short break for Christmas, too.)

Four Mercury Racing big blocks await crates and boxing.


It has been a while since I’ve seen Zeus drives, Sport Jets, 300XS outboards, NXT and M8 sterndrives, 1350s and big blocks all queued in our Shipping Department at the same time!

Between boat builder demand for the 2012 boat show season and immediate needs for consumer boats in production, Racing is Rockin’.

The only blues singing out at Racing will be this guy and its partner -- wailing in dyno cell #5 at 6,500 rpm!

No Holiday blues ringing out here — at least until these blue 1350s light up! A QC4v’s song will lift spirits almost anywhere, whether it’s the Holidays or not. It’s a downright giddy tune when you hear these bad boys in a boat like John Rosatti’s 50 Cigarette Marauder.

Of course, while it’s Winter here, it’s Summer down under… And the “99 Psycho Clowns” ski racing team is putting its single, 1350 powered ski boat through its paces. Their video of testing earlier this year in Australia is surreal. Click the link if you haven’t seen this clip already.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Mercury Racing! Enjoy the season — and your next boating season, too! You can bet that I’m going to. Ho, ho, ho!

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3 thoughts on “Racing’s Elves Are Humming!”

  1. I have an SC5000 Race Edition in an ’08 Nor-Tech. Can I swap the display for a color Vessel View and use the existing wiring harness?

    1. I don’t know for sure. (My suspicion is no.) I’ll get an authoritative answer to your question on Jan 3, when the Vessel View geeks are back from their Holiday.

    2. Well, Bob… The color Vessel View is a slightly larger dash cut-out. Also, the color VV harness is different. However, it connects to the junction box in the same manner for engine data reception. Not a big job, but not a simple head swap, either.

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