New Props for Summer!

The official start of Summer is June 21. If the volume of blog comments, voice mails and prop orders are any indication, the summer boating season has been under way for a good month already. I, like you, am ready to get some boating in and enjoy the warm summer weather.  And – just in time for the season, I’m pleased to announce the official release of two new props that expand the versatility of our popular Mercury Racing Bravo and Maximus propeller lines.

Bravo for Outboard Cats! 

The Bravo I OC is designed for outboard catmarans like this 30 foot Motion. Photo Credit: NaplesImage. Click photo to enlarge.
The Bravo I OC is designed for outboard catamarans like this 30 foot Motion. Photo Credit: NaplesImage. Click photo to enlarge.
The new Bravo I OC features a total of eight PVS vent holes for fine-tuned performance in outboard catamarans.
The new Bravo I OC features a total of eight PVS vent holes for fine-tuned performance in outboard catamarans.

Newly released this week is our all-new Bravo I OC (Outboard Catamaran) prop.  The Pro Finish Bravo I OC was designed specifically for high powered outboard catamaran hulls. The new Mercury Racing Bravo features a total of eight PVS vent holes for fine-tuned performance.

The Bravo I OC diameter is cut down to 14.75″ and features a pitch range of 28″ to 35″ (even and odd) sizes and left and right hand rotation. A shortened exhaust barrel settles the stern to minimize drag while reshaping the blade maximizes performance with the new diameter. The prop has been tested on 28-foot to 32-foot Skaters, Talon, DCB, Spectre and Doug Wright hulls. It outperformed three and four blade cleavers in both acceleration and top-end speed (medium to heavy loads).

Bravo I OC part numbers and MSRP pricing:

Pro Finish Bravo I OC – 14.75” Diameter
Pitch/DIA Right-Hand Left-Hand MSRP
28”/14.75” 48-8M0092002 48-8M0092003 $1229.50
29”/14.75” 48-8M0092004 48-8M0092005 $1229.50
30”/14.75” 48-8M0092006 48-8M0092007 $1229.50
31”/14.75” 48-8M0092008 48-8M0092009 $1229.50
32”/14.75” 48-8M0092010 48-8M0092011 $1229.50
33”/14.75” 48-8M0092012 48-8M0092013 $1229.50
34”/14.75” 48-8M0092014 48-8M0092015 $1229.50
35”/14.75” 48-8M0092016 48-8M0092017 $1229.50

Maximus ST

The all-new Maximus ST propeller features a shortened exhaust tube and Mercury's Performance Vent System (PVS).
The Maximus ST features a shortened exhaust tube and Mercury’s Performance Vent System (PVS). 15.3″ and 15.6″ diameters are available. Click image to enlarge.
Terry and Sandy Everson's Beautiful M-29 DCB.
Terry and Sandy Everson’s Beautiful M29 DCB. Photo courtesy of DCB.

Designed for sterndrives and big horsepower outboards, the Pro Finish Maximus ST (short tube) propeller is available in 24″ to 34″ (even) pitch sizes in both left and right-hand rotation. It too features a cut-down diameter (15.6” to  15.3”) and a shortened exhaust tube for enhanced performance. The Maximus ST is rated for up to 600 h.p. Dave’s Custom Boats of El Cajon, California helped validate this latest generation of our high performance Maximus line. DCB’s Dave Hemmingson and Tony Charimonte liked the STs so much they asked if they could use them for the Desert Storm Poker Run Shoot Out. They installed 32″ STs on Terry and Sandy Everson’s beautiful M29. The boat is  powered by twin 565s coupled to 1.35:1 Bravo One XR Short Sport Master drives with Integrated Transom Systems (ITS). Terry and Sandy won their class in the shootout; bumping the rev limiter at 115 mph! Tony said, “the 565s pull so hard – we could have used 34″ pitch STs.” “We really like what Mercury Racing has done with the latest generation Maximus props,” Tony said. DCB is building a new M31 which will again feature the stout 565 sterndrives and Maximus ST props. We’re anxious to get the numbers on that one as well.

