Protect Your Investment

The New Mercury Racing CNC Cleaver Propeller Cover.

As you prepare for the upcoming boating season, remember to check the condition of your props to ensure they are in good condition and ready to go.

Mercury Racing 6-blade CNC Cleaver propeller.

To keep them in good shape, use propeller covers. We’ve developed an all-new cover specifically for Mercury Racing CNC Cleaver propellers. The 18-inch diameter cover features a tough, tear resistant and waterproof nylon shell. Red webbing highlights the outer edge. The silk screened Mercury Racing logo resists absorption of oil, grease and other contaminants.

The interior is lined with a tough ballistics material. The puncture resistant lining encases a marine grade padding to help protect the prop from impact.

A rear view showing the versatile draw string, carrying strap and D-rings.

The versatile new cover features an adjustable draw string. This makes installation and removal of the cover much easier than covers which rely on an elastic “one-size-fits-all” design.

Our new CNC Prop Cover also features an adjustable strap which can be adjusted so the prop will lay in a comfortable vertical position when carried. Heavy-duty D-rings, sewn into a robust webbing material, enable you to secure the cover to the gearcase by use of a bungee cord, tie-strap, rope or other means.

Pro Finish Bravo I XS Propeller.

The new Mercury Racing CNC Cleaver Prop Covers will make their public debut at the Desert Storm Poker Run. The part number is 8M0069320. MSRP is $145.00. They may be purchased from any Mercury OEM boat builder partner or dealer.

I’m sure these new covers, with their added protection and versatile features, will be a big hit. To me, it is only natural boaters who have dialed-in their boats with our new Bravo I XS and Bravo I FS outboard props would appreciate a cover with the same features and benefits for their props. Let me know if you would like to see a high quality Bravo style prop cover added to our line of Mercury Racing accessories.







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4 thoughts on “Protect Your Investment”

  1. $145?!?!?!?

    Ridiculous. Insane. Covers like that sell for $30 but they don’t have the Mercury Racing Logo. Mercury has priced itself out of it’s own market. My Dad had Mercury engines and I had them for several years until the price got too high and the quality got too low. I went to Yamaha engines and a lot of the guys we race with went to BMC. It takes a little work but for 40-50% of the cost, we can get superior performance.

    It was a good ride Mercury… But I’m another outboard guy who has jumped ship to smoother waters.

    1. Russ, there are no other covers like these. Tough materials and real benefits evolve from thoughtful engineering and meticulous production, but they don’t come cheap. With a significant investment in CNC stainless propellers, it makes sense to protect them with top quality covers.

      We all make choices; we’re pleased you’re satisfied with your Dad’s. Enjoy your boating experience.

  2. Thanks, Mercury, for offering high-end covers, which broadens the consumer market. I was tired of finding only “cheapo” covers; now I have a choice.

    I don’t buy into the trend that cheaper price = better value. I’d rather get a return on my investment and get a high-quality item right up front.

    The market is flooded with cheap products of questionable durability. It’s nice to see a company not compromise just to post a cheap price.

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