New 1.60:1 Sport Master 300R FourStrokes

We are excited to announce the release of six new 4.6L V8 300R FourStroke outboard models featuring a 1.60:1 gear ratio Sport Master gearcase.

Single and multi-engine applications may realize an improved propeller efficiency with the taller ratio.

Models featuring the Racing CMS (Conventional Midsection) with a cambered Sport Master gearcase are ideal for lightweight – single engine sport boats, bass boats and flats boats. Rear tie-bar, heavy-duty midsection models are designed for high performance catamaran applications.

Single and multi-engine applications may realize an improved propeller efficiency with the taller ratio.

Rear tie-bar, heavy-duty midsection models are designed for high performance catamaran applications.

The new 1.60:1 Sport Master models join our full suite of 300R high performance FourStroke offerings. All 300Rs come with a three-year limited factory warranty with up to five-years of Mercury Product Protection (MPP) available.

The new 1.60:1 300R models are available for order now with shipments beginning in May.


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21 thoughts on “New 1.60:1 Sport Master 300R FourStrokes”

    1. You are not the first to inquire about a 15-inch 300R. We are busy fulfilling demand for currently available models.

  1. I have ordered a month ago the 300R at Ellis Marine in Brunswick Ga . Is there any chance in a earlier than later delivery date???? Will this come with 1.60 gear case or the 1.75 . I am going to install this motor on a 21 foot Liberator please respond
    Thanks Donny

    1. Donny,

      As your order stands, it will not have the 1.60 ratio. You can have your dealer contact Mercury Racing Sales and change the gear case option, we are happy to help. Your delivery date is our best estimate at when your motor will be available, we apologize for the long wait. Thank you for the order and congratulations on the upcoming Libertor!


    1. Rick,

      At this time, the stand alone gear sets are not availbale for purchase. We do plan on making them available in the future, keep an eye out for an announcement on the Blog!


    1. Leon,

      For applications running in excess of 90 mph, the 1.60 ratio offers a much better propeller selection. Think of the 1.75 as essentially limiting top end speed. Some applications are running the highest pitch Bravo and MAX5 propellers that Mercury Racing offers and are still near or on the rev limiters. Switching from the 1.75 to 1.60, guys will step down 2 or 3 inches in propeller pitch to achieve similar RPM. Having the availability to run a 31 or 32 pitch propeller is a lot more appealing than a 34 pitch. This problem is much more apparent on the 300R because the RPM range is limited to 6400, whereas on the 400R it is 7000.


      1. Thanks for the reply. I am strapping the 300R onto a 19.2 foot bass boat. I normally run relatively light. What prop would you advise.

        Currently I am running a 225 proxs but I am struggling with bow lift with fury 4 26p ( 5950rpm) I am testing a 25p promax to improve the rpm and bow lift.

        Thanks again

  2. Hi, Very exciting stuff coming from you guys. Thanks! On a 42′ high speed cat, would you recommend the 300R’s with the 1.60 or the 400R’s? It’s a heavier boat and will be running mostly at cruise speed vs top speed and I hear the 300R’s have more torque? I still like to open her up and get that adrenaline rush but just trying to decide which motor to run for best overall performance.

    1. Eric,

      The 300R does pack a big punch in term of low end torque. Between the hot rod sound of the V8, and torque that will throw you back in your seat, the 300R will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. But the 400R is no slouch thanks to the super charger and 7000 RPM rev limited, which allows for a lower pitch prop and awesome acceleration.
      For cruising, it is hard to beat the fuel economy of the 300R, but the 400R will be a few mph faster on top end. It all depends on what you are looking for and how the hull will perform given the weight and horsepower difference bewteen the 300R and 400R. The 400R has the Advanced Mid Section which helps to reduce noise and vibration, and also the integrated hydroelectric steering system. The 300R features a conventional mid section. Both come standard with a 3 year warranty and availability to buy an additional five years.


  3. Hi I have a velocity 220 which is a 22-foot performance style boat and I’m currently running a 300xs, with a torque master 1.75 ratio gear ratio 20 inch case. I am running a 25 pitch Trophy plus and at wot am at 76 mph and 6000 rpm.
    Will I gain speed by swapping the 300xs for the 300r in your opinion?
    Thanks, Jeff

    1. Jeff,

      I have yet to see an application that has not picked up speed switching from a 300xs or 300 Verado to a 300R. If you stay with the Torque Master and 25 Trophy, you should see close to 80 mph with the 300R, that prop is hooking up great for you. You will love the fuel economy and bottom end torque of the 300R just as much if not more than the top speed gains.


      1. Hi Nick, with my set up would I benefit more from a Sportmaster Drive versus the current TorqueMaster drive that I am running? Also, would it be a benefit to stay with the 1.75 gear ratio or go to a 1.60 gear ratio? The boat tends to chine walk, would switching drives reduce this issue? Also is the 300 R better on fuel than the 300 XS?
        Thanks, Jeff

        1. Jeff,

          You are a pretty unique scenario where I think you can stick with the same prop, same gear case, same engine height, and improve all around performance with the new engine. The Sport Master will not help with chine walk, it will actually decrease performance unless you are running 85+. The only thing I have concerns about is the amount of stress you will be putting on the Trophy, you may need to switch over to the Pro Max propeller for its strength, especially with how much torque the 300R puts out.


  4. Nick , I’m curious on the mercury racing, MTI 340X WITH TWIN 300R’S . what’s the top speed of that setup ? I’m looking into a cat package like that !!!!

    1. Mark,

      With a light load, the top speed was 113 mph. It is also the lighter carbon version of the 340X. It is an awesome boat!


  5. I have a 300 v8 with sport master I repowered from a 250 optimax with a rev 4 23 pitch ,,, I used same prop on v8 and I dropped 5 miles and hole shot is really bad ,,, I also can only turn the rev 4 at 5400 rpm when I was turning it at 6000 with the 250 opti ,,,, and sugestions on prop size and model

    1. Ruben,

      It sounds like you have the incorrect gear case for your application. The Sport Master should only be equipped on 80+ mph applications. For example, we know that a 65 mph bass boat that normally runs a Torque Master II gear case will lose 4 to 5 when equipped with a Sport Master. This is due to the shape and larger size of the Sport Master, it is not designed to run submerged- it must be run at the surface at high speeds to be efficient.


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