Performance Revolution!

Lab Finished Revolution 4 Propeller.
Mercury Racing Lab Finished Revolution 4 Propeller.

I’m excited to share some awesome news regarding our Lab Finished Revolution 4 props. New 20-inch, 22-inch and 24-inch pitch offerings expand the range from 19-25-inch in one inch increments. The new models are producing exceptional results with the Mercury Verado 350 and our Verado 400R outboards. Multi- engine (trip, quad or quint) stepped bottom performance center consoles users are reporting improved planing performance, excellent mid-range punch and awesome top-end speeds.

Rev 4s were used to carry the load for 400R MTI V-42 demo rides in Miami.
Rev 4s were used to carry the load for 400R MTI V-42 demo rides in Miami. Photo courtesy of Poker Runs America magazine.

“Don’t tell anyone else about the new Lab Finished Rev 4s. I would prefer to maintain the distinct advantage they provide for our hulls,” quipped Randy Scism – president/owner of Marine Technology, Inc.  Randy personally helped me dial-in the new props.

Lab Finished, a registered trademark of Mercury Marine; is a process often imitated but never duplicated.

“We experienced an improvement in both acceleration and top-end speed when running the Lab Finished Rev 4s with Verado 350s and 400Rs on our V-42 center consoles. Dollar for dollar – your Rev 4s provide the best value on the market,” Randy said.

Mercury Racing® Lab Finished®  Our propeller technicians are second to none. They hand blend props for peak performance in both outboard and sterndrive applications. In fact – we were the first to provide the custom prop work and deem the process “Lab Finished”; a registered trademark of Mercury Marine.

Four Step Process:

• Blade surfaces are thinned in specific areas

• Modify leading edge

• Tune trailing cup heights

• Zero Balanced for maximum efficiency

Like many of our stainless steel through hub exhaust props, the Lab Finished Revolution 4s feature the Mercury patented Performance Vent System (PVS). PVS enables the user to fine tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing. The standard length exhaust tube, in addition to reducing the time-to-plane, also provides stern lift for maximum hull performance and an improved ride in a variety of conditions. I must admit I was  a bit nervous releasing this information about the new Rev 4s after hearing Randy’s plead. At least I didn’t reveal his preferred pitch. 🙂

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90 thoughts on “Performance Revolution!”

  1. Hi I already have a rev 4 pitch 21 in my triple 350 verado I can reach in full throttle 62 mph , is a 38 ft boat is a heavy boat , I want to try with a higher pith maybe 24 to have more top speed wich prop you recommend me the new rev4 lab finish or the bravo 1 FS i live in Venezuela and here we dont have chance to made a test , thanks and best regards

    1. Francisco,
      Depending on what rpms were reached at full throttle (62 mph), you might be able to go up to a 23″ or 24” pitch propeller. For example, to keep the same rpm at full throttle you might run a 22” pitch Lab Finished Rev 4 or 23” pitch Bravo I FS. If you could give up 150 more rpm then go with a 23” pitch Lab Finished Rev 4 or the 24” pitch Bravo I FS. I’m thinking the Bravo I FS will offer the most benefit.

    1. James,
      The Revolution 4 with its long tube offers a tremendous amount of stern lift and the massive amount of cup at the maximum diameter offers bow lift. The Bravo I FS accomplishes similar lift with a shorter barrel and lower cup at the maximum diameter. A unique feature of the Bravo I FS offers the opportunity to move up one or two inches of pitch achieving the same rpm as the lower pitch Revolution 4 which leads to increased speeds. Some center console boats just work better with the Revolution 4 and for other boats, the Bravo I FS offers the best performance. Much of the prop performance between the two styles depends on the boat bottom design, where the center of gravity is located as well as engine height.

  2. currently running a yarcraft tfx 219 with a 350 verado, Atlas jack plate. 23 pitch Bravo 1 fs.
    speed–63..5 mph
    jack plate up 1/4 inch from bottom
    What do you think the rev4 lab would do for me and what pitch would you recommend.