Maximus ST part numbers and MSRP pricing:

Maximus ST Propeller – 15.30” Diameter
Pitch/DIA Right-Hand Left-Hand MSRP
24”/15.30” 48-8M0091978 48-8M0091979 $1505.55
26”/15.30” 48-8M0091980 48-8M0091981 $1505.55
28”/15.30” 48-8M0091982 48-8M0091983 $1505.55
30”/15.30” 48-8M0091984 48-8M0091985 $1505.55
32”/15.30” 48-8M0091986 48-8M0091987 $1505.55
34”/15.30” 48-8M0091988 48-8M0091989 $1505.55
Maximus ST Propeller – 15.60” Diameter
24”/15.60” 48-8M0091990 48-8M0091991 $1430.55
26”/15.60” 48-8M0091992 48-8M0091993 $1430.55
28”/15.60” 48-8M0091994 48-8M0091995 $1430.55
30”/15.60” 48-8M0091996 48-8M0091997 $1430.55
32”/15.60” 48-8M0091998 48-8M0091999 $1430.55
34”/15.60” 48-8M0092000 48-8M0092001 $1430.55

We’re very excited to offer these two new props. I’ve received a number inquires regarding both. Outboard cat owners are excited to bring new life to their performance hulls powered by our classic 2.5 EFIs or the epic OptiMax 300XS. The Maximus is waking up both four stroke outboards and sterndrives on a variety of applications. I look forward to hearing from you regarding these or any of our Mercury Racing props. Be safe and have a great summer!

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40 thoughts on “New Props for Summer!”

  1. good night
    I have a Mercury 350 Verado SCI and am using a propeller 28 pitch Bravo 1 xs …
    I wonder if the propeller maximus step ST 28 will be better in comparison to brave ???

    1. Elias,
      To answer your question, please provide performance data such as rpm and speed at cruise and at WOT (wide open throttle).

        1. Elias,
          I would not change a thing. Your set-up with the Bravo I XS is running extremely well. The 15.3″ Maximus ST could be too much prop. To achieve appropriate engine rpm, you would step down to a 26″ pitch ST. Lower pitch means lower speeds – but your hole shot/planing performance should be quicker. And – your mid-range fuel economy would be enhanced with the 5-blade hooking up better than the 4 blade.

  2. I own a Skater 28 w/twin Merc X300, it runs 112 mph at 6.360 rpm, with 1.62 ratio lower unit running the other guys props. Do you think will have better performance with OC ?

    1. Giampaolo,
      If you’re strictly looking for top-end speed – stay with the thin props you have. However, many are looking for a fun prop that will carry a load, provide a fast hole shot, enhanced mid-range punch and top end speeds around 110. I would advise you give the Bravo I OC a try. Probably 34″ pitch.

  3. I saw on your site I guy named Dennis Townsend tested several props on his 2008 Triton with 250 Pro XS I have the same boat and similar problems. He liked the Bravo I XS but I don’t remember the pitch. And now I can’t find the forum or blog to check it out.

    1. John,
      Thanks for pointing out we are missing some blog articles under our propellers. The information you’re looking for is listed in the Mercury Racing “Walleye Prop” blog post. The owner of the ’08 Triton 215 with Mercury 250 ProXS is Darren Townsend. The best prop for his application was the 22″ pitch Bravo I XS at 3400′ plus elevation. If you’re closer to sea level, a 23″ pitch might be the right size. If you have any data regarding your current setup (style of prop, pitch, engine rpm and speed at wide open throttle); please share. I will try to help.

  4. I have a 2000 Baja 272 with a 525 Efi XR 1.5 Upper and 2″ IMCO Shorty. I currently have a 25 pitch Bravo 1 Labbed and am not happy with the performance. I am seeing 65.5Mph at 5000-5100 RPM. I need to wake this thing up a bit. Would a Maximus ST be a contender? If so what pitch?

    1. Dave,
      Wish I had better news for you. Achieving 17.8% slip with you’re 25″ Lab Finished Bravo I is actual pretty good – given the drive. The Lab Finished Maximus is an option. The Maximus ST would not offer enough engine rpm. Typically, stepping down to a 15.25 x 23 Lab Finished Maximus would offer similar rpm as the 25” pitch Lab Finished Bravo I. Using 12% for slip and calculating for speed the 23” pitch Maximus matches your existing speed.

