Now What?

Steve and Charlie are up to more good!

There’s another monster quad cam four valve platform motor going together in the engineering lab at Mercury Racing. Engineering tech, Charlie Reiter is getting a pointer from R&D engineer, Steve Wynveen.  These guys, and the rest of the engineering team, are always up to something interesting!

Could they be discussing another variant of Mercury Racing’s QC4v? Maybe a global emissions compliant model? Ethanol? (Naw, that stuff is poison in a marine engine.) Sure is GREEN, though!

Maybe it’s a racing engine? Just imagine if we really turned up the wick. What if we ran it on race gas? Sure a lot of speculation about that. But why? Bob Bull’s 1350 powered 48 MTI turned in the fastest lap time of all the boats in Key West — including the turbine.

Perhaps they’re just testing components. Or paint (maybe we have too much “Hulkin’ Green” in inventory). Another endurance engine? Not glamorous, but we do a lot of that kind of testing around here, too.

I guess I’ll have to ask our Engineering Director, Erik Christiansen. Wait, at the Lake of the Ozarks shoot-out and again at the Key West races, he already told interviewers, “We don’t discuss new developments.(Sounds like something I’ve said.) Mum’s the word.” (Sounds like something my dad would have said.)

So, speculate. First, we’re flattered. Second, maybe you’re right. Maybe not. Third, maybe you will plant a seed. Fourth, the Miami Boat Show is just around the corner (February16); Mercury Racing often presents new products in Miami. This year will be no exception. Anyway, we will not say what’s next until we are ready. So please, don’t expect an answer before February 16, 2012.

What the heck is a mum, besides a flower?

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11 thoughts on “Now What?”

  1. I think its an E85 fueled prototype, with the volume cranked up to 11. 1500 hp…on pump gas? Would also explain the green paint…. 🙂

      1. Just a guess….but I bet a 1350 at full song sucks down fuel faster than the E85 absorbs moisture 😉 Its hard to argue the benefits of E85, land or sea.

        1. Our owners report 1350s are 25 to 30% better in fuel consumption than our last generation 1200 SCi. However, it’s not about fuel consumption with E85 — because most water absorption occurs while a boat is not running, but stored. Actually, the argument against E85 is easy. It’s “political correctness” that seems difficult to argue. Corn is food. Get back to me when algae is commercialized as fuel.

  2. If it means we become partners! Have you seen scream and fly, big HP outboards would be a hit. The 28-32 ft outboard cats, V’s. etc.

      1. Have you seen the publicity and attention that 7 Marine is generating with their 557s, and they are $68,900 ea! I think, perhaps, the business case COULD be made for 400-500hp outboards built on a similar platform to the Verado but with a larger block, maybe 3.5L? Also take a look at what Dave Bush (DBR Racing) is doing… they are bringing out a 3.6l version of the Opti that should make around 400hp. The economy is coming back. I hope Merc takes another look at this before being left behind….

        1. Yes, Rick. Rick Davis is a good friend from his days at Mercury and Force outboards. I wish him luck — just not too much 😉

          Structurally, I think bigger engines belong in the boat, not hanging on the transom. Economically, the same is true. A sterndrive is simply a better value proposition. Not to take anything away from Seven, as the 557 is nicely executed and styled. It’s just expensive — and that limits its market.

  3. How about a government only 300 Opti with DTS and a standard C-clamp? I heard the 225 DTS Opti is being dropped from production after December 2012. Please…

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