    1. Norm,
      I’d rather see you run the Bravo I FS or the new Bravo I LT. To achieve similar engine rpm, you would need to go to a 21″ pitch Rev 4. Your speed would suffer – dropping below 60 mph. Watch for a soon-to-be-released feature blog on the new Bravo I LT (Long Tube). We just finished testing with impressive results. The LT is designed for the bigger, wider, higher horsepower multi-species boats like yours. The longer tube offers a little quicker planing with improved mid-range fuel economy and 1 mph increase in top speed (pitch for pitch). For your setup, I would lean toward the 24″ pitch Bravo I LT. The engine rpm should come in around 6150 to 6200 and the speed may surprise you. The 24″ pitch Bravo I LT part number is 8M0121597.

  3. I have a 23 formula with a 2015 Mercury 225 pro xs it has a aluminum 17 pitch prop running 5700 rpms I’m interested in the revolution 4 or mirage plus which prop do you think would give me the most speed , I’m running 46 mph now

    1. Larry,
      Both are good props. To select one over the other, it depends on how your boat rides. The Mirage offers bow lift while the Revolution 4 offers stern lift. So, if your boat performs better with bow lift – you will want to go with the 3-blade. Pitch selection is going to be a challenge with these props. Going with 17” will result with a drop in engine speed by 200 to 300 rpm (too low). Consider the Enertia (not the ECO) in 16” or 17” pitch. It’s hard to make the call on pitch due to my not knowing the condition of your existing prop). The Enertia has a smaller diameter than the Mirage so the prop will offer quicker planing and the long barrel will keep the boat on plane at slower speeds. It will also provide good overall boat lift for enhanced mid-range cruising.

    2. I read your comments I’m in the same situation right now I own a formula 233 and I already tried the mirage plus 17 pich and is not much of the improvement my 48 mph at 6000 rpm … the you tried the revolution 4 21 .. please let me know thanks

  4. I am running A Ranger 2510 bay boat with a Verado 350. Boat came through with a Rev 4 17 pitch and I am turning 6200 rpms with top speed 52.2. Overall performance is very good and I am basically pleased. I am looking for a little more speed, will a Bravo FS-1 or a REV 4 lab get me a little more top end without loosing my hole shot for my set up?

    1. Jack,
      Your set-up is doing really good. I’m not sure I would change a thing. The 20″ pitch is the lowest pitch Bravo I FS which is too much pitch for the Verado. The Lab Rev 4 typically works best for multi engine applications. Again, lowest pitch is 19”.

    1. Pat,
      I need some numbers to work up an answer. What engines did you have? what was the rpm and speed at WOT? what style props and pitch?

  5. I have a 2004 Baja 275 with 496 HO Mag running a revolution 4 labbed with 25″ pitch. It runs 69 mph at 4900 rpm. Can you recommend a prop with more top end?

    1. Pat,
      Can you supply the original horsepower, style and model year of engine you are removing? I will also need to know the pitch size of props you have used and the associated wide open throttle GPS speed and engine rpm.

  6. I have a 621FS Ranget that has a 300 hp ETec. With a Rev4 23 pitch I achieve 28 mph at 3600 rpm and 54 mph at 6000 rpm.

    What would happen with a Bravo I LT? What pitch?

    1. Steve,
      To run the Bravo I LT, usually a move up 2” of pitch from the stock Rev 4 to achieve similar engine rpm usually offers a speed gain of 1.5 mph. However, in your case, you may see a great deal more. The lare at the end of the barrel will offer more bow lift than the Rev 4.

  7. Scott,
    i just got a chance to run the 24 LT. Not very pleased with the finish on it as it seems to have most of the cup shaved off for balancing. The bow will not hold and it drops and scuffs the rpm and speed off.
    But in mid range at 3500 rpm’s , it gained another 2 mph over the 23.5.