  5. Hi Scott,
    I need your help & guidance please.
    We are racing a 1976 28ft mono hull, glass & ply ‘George Linder’ design classic offshore race boat here in New Zealand. Running a HP525 EFI and a 1.5:1 bravo sports-master (running deep) with 26″ pitch bravo 1 prop. current speed 72-74mph at 5300-5350 rpm. Rev limited 5400 rpm. We normally have 3-5 people on board which doesn’t appear to change our wot speed. Our class is speed regulated to 80mph and we really need to be doing close to this. Is there another prop choice you could recommend? Cheers Grant

    1. Grant,
      The Bravo I is a great propeller and works well on several applications. If your 26” pitch Bravo I is stock – consider trying the Lab Finished 28” pitch with a goal of gaining 2.5 mph. Have you experimented with raising the Sport Master? The Sport Master is designed to run high.You could gain engine rpm as you go up, enabling you to increase pitch which will get you closer to your of l 80 mph goal.

  6. Scott, I have a 21′ Liberator with a 2012 mercury 300XS short shaft 1.62 ratio with a Bravo 1 48-831918 14.75″X 30″P 7.25″ exhaust barrel with 4 1″ pvs vent holes labed locally, with such prop as rigged I get 96 MPH at 6,100 RPM top speed plus what I consider very good hole shot and acceleration. Which Bravo 1 OC do you think may equal or top such performance?, reason I ask is prop suffered damage and after recondition I lost about 400 RPM and overall performance is very poor. I think prop shop may have reconditioned it to standard specs. What’s your advise?
    Thanks, Rafael

    1. Rafael,
      The Bravo I OC is designed for twin engine cats. The shortened barrel at 6.5” minimizes stern lift which should benefit your Liberator. Consider staying with 30” pitch.

  7. I have an ’06, 28 nordic heat c/w a 525, been running a 26 bravo 1 at 5400 rpm = 68 mph. I borrowed a 28 maximus lapped prop, like the way the boat handled in mid range lugged the heck out of the motor but a 4800 rpm = 70 mph. Would a 26 lapped maximus be the most likely thing to try next?

    1. Gordon,
      If your Bravo I is stock then a 15.25” x 26” Lab Finished Maximus would be a good next step.

  8. have a 2006 29ft. fountain fever twin 6.2s had 26 bravo 1s boat would hit limiter 5400 at 72mph, went to bravo 1 fs pro finish 28 p got 74-75 at 5350 , wanted to go to a 29p labbed the props that the dealer got in are the bravo 1 oc 29 x 14.75 others were 15.25 will these props work or what do I need

    1. Spoke to Brian about running the Bravo I and if he wanted to stay with the FS style he should move up to the 29” pitch to get off the rev-limiters. The Lab Finished version I recommended moving up to is the 30” pitch because the Lab generate a little more rpm over the FS. Brian commented the boat comes on plane good with the 28″ FS. He may need to use the tabs to plane the boat with the 30” pitch but his speed should increase even more. The Bravo I OC are designed for Outboard Cats. The dealer ordered the wrong style Lab Finished Bravo I.

  9. Good I would need to know that prop bravo xs I is the most recommended for a bass boat nitro z8 with a mercury 300xs of 2017 thanks

  10. just bought a 32 spectre twin 500 efi 525 cams computers all done turns 5800 i have bravo 1 34 pitch 4 blade top end could be better out of the whole sucks got to feather throtle so it doesn’t blow out everyone says i need 5 blade max props but i want to gain top end also and get out of the hole and have good acceleration on the 32 i have imco set back boxes 3 inch imco lowers
    and at the price of sets of props need to try to get right the first time thx for you thoughts and knowledge

    1. Robert,
      The Max 5 propellers would be an excellent choice, contact Bob Teague from Teague Marine 661-295-7000 for his opinion; he carries inventory of the Max 5.

