Racing Blue and Nor-Tech, Too!

Jon Steiner (left) positions finger followers over the valve stems. Mike Critchley installs the closed cooling reservoirs.
Mike and Jon install propulsion control electronics and harness (left foreground). Doug Peterson works on two more blocks (center background) for Cigarette. A third pair for MTI are fresh off the dyno and good to go (right background).

The first pair of color optioned 1350s are going together for a special Nor-Tech customer. This set is Racing Blue metallic with Super Silver manifolds. They scheduled to be on our dynos before Thanksgiving. They’re matched with Racing Blue M8 drives. The transom assemblies are complete. We started assembling the drives today (November 18).

I think the colors look great here in the shop. That combination should be absolutely dazzling in the sunshine of Ft. Myers!

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