    1. Norm,
      The Bravo I have has a different style of cup, nothing like the Tempest or the Revolution 4. Those props have a tremendous amount of cup at the maximum diameter. Balancing is done by removing material from the back side of propellers and cup height is adjusted for each one-half pitch increment. We make the 22”, 22.5”, 23” and 23.5” out of one casting so the 23.5” pitch would have the most cup. The 24”, 24.5”, 25”, and 25.5” are made from the same casting so the 24 would have the least amount of cup. If you liked the bow lift of the 23.5” but had 2 mph increase with the 24” pitch consider running the 24” pitch Bravo I FS. The Bravo I FS has the shortened tube which should offer you the bow lift and top speed your looking for.

      1. Scott,
        put a 24 Bravo 1 fs on it and with 2 people, full fuel, and full bait well up front, empty live well in back.
        WOT —- 6080 rpm
        speed —- 62.4
        This boat need a little cup to carry the front end up . The Lt prop would allow the nose to drop causing drag. Going to go back to the 23.5 LT and probably call it good. i actually seen 64.2 mph with that prop. ( low fuel, one person, 6″ chop). Maybe i could order a processor out of a 400R and a sportmaster gear case. That might get me where i want to be.

  8. Hello,
    I have a rib boat 6.00 meters stepped hull with 150 hp Mercury Fourstroke. I used to have Tempest Plus 19” and have the following measurements:

    Rpm Knots Slip

    2500 13,10 36,32%
    3000 19,50 21,01%
    3500 25,3 12,16%
    4000 30 8,86%
    4500 33,40 9,8%
    5000 37 10,07%
    5500 42 7,2%
    5900 45 7,31%

    I tried Rev 4 19”

    Rpm Knots Slip

    2500 14,30 30,46%
    3000 20 18,99%
    3500 24,80 13,86%
    4000 29,60 10,07%
    4500 33 10,88%
    5000 36 12,5%
    5500 40,5 10,52%
    5650 42 10,36% ( TRIM at 7)

    So i decided and i bought a Revolution 4 xp 18” to achieve 5800 rpm in wot as it happens:

    Rpm Knots Slip

    3000 19,4 17,05%
    3500 23 15,71%
    4000 27,60 11,49%
    4500 31,40 10,49%
    5000 35,50 8,93%
    5500 40,40 5,78%
    5840 43,20 5,50% (TRIM at 3,5)

    Unfortunatelly, the prop looses waters during accelaration and stern lift the boat a lot. The behavior changes dramatically, i have chine walking sooner and the boat is not behave well and trim until 4 in smart craft. i am thing to down the outboard one hall to catch water and have more trim. With rev 19” the behaviour was fantastic. Any suggestions?

    Best regards,


    1. George,
      The Rev 4 XP 18” pitch is made from the 19” pitch Rev 4 casting by lowering the cup height, it’s apparent your set up needs more cup than the 18” offers. IF you have a good local prop shop have them add a little cup from 6.5” radius to max diameter.

  9. Scott,

    I have a 2016 Glasstream 240 CC with a 250 Pro X/S mounted on a 4″ jackplate. I was running a 21″ Mirage Plus but wasn’t happy with the scary handling it yielded at speed. Recently got a loaner 21″ Rev 4 and was impressed. My goal is top speed. I was able to hit 57 mph at 5450 rpm with full fuel and just me onboard. What size would you recommend I try next in the standard and lab Rev 4? Or is there another prop you recommend?



    1. Hi Scott,

      Update to my prop trials. I was able to find a Rev 4 19″ demo prop. Surprisingly, I was only able to hit 55 at 5750. With the Rev 4 21″, I was at 57 at 5450. I’m going the wrong way. What’s going on?



    2. Dave,
      A little low in rpm for the light load, moving down to the 19” pitch Rev 4 should offer 300 rpm reaching 5750. Speed will probably drop 2 mph but you’ll be in the engines rpm range. The 19” Rev 4 XP should offer another 75-rpm increasing speed 1 mph.

  10. I run a 2015 21ft Nitro. 350 Verado. It came standard with the Brave 1. I currently run 57-60. I wonder if the new long tube bravo would be an upgrade?