  11. Scott: Hello. I’m running a Ranger RT198P with a 150hp Mercury 4 stroke. It has 2 10′ talons and an atlas 6″ hyd. jackplate. It came with a 23 tempest on it. Top speed @ WOT loaded is 57 @ 6000 rpm. I had a friend who recommended a bravo 1. I put a bravo 1xs 25p on it. I really like the lift and holeshot it gives. I completely plugged 4 pvs holes and put the ones with holes in 3 of the 4 other open holes. I ran it yesterday and the best spot was the jack raised from 3.25 (tempest setting) to right at 4.00 with the bravo. I got 59.4 out of it, but at 6000 to 6100 rpm. These still seems to be a lot of prop slip. Is this common on this aluminum boat or am I needing to try something else? All speeds are gps and tach readings are from the factory Ranger gauge by Faria instruments. Am I leaving any speed on the table or is this about right? Thanks in advance for any help. Jeff

    1. Jeff,
      Reaching 6000 to 6100 rpm when the rev-limiter should kick in around 5950 to 6000 rpm make me suspect of the tach. For example, if we use 5700 rpm @ 59.4 mph the slip comes down to 15%. This is acceptable for a Bravo I (they run a little light in pitch). The PVS vent holes are strictly used to assist planing the boat.
      Have fun.

  12. Hi Scott,
    I am running an 18′ tunnel (900#) with a 2.5 Stock fresh Offshore and sportmaster lower. Performance is as follows:
    28p 14.25 3 blade Merc cleaver: 7500RPM (rev ltd) 97mph
    30p 14.25 3 blade Hill cleaver: 7300 RPM 96mph
    32p 14.25 3 blade cleaver: 6800 RPM 100.0 mph
    My thought is investing in a 30p 3 blade, labbed, that really works to get past 100. Your thoughts?
    Appreciate the help!

    1. Jack,
      The 28” and 32” pitch props are offering the lowest slip numbers. Using that information to calculate a similar design 30” pitch, we can expect your engine speed to be between 7150 to 7200 rpm offering and approaching speeds in the 99.1 to 99.7 mph range. It looks like your 32” pitch will be tough to beat.

  13. Good afternoon
    I’m running stock 575 sci’s with Bravo XR Drives on a 2003 38 Donzi ZX with a set of 4 blade 30p props Labed ran into the rev limiter at 78 mph, non labed about 75 mph and just under the rev limiter
    What would you recommend for the Maximus ST 5 Blade ?

    1. Gilles,
      I’m assuming you’re running a 1.50:1 gear ratio. If so, consider the Lab Finished 15.25 x 30″ pitch Maximus ST (short tube) – part numbers 889968L68 and 889969L68. The engine speed may drop by 300 rpm. It’s hard to make that call because you may be able to trim out a little more than with the 4-blades. This will generate additional engine speed so you might only experience a drop of 200 rpm. I provided Matt at Ken’s Sports the same information so he may be emailing the information to you.

  14. 98 m22 Dcb mpi 502 with imco -2 shorty ran a bravo1 30 yesterday and would only turn 4200rpm with a worked bravo1 26 it hits rev limiter no prob . Any advice on a new prop . Ordered new gps speedo as I just got the boat so don’t know the speeds thanks .

    1. Eric, I would like to help you out with your setup but could use a little more information first. Can you post again once you have your speed results? Also what is the rev limiter on your engine? Generally, we can expect to gain 300 rpm buy dropping 2 inches of pitch, so in your case it would be 600 going from a 30 to a 26. It will also depend on what work, if any, has been done to the props and if they are lab finish or not. With a lab finish Bravo I, you can expect another 300 rpm over a stock B1 so the 26P could have picked up 900 rpm over the stock 30P.


  15. Hi,

    I have a 2006 nortic heat 28.6 ft open bow with a 525
    and an xr drive. What is the best prop. , Pitch, etc.
    I want to be able to up my top end speed with minimal sacrifice on the low end.

    What can I expect with your recommendation?

    1. Juan,

      What are you currently running for top end speed? The Nordic Heat benefits from the 15.25 inch diameter MAX5. It will be hard to recommend pitch without knowing more about the setup, a guess is a 24 pitch. The best person to talk to would be Bob Teague at Teague Custom Marine in California.


  16. Thanks for the info. I left a message for Bob.

    These are the numbers I got yesterday

    Prop. 27 labed
    Weight approx 600lb. People included
    No trim
    4900 rpm speed at wot 59 Gps
    5200 ish just below rev limiter. 69 mph gps.

    What do you think? Can I do better with a 28?
    Some say to drop the drive 1 inch. The boat is stock at this point.

    Any advise would be appreciated .


    1. Juan,

      Your prop is a 27 pitch Lab Finish Bravo I? For best results, consider the 5 blade MAX5, 15.25 diameter. With a 26 pitch, you can expect similar RPM as your Bravo, perhaps 100 less.


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