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New Pro Finish, 5-blade, CNC Cleaver propellers for sterndrives, were officially released Friday, October 1. They have already been making waves on race courses and in boat builder tests. These highly polished props fill the need for a durable propeller with stamina for Big Fat Monster Torque and surface piercing impact of the Mercury Racing’s 1350 and M8 sterndrive.

Team AMSOIL – Photo Courtesy Pete Boden Shoot2Thrill Pix

Bob Teague, throttleman/owner of the Mercury Racing 525 EFI-powered Team AMSOIL Super Cat Lite offshore race boat, recently won two consecutive offshore races with the new props.

Bob Teague Inspects a New Mercury Racing Pro Finish CNC Propeller

Teague said, “We did extensive testing comparing like-size props of the new Pro Finish design with the former Mercury Racing CNC props.”

“The new props accelerate quicker and are faster on the big end. The fact that the design is even stronger than the already proven Mercury CNC props is huge!

“I also use them on my Skater SuperSport 44 and 32 DCB catamaran pleasure boats. They run smoother and are just fantastic props,” Teague said.

Boat builders have also been testing the new props.


Test Run - Bob Bull's 1350 Powered MTI 48 Race/PleasureMarine Technology, Inc., (MTI) President Randy Scism said, “We’ve tested the new Pro Finish CNC props in a well known area. From point A to point B, the props not only accelerate quicker but are faster as well. We did back-to-back tests, running my best set of props – recording the performance – and then immediately changing over to the new Mercury Racing Pro Finish 5-blade CNC cleavers. These props out perform any prop we’ve ever run – from any manufacturer.”

Dave Hemmingson, owner of Dave’s Custom Boats is equally impressed with the Pro Finish props. Dave has been running them on his 31 and 32 DCB hulls.

With that testimony, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade: Pro Finish!



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7 thoughts on “Pro Finish”

        1. As long as they’re workin’ for you. I just get nervous when I see Bob grinding. Maybe he’s just taking a nick out of the leading edge. 😉

          1. Don’t worry Fred, those weren’t a set of Mercury’s. We usually don’t have to resort to parking lot grinding on yours.

          2. If they were not, they should have been! And most likely, will be from now on — after the way Pro Finish performed!

  1. New props look and sound amazing. We can’t wait to see some at our tests next month in Florida. Keep an out for the next issue of Powerboat with a special peek at the Pro Finish props!

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