    1. Eric,
      The ZV21 does work the best with the B1LT, most of the guys are running the 22.5” pitch.

  11. Hi Scott,
    I have a 25 foot Eliminator Eagle step hull with a 496 mag running a bravo 1 26 picth ,70 @ 4400 rpm looking for a prop maybe bravo 1 fs 25 or a rev.4 25 lab finish for a little more top end…

    1. Robert,
      Your set up and prop style is awesome for the 1.50:1 gear ratio. I really wouldn’t change a thing. However, if you’re itching to get a new prop – stay with the Bravo I style. The Lab Finished version is probably your best option. Running a 27″ pitch, you’ll gain 150 RPM from a stock 26″ pitch Bravo I which will equate to a 2 mph speed increase. A 28″ pitch Lab Finished Bravo I will offer the same rpm as a stock 26P, typically with a 2.5 mph increase. The planing may take a bit longer due to the additional 2-inches of pitch.

  12. Hi,
    I have a 36 ft Invincible with triple 400 mercury verados. I’m running 21 Revolution props at 74 mph. Overall performance is very good, hole shot and midrange. What props would you recommend for a little more top end speed.

  13. Hi – I am running a 42 Invincible stepped hull with tower, bottom paint, trip Yamaha 350s and Rev 4 23 props. I have not been getting the performance i thought I would. With a full load of full (600gal) and only 1 person on board I am seeing only 5500 wot and 53mph @.6mpg. Under same conditions At 4300 im getting .7mpg and 34mph. With half a tank the performance jumps significantly to 44mph and .9mpg. I realize I need to drop down the pitch and several people have recommeded rev 4 21s. Is this the best choice or should I consider lab finish in perhaps a different size? I’m not so much interested in top end but do want to significantly imrpove the .6 mpg and 33mph performance when loaded up and running several hours to the canyons. We typically run 4-5 guys and full load of fuel / ice when canyom fishing but half that when inshore tuna/sharking fishing. Hole shot isnt terrible at moment but overall performance isnt where i want it to be. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Kevin,
      Step down to the 21″ pitch Rev 4 XP; the part number for the RH is 8M0113940 and the LH is 8M0113941. The XP is a cross between the standard Rev 4 and Lab Finished Rev 4. The lower pitch will get the engine speed up in that 5800 to 5900 rpm range. The XP will offer incredible efficiency.

  14. I have a Fountain Fever 32 ft with twin 6.2 / Bravo One drives. Had a accident and have had to replace both props. Was running bravo1 24. Mercury has these unavailable for a L hand prop until 6 weeks out before production starts again. We have spoke with Mercury and have been given the Rev4 23. Fountain have stepped hull along with a stepped transom. Your opinion on performance .

    1. Michael,
      Give Teague Marine a call @ 661-295-7000. They have Mercury and Mercury Racing props in stock. They may have the 24LH stock Bravo I but if they don’t, I recommend the 25” pitch Bravo I LT over the 23 Rev 4. Teague recently ordered these; RH part # 8M0121599 and LH 8M0142103. Hopefully they still have them in stock. If not we will ship in 2.5 weeks from time of order. The 25 Bravo I LT’s are hybrids of the stock Bravo I with a sharper leading edge for cutting through the water for faster planing. It will also offer a little more rpm than the stock 24P which should help for faster top speeds. With the stock 24P, If you were close to hitting the rev-limiters with a full heavy load then I would recommend the 26P Bravo I LT.

  15. hi
    i have a formula 302 with twin 300′ yam 4.2L
    with 22 bravo 1 i got 6100rpm at 59 mph
    what’s is the better propeller to get more top speed the rev4 lab finish or the bravo 1 FS and which pitch ?

      1. Lyo,
        Great question! With your current setup you are running around 19% propeller slip. One reason for this could be too much stern lift, and over compensating with trim. With the lab finish Rev 4, you would get even more stern lift due to reduced cup heights and the longer barrel. This would result in lower top end speed. Consider the 24 pitch Bravo FS to help give you bow lift as opposed to stern. The 24 will also help get you down into the peak horsepower range for your engines.


