Mile Marker 50!

Mercury Racing has had a working relationship with Steve for nearly 20 years.

Happy 50th Birthday to Captain Steve Lamp, owner of Dream Catcher Charters. Captain Steve relies on Mercury products to earn a living. His office space is the beautiful waters off Key West.

Mercury Racing’s 400R outboard is Steve’s power of choice for his Yellow Fin bay boat.

Mercury Racing has had a working relationship with Steve for nearly 20 years. He has been intimately involved in the development of a number of our key consumer performance outboards including the OptiMax 200XS, 2.5XS, 250XS, 300XS and 400R.

He has also been our go to person for real world feedback regarding Mercury Racing Propeller performance. Steve also provides field testing data on a number of Mercury Marine engines, control systems and props.

Steve driving his OptiMax 200XS outboard powered flats boat as featured on the inside cover of the 2001 Mercury Racing outboard catalog.

Steve and I first met at Lake X for a 200XS photo mission. His passion for boating in general and Mercury Racing was obvious the instant I met him.  It’s rare to have a personal relationship with an individual who not only earns a living with our product but one who is such a passionate brand ambassador.

The Mercury Racing team just prior to the opening of the 2018 Miami International Boat Show. (L-R) Scott Reichow, Kevin Skiba, Steve Lamp, Steve Miller, Bob Krupp and former Racing GM, Erik Christiansen.

To this day Steve represents Mercury Marine at the Miami International Boat Show. It is in the show environment where Steve’s experiences and extensive product knowledge truly shine. He has a knack for conveying information in layman terms to the public, highlighting product features that are important for their specific needs. In an instant – he can switch gears and carry on a conversation with members of the media regarding a variety of topics and not miss a beat.

Steve’s offshore fishing boat is a 36-foot Yellow Fin center console powered by triple Mercury Verado 350s.

When he’s not in the Mercury booth you will find him on the water providing product demos for Mercury as well as Yellow Fin, the builder of his bay  boat and offshore center console.

Steve’s 400R powered Yellow Fin bay boat.

Steve, we are blessed to have you as a friend and a member of our team. We wish you all the best as you continue your adventures from Mile Marker 50. Throttles down…. The Race Never Stops!





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