Our Colors Are Your Colors!

Mercury Racing’s color options provide unique combinations for your boat’s theme. Seeing what others have chosen for color options or customization can be inspiration for your Mercury Racing engine application. You can go mild; you can go wild. It’s your canvas! It’s your taste.

Your choices from our palate include:

Standard QC4v (1350 & 1100) colors — Super Silver metallic over Raven Black non-metallic

Standard big block (700SCi – 525EFi) colors — Racing Blue metallic over Raven Black non-metallic

Cigarette AMG with standard 1350 colors: Super Silver over Bling-Bling Black. The finished boat was tasteful and rich looking.


Raven Black non-metallic


Bling Bling Black metallic

DCB added a splash of custom orange to our carbon covers. The engines are custom colored in Raven Black inlet and exhaust over a Raven Black block.


Dandy Candy Red metallic

This Skater customer chose Dandy Candy Red over a Super Silver block.


Mercury Racing Blue metallic

Nor-Tech’s customer chose Mercury Racing Blue metallic for his blocks. Engine room LEDs in blue really finished off the effect!
Being assembled is Racing Blue over Raven Black I’m betting this DCB has some blue going on.


Super Silver metallic

Nordic chose a conservative double Super Silver to power its new 43 Enforcer.


Devil Red Eye non-metallic

Devil Red Eye 1350s installed in a Skater which was displayed in Key West’s Poker Run Village in November.
Skater Nation chose double Devil Red Eye non-metallic.


Fire Orange Pearl metallic

An owner’s Fire Orange Pearl on his 850SCi engines — returned to Racing for refresh.


Slate Grey metallic

Slate 700SCi engines look classy with this orange and grey theme.


Hulkin’ Green Pearl metallic

This is a research engine going together in Super Silver over a Hulkin’ Green block.


Beefy M8s in Nanna Pearl! I can hardly wait to see this boat!

Nanna Yellow Pearl metallic. (We have Nanna engines in the pipeline, but not built yet. So, there are the M8 upper housings.)


Joyze Poypole metallic. A pair went out the door and nobody snapped a photo! UPDATE: I found this EU662 in Shipping on Jan 17, 2012, before heading to Europe!

And the winner is…

Nanna and “we don’t do white” research engine.
Here’s an EU662 in “Joyze Poypole” metalic.



For John Woodruff, MTI painted boat colors over his 1350 top and front covers for a truly custom touch to our standard colors.



Mike and Dave put the finishing dress on this outrageous 1100. This power is wearing Hulkin’ Green and Fire Orange! Yeow!
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4 thoughts on “Our Colors Are Your Colors!”

    1. Looks like the M8’s could be for you! There’s a yellow pair in the pipeline for Skater. And they look GOOD ;-). Be sure you send some photos of your rig when it’s complete.

  1. You may know the boat, 46 Skater “TOM CAT” purchased from Tom Abrams in 2005. Last Winter Skater did a complete make-over to inclu. a full wrap-around windscreen. LOOKS GREAT!!! I just needed a pair of your 1350’S for the final touch. I think I’m done, now, I HOPE. HA HA HA

    1. I know and love your boat. These will give TOM CAT some serious heat! (Of course, you’re not done until you prop it with Mercury Racing ProFinish CNC wheels!)

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