  16. Hello. I have 07 29″ E Ticket cat twin 496 ho bravo 1 drives,28 pitch 4 blade props wot 4600 rpm 80 MPH boat not loaded up 1/2 tank fuel. I was going to have the props labbed and try to reach 5000 wot RPMs any idea how much speed I might pick up and if I’m taking the correct path

    1. Kirby,

      Are you running a 1.36 gear ratio? If so, your props are hooking up extremely well, I would not change a thing. Going to a lab finish may get you 1 mph but you will most likely be right at 80 mph.


  17. I have a 1998 31 contender open that I was running rev 4 17s on a set of ox66 250 wot 5700 at 57 mph light. Just purchased a set of Yamaha 300 4.2l 4 strokes and was wondering what prop recommendations you would have. That hull has a bow high attitude and the rev 4s made a big difference with the stern lift. The boat is being rigged with the new motors now and will only have minimal fuel in it on commissioning

    1. Tony,

      The Rev4 is a great prop for a 31 Contender. I would recommend testing your 17 pitch props on the boat and we can gather data from there. You will most likely end up going up 2-3 inches of pitch.


  18. Aloha, I have a new 23 Magnum (24×7) with a 300 Verado V-8 on a 6″ Seastar Xtreme jackplate. We tested the boat heavy, full of fuel (120 gal) and 5 people. In testing we tried Tempest plus 23, Trophy Plus 23 and the Rev 4 in a 21″. The Rev 4 felt the best as a “all rounder” but we hit the Rev Limiter at 6100 rpms and 53 mph. Verado has a 1:85 gear ratio. I was thinking of 22 Rev 4 XP or the 23 Rev 4. Your thoughts please?

    1. Rick,
      The 23” pitch Rev 4 should drop the rpm down to 5800 and the Rev 4 XP 23” pitch should come in at 5875 rpm. Either one will work great. Going lower in pitch might end up hitting the rev-limiter in a light load.

        1. Rick,

          Typically you will want to step up one inch of pitch when switching to the Bravo I FS/LT from a Rev 4 XP, and two inches of pitch when switching to a Bravo I FS/LT from a standard Rev 4. The Bravo I FS and LT are different handling props than the Rev 4 or Rev 4 XP. The FS will give you more bow lift and the LT will give you more stern lift.


  19. Hi Scott,

    I have an 18ft Fibreglass deep vee with 250 V8 Pro XS (6200rpm 1:75 gear case). Test conditions were not ideal with 20mph cross wind and 6”-1foot chop. Found a few flat sections but was limited for open space.

    Tried Rev 4 19”, Trophy Plus 21”, Enertia 14.5×17” and 21”. With Rev 4 being best all round, for hole shot, torque and economy. Except for steering which was noticeably lighter with the Trophy Plus?

    Rev 4 19” (standard)
    (60 gallons) full fuel and 2 persons: 6000-6100rpm 57mph
    (52 gallons ) and 5 persons:
    5800-5900rpm 55mph.

    I think ideally I would like another 150rpm. Should I go for Lab finished, XP, standard or try somthing else?

    1. Cain,

      Sounds like a fun setup. You are currently running 9% slip with the Rev 4, I wouldn’t change a thing. If you do run heavier more often, you can consider the 18.5 pitch Rev 4 XP. That will give you the 150 RPM gain. That motor will be happiest topping out at 6100 RPM.


  20. Scott,

    I have a 2016 Haynie Bigfoot with a 2017 Mercury 200 Pro XS with the standard gear casing. Boat is loaded with 5 batteries, trolling motor, power pole, and some aluminum work. Bought the boat with a 19 Pitch Turbo OS1. The turbo had a weak hole shot and dragged before getting up on top. Good cruising speed but will not hit RPM limiter. Full throttle is about 5100 RPM max. I believe it had some work done to it because there’s extra stamp markings on it other than the serial numbers. That’s trimmed out, jack plate, trim tabs, etc. RPM TO MPH is about 1:1…5100 RPM = 51 MPH

    Next prop I tried was a new Bravo 20XC. Hole shot is better, speed and RPM is similar to the Turbo. Trimmed out with jack plate and trim tabs I can touch 5200 RPM at 52 MPH. I understand that the bigfoot is said to get up in 1 foot of water but with this Bravo 20XC, that is not the case. Although it has a better hole shot, it still drags a little before getting up on top.

    Also, boat cannot run with jack plate all the way up with either prop (6 inches up) or get on plane starting with the jack plate all the way up. It will lose grip and fall off plane.

    I’ve done some research and the Rev4 has a smaller outer diameter than the BravoXC by about 3/4” of an inch. I’m curious if the motor would be able to gain that much more RPM by running that 19p rev 4.

    I’m looking for a healthy balance….the 17 and 19 have been recommended but what about the 18?????

    I want to purchase another prop, what’s my options?


    1. Kevin,

      The Bravo I XC has “extra cup” built in, and will reduce your RPM. Compared to the Bravo I LT line, it is like running a 22 pitch. That being said, your best bet will be the 19 pitch Bravo I LT. Expect to gain 400+ RPM at wide open throttle and greatly improve hole shot. In a Rev 4, you would be looking at a 17 pitch. The Rev 4 is also a great prop, it has the long barrel which you will like for planing, but it also has a smaller diameter that could lose grip at higher engine heights.


      1. Nick,

        Thanks for the info, I’ve heard mixed reviews. No one has mentioned the LT, but I am going to take your word and give it a shot. I will update you with test results!

        Thanks again

  21. HELLO,

    I have a jeanneau leader 10.5 (cap camarat 10.5 WA) with a shell with steps and two engines verado 350 of 2017.
    the boat is heavy with around 14000 lbs
    in working order.
    He has a lot of trouble getting out of the water when he is very busy.
    the boat takes 6000 rpm for 50 mph with average load.
    The boat can not keep a speed below 30mph and the best performance is at 35 mph and 5000 rpm.

    I want to reduce my consumption which is the best performance of 0.8 nmpg while it should be around 1.1 nmp.
    (My fuel used tells me an 8-9% lower consumption than what the boat consumes in real life.)

    I think my enertia 19 are not suitable and I wanted to try enertia eco 17 but with my hull has steps should not try better rev 4 in 17?

    Thank you for your opinion .


    1. Nicolas,

      I like your thinking with the Rev 4, the 17 pitch will be a nice improvemnet all around. The fourth blade and long barrel will help to keep your boat on plane at lower speeds and your slip will be reduced improving fuel economy.


  22. Hello. I have a 23 outlaw with a mercury 23 triple blade. Boat goes about 62mph wot at 4750 rpms. Looking for little more. Any thoughts?

  23. I have a Triton 260 LTS with 350 Verado. The boat came with a 19p Enertia Eco but it only turns 5700 RPM at full trim at a speed of around 55. I have also ran a Rev 4 19 which gives similar speed but 6040 RPM.

    Two questions
    One, Why would the Triton come with a prop that it can’t reach the proper RPM for the verado? Of the several for sale on boat trader, 99% of them come with this prop if they have a Verado.

    Two, would I get better results from a Bravo I LT or the 19p Rev 4 I have? My boat seems to like stern lift and it doesn’t have a stepped hull.



    1. Hi Brandon,
      Triton makes the decision to run the ECO, it’s a great prop for the right application. I agree with you on the Bravo I LT, the 20″ pitch will achieve 6100 to 6200 rpm. Perfect!

  24. Great info here! So I have a 2016 Ranger 621 fs with a 2018 300 Verado Pro. Plate is 2 1/4 above the bottom of the hull. 2nd from top. Run big water mostly. Handling is most important but speed is nice on calm days with long runs.

    My results so far:
    Bravo FS 21p with full tourney load. 5800 rpm @ 50 mph. Handling ok. Same prop with just me and 3/4 tank of fuel and empty livewell 6050 rpm @ 54 mph.

    Bravo fs 20p with full tourney load gave the almost identical 5800 rpm @ 50 mph. This puzzled me because I thought I would increase RPM for sure. Handling seemed worse also. This was a borrowed prop from a friend so I questioned if it was ok.

    So there are several of these boats running In this area and I have been given these suggested props from the others running Saginaw Bay with the same setup. Rev 4 19p, Rev 4 20p, and the Bravo Lt 20p with my motor in the top hole. Frankly, I’m getting info overload. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks ahead of time!!

    1. Mark,

      Sorry for the late response. By raising your engine up one hole and switching to the 20 pitch Bravo I LT, you will be dialed in for your tournament loads. Expect 6100 RPM on top end and improved hole shot. For your light loads, I think your 21 FS is spot on. You can expect 6200-6250 with the 21 on the light loads after raising the engine.


  25. Hi. I have a Scout 350LXF with 3 Verado 300 with 1.85 gear ratio and 21P and 23P center Eco’s. I notice the new models have better performance with the Rev 4 20P (all 3 engines) with much better mid range speed and fuel economy when paired with Verado 350 and 400. Can I get similar performance with my 300’s if I switch to Rev4 20Ps?

    1. Kia,

      What are you currently seeing for top speed and RPM at wide open? The Rev 4 and Rev 4 XP are great props, typically a couple mph faster than the ECO. The ECO offers better fuel economy through the mid range in most applications.


  26. Nick/Scott,
    I’ve got an mti 42v center console. Just switched from 350sci motors to 400r. I was running a 23 pitch prop, not sure what style/model. Likely the same prop that was originally put on the boat in 2013/14.

    Boat ran good with the 350sci. Pretty quick to plane and about 72 mph in perfect conditions. I was told I could do 6800 rpm on the 350sci, but wot I never got much more than about 6200 for some reason…?

    I’m planning on running the same prop to start out on my 400r’s, but I’m really a top speed guy and want to get every mph out of the boat that I can.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Matt,

      I’d recommend you talk to Tim at MTI. For top speed, I believe most of the MTIs with 400Rs are running 24 pitch Lab Finish Rev 4s, and we put a custom satin finish on them specifically for MTI, with the intention of squeezing out an extra MPH.


  27. Nick. I have a formula Super Sport 252 with a bravo 1 and a 502 mercruiser , currently I’m running a Rev-4 23P at 4900 rpm at 65 mph do you have any recommendation or is that good ? 🙂 engine rpm range says 4600 / 5000 rpm. Thx Randy

    1. Randy,

      I wouldn’t change a thing, you have her dialed in! The Rev4 is typically the best prop for hole shot/ watersports on your setup as well.


  28. Nick, I recently bought my first boat, 95 Baja outlaw24, 496 mag. Bravo1- 1.50 g.r. Only hitting 54mph light load with 5000 rpm w.o.t. Currently has mirage 21 p 3blade a little sluggish out of the hole. Looking for better take off and top end. Is this possible and what prop would you recommend? Thank you.

    1. John,

      Congrats on the purchase, you are going to love it. Yes I do think we can improve both top end and hole shot with a 22 pitch Bravo I FS. The four blade should keep your bow low on take off for smooth planing, and reduce your slip on top end. The tuned barrel of the FS also offers great bow lift.


    1. Stacey,

      Since those props are hooking up so well for you, consider the 23 pitch Rev 4 XP. You will gain about 150 RPM, and 1-2 mph on top end. Otherwise it is dialed in.


  29. We just bought a 1997 eliminator 23 eagle with a 350 mag With a Alpha drive 147 gears with a three blade 19 alum prop it hits the rev limiter at 5k looking for a stainless prop what would you recommend top speed is about 55 just looking for a good all at prop Thanks

    1. Galen,

      Consider the 21 pitch Bravo I FS. We have seen a lot of success on the older sterndrive hulls reproping with the Bravo I FS because you get all the benefits of a four blade prop but you still get great bow lift due to the tuned barrel.


  30. 2007 Baja 26 Outlaw, 496HO, 1.5, Bravo drive. Stock prop mirage plus 23 is really slow coming out of hole and slips with very little trim. It runs 41 mph at 3600 and 60 mph at 5000. Today I tested a Rev 4. Great out of hole and cruising. Notice a lot of stern lift over 4000rpm and had a hard time trimming enough to keep bow up nice, noticed it was a harsher ride in 1-2ft chop compared to mirage plus. Never had any noticeable slip at any trim. It ran 46mph at 3600 and 60mph at 4700. Could not spin it any faster. Would labbing to get rpms up and shortening the barrel be the way to go or is there another prop that would give the me same cruising and hole shot as the Rev 4 with little less stern lift and higher rpms.

    1. Eric,

      The Bravo I FS is the answer. Consider the 24 pitch. You will get more bow lift due to the tuned barrel and better top end speed due to the Pro Finish. We have had a lot of success with Bajas and the Bravo I FS lately. The Rev 4 typically does not improve with a shortened barrel.


  31. I have an American Aluminum Marine 25. This is a custom built hybrid bay boat built here in south Louisiana. The hull is 25’ with a 28” engine bracket deck and a 6” hydraulic jack plate. Hull weight is around 4500#. This year I repowered with a verado 400m and trying to figure out props. I tested a b1fs in 22.5 and turned 6050 at 57.5mph. Not bad but I felt the rpms were a bit low. These hulls typically perform better with a stern lifting prop so I ordered a b1lt in 20. To my surprise the engine will barely turn 6000 and 55mph and extremely slow out the hole. I figured maybe I was getting too much stern lift creating drag on top end but that doesn’t explain the slow to plane performance. I have not tried venting the prop yet. I’m starting to wonder if the prop was possibly mis-stamped as a 20. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the ride quality either. I have a 21 rev 4 that I love the ride quality but performance is a little lacking as I’m not getting near optimum rpm range. Thoughts on maybe a rev 4 19 xp? I think the 21 gives me 5900 and 53mph. Also tested a 19 eco and hit 6500@55.5mph and super slow out the hole.

    1. Brandon,

      Yes feel free to have your dealer warranty the Bravo I LT, I have a feeling it was mislabeled. I would think a 19 pitch in the Bravo I LT would perform great if we get you the correct casting this time. It should land you around 6400 RPM.


  32. I have a 26 ft tender rib SACS 780 running a Bravo LT 19 with a 250 Etec on a 6″ jackplate. I like the propeller but get these numbers (better than other options tried)
    RPM test speed slip
    3000 21,2 16,4 %
    3500 25,5 13,8 %
    4000 29,4 13,0 %
    4500 34 10,6 %
    5000 36,8 12,9 %
    5200 39,9 9,2 %

    The wot range is 4500-5800 so a higher RPM is possibly better.
    The response after 4500 rpm somewht sluggish. The boat is heavy with 1200 kg dry and 300 l fuel tank

    I was thinking about a Revolution 19 prop to keep the stern lift but achieving higher rpm. What do you think?

    1. Peter,

      Hard to say if you will gain on top end but acceleration will improve going to a Rev 4. You will need to go with a 17 pitch Rev 4 XP to get your RPM gain.


  33. Hi, i have a Whaler Conquest 315 currently with enertia eco props. I tested the rev 4 17pitch and was very happy with it. Was in the recommended RPM range of 6000 to 6400 with around 6050-6150 RPms maxed and trimmed up. Does the 17 pitch seem appropriate or would you recommend a different pitch?

  34. I have a 35 Marlago and just repowered with twin 350s. Mounted reg rotation on port and counter rotation on starboard. Running Mirage plus 19 pitch top end is 52mph at 6100 ram. Seeing 1.5 @ 35mph, 1.4 @ 40mph, 1.3 @ 45. Trying to keep rpms at 6-6400 and economy reasonable but trying to get 60mph out of the boat. Buddy has a set of 21p vengeance props for me to try. Figured I would lose rpms to increased pitch but gain rpms due to 1″ smaller diameter. Should that do the trick or is there a prop you recommend? Buddy swears by rev 4, just not sure 4 blade and dropping pitch to get rpms will get me speed i am looking for.. thanks in advance

    1. Shane,

      Consider the 19 pitch Rev 4 XP. I think you will really benefit from the added RPM generated by the Pro Finish. I do not think you will need to step down in pitch to run a 4 blade and gain efficiency. Speed should increase to 55.


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